Yes, you are crazy

In the end, it's not the giant Android cake, with more of that fondant stuff than should be allowed by the FDA. And it's not the gang of Android minis on the tower in the background. No, it's the cat poster that has us worrying here. That's just not right. Hit the link for more where that came from. [Android Central Forums]

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atomicdog21 says:

Android: the one thing on which cats and dogs agree.

Apple: may contain worms.

bleedblue says:

Cats rule, dogs drool.
But Android still cool. :D

rjc02648 says:

Slow news day, I take it?

draken says:

I wish those mini figures were easier to get from the vendor. And no, I'm not going to pay the jacked up prices on ebay.

draken says:

Ah, too late. Series one is officially sold out and no more will be made as they are a limited edition. *sigh*