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Android Central @ CESJust when we thought we were done with the 3D thing, LG and Google TV drag us back in. Google announced LG as a new Google TV partner today, and LG responded with its own release that shows us the TV you see above.  Looks like it's got a tweaked version of the UI we're currently enjoying with Honeycomb on GTV. And the display itself uses the kind of 3D glasses that don't have to be plugged in. (Aka the lesser of two evils.)

LG's TV will come with a "Magic Remote Qwerty," which we assume is code for a keyboard/remote combo. We'll get our first real look first thing Monday morning. Be sure to join us.

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It's not just Google TV ... it's LG's 3D Google TV


It will become a norm, now all new TVs got 3D which eventually will be cheaper overtime. Not to mention if we talking about LG, they uses passive glasses, which are way cheaper and way more accessable

Also just because you have a 3DTV doesn't mean you have to watch everything in 3D. I just bought one because it was the same price as the 2D one and only watch maybe one thing a week in 3D. But also if you have something in 3D you can also convert it back to 2D via the TV menu, so you get to choose. So "Shadowriver" said it will be the norm you will just choose to watch in 3D or 2D. Also I bought the LG version it uses the cinema glasses, just not sure about buying a whole TV gonna suck if you are installing a rom and brick the TV.

Ofcorse, but 3D won't gone like it usally does in the past as some people predict ;] There to many devices and too many content now

Meh. I've got one and it's pretty good. If you're expecting things to jump off the screen and grab you then it's a problem with expectations.

Let me rephrase this:
Passive 3D looks AWFUL compared to Active 3D. I get to see all the "major" brand tvs every single day, I get to tinker with them, tweak settings and play different types of content. It really isn't even opinion anymore, pansonic's 3D experience displays the fewest visual artifacts of any manufacturer, and it's a fact that has been tested and proven several times.

I hold grudges against companies when I have a bad experience, especially when they promise updates that come months later--ESPECIALLY, when I am paying full price off-contract. I bought their "flagship" "pure Google" G2x. It stinks--a complete piece of garbage. I am on my third and this one will be going back in the near future.

I am a Roku owner, thinking about upgrading, but not to this.

LG = Dead to me.

3d is not dead.. In fact, if anything, it is finally starting to pick up. Cable companies are adding 3d movies and shows to on demand, 3d channels are in the works, movie streaming apps on TVs such as VUDU have added 3d movies with more in the works (netflix etc). Hell, if anything, 3d gaming is making big strides (at least on PS3, not sure about xbox). PS3 has even made "simulview 3d split screen" so two people can play multiplayer on 1 tv, but both see their game full screen. No more split screen stuff. That's still new though, only works on the Sony PS3 tv, not any 3d tv.

There is absolutely no comparison. Active 3d is a MUCH nicer experience than passive. Especially with the newer active glasses that are not heavy or bulky like the old ones. I have some Samsung active glasses that are not rechargeable. They take a small watch battery that's pretty cheap to replace. The battery lasts forever, they are light etc. If you really think 3d is dead, go pick up a hot title that's 3d capable on PS3 and hook it up to a 50+ inch TV. First person shooters are whole new experience. That's the big problem though. 3d really needs to be on a 50" or bigger tv, or else it just doesn't look that good. It's hard to get "immersed" in a 3d movie/game on a smaller screen. That and people are expecting all kinds of stuff to pop out of the screen at them, when really 3d just adds a whole lot of depth to the movie for a more realistic experience.

What? No they didn't. HDTV caught on like wildfire the minute it became available. And I'm talking back with the huge 65" Mitsubishi boxes with "Super 1080" support via component in 2000, not just flat screens from '05 on.