Kyocera Echo

Have a Kyocera Echo? Want a Gingerbread update that won't brick your phone? Android 2.3 is pushing out once again, following the initial rollout a week and a half ago that was kind of bricking phones instead of updating them. Whoops.

Anyhoo, the update's pushing out once more. Here's the official word from Sprint:

Sprint will restart the Gingerbread update to Kyocera Echo users beginning today (August 10). In an effort to provide the best possible customer experience, Kyocera and Sprint have addressed a previous issue with the update raised last week. The Gingerbread update will provide Kyocera Echo users with performance enhancements including faster response, improved power management, enhancements for gaming, and more.

And, no, it still doesn't add NFC or make waffles.

Source: Sprint; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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deltatko says:

Has anyone ever actually seen one of these in action out in the wild? I live in KC, where every 3rd person has a Sprint phone, and I've yet to see one. The only one I've ever actually seen, was a display unit at a Sprint store, and it didn't work.

jimmyk0789 says:

I seen a girl with one last week here in Houston

mjrei says:

I see about one every day... exactly one every day... I have ONE. That's the ONE I see everyday.

I'm the only person I've ever seen with one.

I love it. I thought I'd be seeing many of these when I got mine 3 days before official release. I was so wrong. I've never seen one in the wild outside of my own. Coming from a Palm Pre Plus, I'm used to being the odd man out. I just didn't think I'd still be in that position after switching to an Android device. AGAIN, LOVE THE ECHO!

One note about the 2.3 update: My Echo has gone from stable to being rather buggy since updating to 2.3. Is this common? I'll take less features with stability over 2.3 any day.

Would the one person that bought this phone just to be "different" please come know who you are.

google123 says:


Dre89 says:

Why Sprint, why would you deny me waffles?

El Jefe says:

Nice one.

iPwn says:

If the specs were better, I actually don't think I would mind having that phone.

That phone should have had 4G.

thezero4 says:

It's amazing that this phone gets gingerbread before any US Galaxy S devices. Especially the Epic really.

mpaul4 says:

This phone still around?

juc91 says:

I got one its actually a pretty good phone.. I'm downloading gingerbread as I'm typin..

CeluGeek says:

LOL! I saw this phone at Best Buy yesterday and all I could think was "no waffles; keep moving" and here you guys go again!

meggerz says:

Love this phone its worked really well for me and my cell updated successfully :)

nolittdroid says:

lol i didnt know anyone had these

gwyneth says:

What does Sprint mean with newest August 10 update is now "without the bricking"? Just updated it, now hangs at Kyocera start screen. Phone has been factory data reset before updating, battery at 100%. Not funny Sprint. Anyone know how to fix this, please?

abdulghaniz says:

Hi gwyneth

I am having the same issue today after buying the phone second hand and updating the Android.

What is to be done now ? What did you do ?

Kindly let me know.