Jelly Bean for the Optimus S Jelly Bean for the Optimus S

The LG Optimus One line will never die. I have a feeling that one day, far into the future where apes control the planet and man is farmed like livestock, The little Optimus that could will still be going strong and folks will be hacking them with their stubby, apish hands. As proof, I offer Android Developer drewwalton19216801's CyanogenMod 10 (Jelly Bean) port for the Optimus S. 

It's not perfect, as Drew puts it "There will be bugs, and things may crash from time to time", and the usual suspects like camera and MMS still need some work, but I'd wager that more than a few of the folks using and loving the Optimus S will be more than happy to run this as their daily driver. 

We're still waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich on some of last years best phones (hello there, HTC Rezound) but this is proof positive that a little bit of source code and some awesome developers can make magic happen. Whether you're using the Optimus S, or just a fan of all things awesome, hit the link below and have a look. Be sure to give Drew a little well-earned love!

CyanogenMod 10 port for the Optmus S 



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Jelly Bean is now running on the (wait for it) Optimus S via a CyanogenMod 10 port


Sorry about fans of this phone but why?? I mean the phone is not that great I know because I had one and have to fix them often it would be worth it to get a different phone IMO.

I have the Optimus V on virgin Mobile (This ROM also works on my phone) and simply can't afford to upgrade to a newer phone. That's why.

Yeah my first Android phone too. hard to imagine the optimus s can get jellybean before my evo 3d. then again no 4g or 3d camera to try to port. Anyhow, good stuff. drewwalton19216801 is a optimus s legend.

To rayprobg, this phone is for people that can't shell out hundreds for a Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S3; and probably dont want to buy subsidized phones either. If developers can keep the roms coming for phones like this, then more power to them :) Only if OEMs could provide this level of support for older phones...

@mercdroid I see your point there but you can get yourself a dual core smartphone for cheap nowadays granted maybe not the best thing since running water but something good, hell I keep thinking of selling my phone and just getting a new n7 and keep that with me.

Still. I had the optimus s for almost two years. It is a great little phone. Flashed s to off Roma on it. Never bricked it once. It can take a beating. I'm it has been dropped at least 50 times in its life support of our being cement. And it is still goin. I am going to flash it to my optimus. I have a galaxy s3 now. But I would recommend the optimus s to anyone that wasn't a cheap phone . Since it had great dev support

ive bricked mine about 6 times. but thats what happens when your new to developing. :)

Also Drew. Gratz on the blog buddy :D

You'd be surprised too that the SGS GT-i9000 has ports of cm10. The captivate has cm10 ports from i9000 port. Lol

What I don't get is if the cyanogenmod team isn't ready for a stable release what good is a ported rom of a unstable version.

Long live the Optimus V/S!

We have CM9 AND CM10 on a device with a 600 MHz proccessor and Froyo! Hell yeah we got the best devs on Android Central!

The Optimus V made me about $230 from my review I posted to YouTube, I've since taken it down it was an embarrassment to phone reviews but it was a fun little device for the couple months I had it and I flashed the daylights out of it, it was the first Android device I could stand.

He never sleeps, never asks for money for his efforts, pulls off some amazing stunts, has a class C private network built into his handle, and is always surprising us in the dead of night with wonderful new toys...

Conclusion: drewwalton19216801 is Batman.

Is there a reason we cant download the rom anymore. The link is invalid. I would love to have this rom for my opt s. The ICS rom doesnt work to well on the opt s yet and im stuck because mod 9 drains the life out of the battery in about 45 minutes. Dont ask me why cause I couldnt tell you. I also cant find the mod 7 that i used to have, i flashed off of it to try the mod 9 when i couldnt get the mod 10 an stupid me didnt back up mod 7. sorry lots of mods lol. any help getting mod 10 would be great.