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Starting today, you can grab the official Klout app for Android. Klout is a popular service that provides social media analytics to rank users according to influence. Klout landed on iOS early last month with an updated app and is now giving Android users an app for the first time.

You get the following with the new Klout app for Android:

  • Content Stream: Klout intelligently recommends articles that will strike a chord with your unique audience. Helpful tags identify great content that's trending, hot off the press, or else a hidden gem that your audience hasn't seen.
  • Scheduling: Automatically publish your content when your audience is most engaged online.
  • Topic Explorer: Enhance your personalized content stream by expanding your list of topics and interests

Klout pulls in data from social networks like Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others to help give you a 'Klout Score'.

Klout for Android is a free app that you can download from the Google Play store. Grab it and let us know what you think of the app!

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There are 9 comments

icebike says:

Perfect app for the self absorbed.

AndroidUK says:

Play store says "Not available in your country" Maybe for North America only?

TheDu9du says:

Playstore is telling you that you're not even Klout worthy.

AndroidUK says:

I thought it meant that Klout was not worthy of British users as it had nothing to offer us.

TheDu9du says:

That too.

zhecht says:

So it's basically MeowMeowBeenz?

DaveG67 says:

Narcissistic? There's an app for that.

miller7796 says:

Klout is still around?

Mine keeps on saying it can't find results for me? Anyone have the same problem?

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