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You gotta love a nice live wallpaper on Android, and developer Kittehface Software has quite a handful. From holiday themes to patriotism to fish, there are myriad options available. We caught up with Kittehface at Android's booth at Mobile World Congress to take a look. Enjoy.

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frozencloud says:

the flying android was pretty awesome.

fatboy97 says:

The lightning one looked fantastic... I think they are going to have purchase today by me.

Jonneh says:

These are definitely better than a lot of the previous live backgrounds I've seen.

nttdemented says:

Wow, just downloaded the Jumpgate Free version one to my EVO 4G with CM7 and I must say I'm VERY impressed!

It runs super smooth and get this... The CPU consumption is only a bit heavy when it first loads and after a few short seconds the cpu idles dowm almost completely according to my SeePU graph in my notification area. No laggyness either when scrolling around or getting in and out of the launcher. I'm impressed! I might just use live wallpapers for a change!

Mobius360 says:

I have 3 or 4 of their wallpapers and they do wonderful work.

etnpnys says:

What's the consensus on these? Will they slow my EVO down like crazy or no?

Disgustoid says:

I've only tried KittehFace's Blue Skies live wallpaper. It does drop the framerate of my home screens ever so slightly, but then again every live wallpaper I've seen does this including the stock ones. I'm a graphics whore and this drop isn't significant enough to matter for me.

alovell83 says:

Just throwing something out there, and I assume there is a way to support it:

The dev should offer an option for a $3-5 purchase to full versions of all wallpapers, this would include future releases as well. Expecting the average customer to pay more is asking too much, after all, BW IMO is more valuable and considerably cheaper.

I might've paid for 1 wallpaper, if that on my phone to date. To know that I have the support of the #1 dev in the community, I'd easily be able to pay $3 and maybe upto $5.

Any thoughts? Is this asking too much?

alovell83 says:

debated an edit, got to the end of the video (posted about half way through after seeing some I hadn't seen).

I think he said free versions downloaded "40 million times", imagine getting $3 from 10% of those, $12M is so much more than they are making right now.

Just random hypothetical numbers, I know.

icebike says:

Yeah, that explains how he can afford to go to Spain and rent a booth.

I've purchased on of his wallpapers in the past.

dskwerl says:

Oh man, those are nice. Consider me sold.

You did a fine marketing job there, Phil :P

Edit: I should add that I downloaded the Thunderstorm, and it's absolutely incredible. I'll drop a buck for that.

ryanvm says:

Kittehface does some very slick wallpapers. Though I'm a big fan of functional wallpapers like my own weather radar livepaper:

BDHN1 says:

This guy is amazeballs. The wallpapers are slick, but I've always been more impressed by the customer service. He always emails me back within a day when I've found a problem with one of the live wallpapers, and it's always fixed in a day. One of the devs I'm happy to support by buying stuff.

Kane337 says:

Their live wallpapers are fantastic. I just bought and downloaded Jumpgate. Love it.

sydeshow says:

laurel25 says:

I've got the snow fall & bamboo wallpapers are they are really cool and don't seem to cause any issues for me.

happymama23 says:

That lightening one is going to look awesome on a Thunderbolt

I too have used these Live Wallpapers(bought three or four) they are indeed the best out there.

Cthugha says:

<3 KittehFace

Their "City at Night" and "Silhouette" are some of my all-time-favorite live wallpapers! No noticable effect on performance or battery time.

Love the new "Blue Skies" and "Jumpgate"!

I just wish more of their live wallpapers would be tablet-friendly, ie work well in landscape mode... Blue Skies works (and looks) great at 7" though!

fossil54 says:

Love the Thunderstorm, perfect for Ok. weather-no battery suck either! Support your developers!