Kobo steps up to 10-inches with its latest reading focused Android tablet

Despite not being the first name you'd think of when considering an Android tablet, Kobo impressed with its first Arc tablet 12 months ago. And now, Kobo is back, and stepping up to the 10-inch mark with this, the Arc 10 HD. We took a first look at this Tegra 4 powered tablet back at IFA 2013 in Berlin, but now it's ready for folks to get their hands on so we've got one in for review. 

As with the previous generation Arc, the Arc 10 HD is still a reading focused tablet. Kobo is after all an e-reading company, and so it's sticking firmly with what it knows. On the top there's the latest version of Kobo's custom UI, but as before underneath is a pretty much untouched Android 4.2.2 experience with some pre-loaded apps and a few minor tweaks. We'll go into a lot more detail in the full review, but for now, here's a quick video walkthrough of the hardware and software. 

Kobo Arc 10 HD


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Kobo Arc 10 HD video walkthrough


No. When it was originally announced and launched Android 4.2.2 was the most likely thing it was ever going to get. Kobo isn't Samsung, and Android 4.2.2 is going to be more than ample for the general target market here.