We know you want to see just how strong the new Gorilla Glass 2 is, not just hear about the fanciness of it. Lucky for you, the folks at Corning took to the stage at CES today to show off just how strong the product is, and we've got it all on camera. Check it out and see how well the new Gorilla Glass 2 holds up in our video above.


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Just how strong is Gorilla Glass 2? See for yourself...


This is true, however, sand is the most abrasive thing ever. Hence the use of sand blasters to restore metal. I have never had a single scratch or broken screen on any of my gorilla glass products. I use screen protectors to keep the sand issue under control. THey really dont market the "unscratchable thing" more the "unbreakable" market for this stuff.

That stuff should be on all devices. This really raises the bar for manufaturers of all mobile devices. Why would any manufacturer not put this on their device is what I cannot figure out. And now that it is thinner there really is no excuse for poor craftsmanship. The first thing to break on most mobile devices is the screen wether it be a phone, mp3 player or tablet. I would also like to see this used in laptop screens as well. I annot count the number of screens I have had to replace, the extra few dollars added to te devie would be well worth the comfort of knowing that your screen just will not break. I ran over my Droid X with my Brute 750 ATV with 29.5" swamplites on it and the only thing that broke was the phone itself, the screen stayed intact. Go figure that.

Most higher end smart phones do use the gorilla glass guy. Of course lower end smart phones won't. That's why they're called low end.

That's all good and what not, until your OG Droid cracks and shatters like a freacking spider web just because you drop it 3 feet on concrete. I dont know how many dude holding stylus' try to penetrate your pants, but I'd rather have face-down drop tests on real world surfaces.

I've actually accidentally dropped my HTC Evo 4G from 3-4 feet onto concrete 3 times. Still works fine, although it does have a few barely noticeable scratches because in one instance, it slid across the concrete with the screen down.

I have to say that Gorilla glass is the best out there because I dropped my HTC evo 3d(accidentally) 8 stories from a Hotel and guess what? There wasn't even a scratch on the screen and the phone still works. It only damaged the top left corner of the phone and the only thing that doesn't work on the phone is the 3.5mm jack. This is the reason why I love gorilla glass and HTC phones!

I put my HTC EVO 4G from 2010 in my back pocket and sit on it all the time with no issues, so I don't think I care about a single pressure point on the glass. What I want to see are keys and coins, the most common pocket items, scratched across the surface of GG2. Or dragged face down on some gravel, simulating a drop.

...i dropped my EPIC(the old one with the keyboard)and the edge of the phone hit the ground 1st.It shattered like a car windshield.Didnt that have GORILLA GLASS?...have not dropped my EPIC TOUCH...yet.

The guy speaks like a magician at the beginning LOL
BTW this material is really cool, so strong that I wonder how it is possible to break it.
And Corning has officially joined the thinness competition! That'd definitely help Samsung, Moto etc. get their devices thinner.

I watched the video with no sound.. = / it looked like a bend and pressure test.. I'd like to see a shock test. i.e. dropping it on a hard surface. shock tests seem more relevant to cell phones than anything else imho.

but yet I see a video of s GS4 being dropped face down from 5 feet and it shatters instantly..Gorilla glass hmmmmm