Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon has just posted release notes for the Amazon Kindle Fire Version 6.2.1 software update (Version 6.2 dropped just a few weeks ago), which has promised to address a number of nagging issues. Included in the update are:

  • Enhancement for fluidity and performance
  • Improved touch navigation response
  • Adds the option to choose which items display on carousel
  • Adds ability to add password lock on Wifi access

In a few quick minutes of testing, the touchscreen definitely is more responsive, and the UI does seem to be more fluid. 

You can sit back and wait on the update to push out to your Kindle Fire if you want. Or you can update manually. We've got instructions for that after the break.

Source: Amazon

How to manually update your Kindle Fire to Version 6.2.1

  1. Download the update from Amazon.
  2. Plug your Kindle Fire into your computer.
  3. Open a file explorer. Open the Kindle Fire. Copy the update you downloaded to the /kindleupdates folder.
  4. Disconnect your Kindle Fire.
  5. Tap the Kindle Fire's navigation bar. Then "More" and then "Device."
  6. Tap the "Update your Kindle" button. Sit back and relax. It'll reboot a couple times while uploading.

Reader comments

Kindle Fire Version 6.2.1 brings performance boosts, more options


My Fire has been the most unstable thing since WinME, but only when WiFi is on. I'm under the impression this is a known issue and I'm hoping this update will fix this. If not I'll have to exchange it since I really do like it. I thought about rooting it and loading up a custom ROM but Amazon Prime video streaming is too valuable for me. We'll see.

My fire updated just awhile ago I lost root and marketplace no.longer works but go launcher still work as do my widgets and live wallpaper hack is still working and my honeycomb theme still works but ill tell u what the screen is more responsive and seems faster also.

OK, I give up. Where is the "option to choose which items display on carousel"?

EDIT: I verified the version of my kindle is different after the update (and the UI does feel snappier).

Just bought it tonight for my wife and couldn't get wi-fi to work at all, so difficult (FYI, Best Buy was all sold out, our Target had about 8-10 in stock).

I downloaded update on link provided above, followed directions and this thing is flying, sweet! My wife is sleeping, but tomorrow she'll love this stuff.

Thanks AC, you guys rule :)