The best Android kids apps and games

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Just because you're a nerd doesn't mean you can't be a nerd with kids. And now that Android's not just for neckbeards, it's time to get our children in on the action.

We're starting to see more and more apps, games and books for children on Android smartphones and devices. So many, in fact, that we're ready say that Android's a viable option if you're looking to keep your kids entertained. Here are but a few apps we've reviewed for the younger generation.


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HAAS599 says:

My 1.5 year old loves "Baby Toy" and it has a home lock which is a big plus!

simrananokhi says:

I would say this app is the best for kids! learning and playing..

This application is free, it is very entertaining for the kids and have a high added value for their educational content.

Lets draw and color the same way you do on paper using different tools such as pencils, crayons, stamps and even a magic wand!.

drake5842 says:

Thanks for the link! I am trying to find a drawing app my 4yo cousin would love.. so far we checked out a few but had only found one that has only like 3 ppl who downloaded it. I will have to add this to his collection of apps to his moms phone ;)

I found the link to that other app. It's free too, so maybe other little ones would like it.

Omri Ofir says:

this drawing app for kids
No ADS!!!
check it out

"Coloring Book - Cartoons Free"
Awesome! my kids love it.
Keeps the kids entertained for hours.

Other app Awesome for kids and to learn is "Learn Coloring":

jennysom says:

I also recommend this HD puzzles for toddlers contains 48 puzzles my 2 years daughter love it and keep her busy for long time . Professional enchanting graphics make this game special.

Jon T says:

Might I also suggest Thomas Buddies (a game I wrote in my spare time for my little boy and decided to publish on the Marketplace) if your little one likes Thomas the Train, as well as Bookster (a game I worked on as part of my day job). Both are free downloads and are ad free.

AC doesn't allow hyperlinks in comments? Have the bots taken over everything? Well, here are the URLs for your copy-paste pleasure:

P.S. Oh, it will turn my URLs into hyperlinks, it just won't let me specifically state that they are hyperlinks when I'm editing. Not optimal, but I can live with that I suppose.

npike says:

I would also like to suggest Color Dots for kids under 3.

Ellie's Games combines vivid colors and simple game functions to help your child grow while having fun. Color Dots is a bright, vivid color based game that helps expand a child's growing mind. Simple themes and a user friendly interface make all of Ellies Games simple and fun for children of all ages.

luyen says:

I would like to recommend Counting Fish, it's the best for kids to learn counting

karuna1 says:

Very well made new kids game, educational and fun :)

lucy b says:

The biggest thing in our house with my three is Pet Shop Panic. It's educational and very funny. My three year old loves boing boing noise.

Camille C says:

Hi All - This app is great, my little girl's favourite It is the best painting game for kids when you forget the colouring book at home. A life saver. Plus it's ad-less. Cheers

simrananokhi says:

I would say this app is the best for kids! learning and playing..

KuriusGames says:

I just released a new Android game called Traktor Digger.

What is so special about my game?
Traktor Digger is the first tractor game for Android where you can control different tractors to dig for things!

Please check it out...

norgortor says:

Some nice ones! I recently discovered Cute Animal Life. My toddlers love making the sounds. Some are a bit strange, but the little ones seem to like them.

Have a nice weekend! :)

jean15paul says:

Who knew there was a Kids section? So far "kids" and "nsfw" ... are there any other sections?

mills2533 says:

I made this app to allow my son to watch videos without being able to find other YouTube content and it doesn't have ads.


_aina_123 says:

I would like to recommend Kids Karaoke. My kids get learn English, Spanish while singing. The only downside is that it has ads..

xmblpb says:

Howard Mims says:

My kids love the game Flu Panic.... it's free!

appman123 says:

My kids love The Animal Game. I just downloaded it and the colors and pictures are great and it helps my kids with animal names and spelling. Here's the paid version

There's also a lite version to try out the game but it's worth .99 for over 5x the content if you ask me

Pespi Ware says:

More than 1 000 downloads in a month for the free and fun animal game for kids: Crazy Farm Party!
And an average rating of 4.81 / 5.

vausham says:

Excellent compilation! However I believe that there could be some more color/painting and drawing applications.
For example, I recently got hold of this application, which is launched recently:
Its called QuickPaint (FREE)

It features Animal, fruits, vegetable, object drawings with voice over to learn the names of objects and colors. It is also highly user friendly. I recommend it.

onion_union says:

Try Baby Games:

Baby Games - a collection of fun toddler games to entertain your baby.
Includes the following fun Games:
Burst the balloons: Touch the balloon to burst it
Jack-in-the-box: Touch the screen to play the music until Jack pops out
Whack-a-mole: Touch a mole quickly before it disappears
Animal Sounds: Touch the animals to hear their sound, includes farm animals, cat, dog.
Car noises: Includes car, plane & train sounds.

We love Pete the Pony
it is like game from my player time :-). And really lovely.

Magic Buttons is the perfect first app for babies and toddlers.

There are tons of resource out there for kids mobile games. What age are we looking for? here's one:

My 4 year old nephew loves Where's the Water? Great stuff

omnilepsy says:

Just released KIDOKU to Google Play this morning!

Need people to test it and give feedback about what you like / don't like.
It's Free to play.

EnriqueCri says:

I would recommend this game. Baby Touch, my son loves it and keeps it playing for a while! It has 7 games in 1. Happy Mother!

Duncan Gray says:

My kids love the Peppa Pig apps - especially Happy Mrs Chicken and Sports Day! They're all fantastic games!

john hozy says:

You can see there more and more apps, games and books for children on Android smartphones and devices.

100ThingsApp says:

We're doing a series of picture books and matching games for the smallest kids. They're ad-free and with quality content and design:

What's the sound is a new interactive fun game that would help toddlers at a very young age to learn more about the sounds around them. The application was developed to encourage the child to explore and learn more about the specific sounds of farm animals, animals in the wild, transportation and music instruments. This fun cool application will keep your child fascinated by the sounds and the HD pictures of the animals and the other objects.

full version

Bendercat says:

This is my animal puzzle game for kids (free, no ads):
It contains 26 animals in 5 groups, easy to use. My kids tested it and enjoyed :)

sakshigoyal says:

boxjar says:

It's not very educational, but I made this game as something both my five-year-old and I would enjoy: Ski Hard -