After Kongregate Arcade was removed from the Android Market many had wondered if and when we'd ever see the app return. Given that Google felt like it was more of an app store within an app store, something that violates the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement we knew Kongregate was going to have to give a little in order for them to be able to return.

As it turns out the removal of the ability to dump Flash games to the SD storage was what Google wanted to see removed. Kongregate is now back in the Android Marketplace and has begun using a different means of storing games on your device. It is now using your browser cache as an alternative to the previously used SD storage. No telling if that will sit well with Google as of yet but just in case, grab the download link after the break. [JoyStiq]


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Kongregate Arcade returns to the Android Market after minor changes


One of the things I liked about the Kongregate app was having the games installed to the SD card so I could play them offline and not worry about internal storage space.

So what are the benefits/drawbacks of just keeping & continuing to use the old version vs. the newer one?

I would recommend keeping the old version, I've read some comments on Engadget about it no longer allowing for offline play, though it may still work with the browser cache.

Anyone have a link to the old apk file for those of us who would prefer to store the flash games on our sd card?