ISIS will rebrand NFC payment service following violence in Middle East

Following the rise of the ISIS militant group, or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, in the Middle East, NFC-based mobile payment service ISIS, which is formed out of a joint venture between AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile, will be re-branding its services. Though the decision was made for a rebranding to distance ISIS from the ongoing violence in the Middle East, the mobile payment venture has not disclosed what its new name will be in the future.

"However coincidental, we have no interest in sharing a name with a group whose name has become synonymous with violence and our hearts go out to those who are suffering," the company said in a statement. "As a company, we have made the decision to rebrand."

ISIS' tap-to-pay NFC service is available on a number of Android handsets available through AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Additionally, Apple's iPhone, despite the lack of a built-in NFC radio and chip, can also be made compatible with the ISIS payment service through a third-party case that integrates the NFC radio and connects to the phone via either the Lightning port or the 30-pin dock connector.

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ISIS will rebrand NFC payment service following violence in Middle East


Lol. Sorry. Try again.
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, referred to as simply "Sisi", is Egypt's current oppressive leader.

Try to go liberal and "democratic" with Muslim Brotherhood thugs w their radical ideas and see where you gonna end up. Give them a street corner and they will take the city. Majority of people said no to them and there is no other option as of this moment, but to have military deal with the problem. That region has had very hard time to keep things in order and peace in "democratic" environment.

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Maybe no involvement in the first place would be a good idea. Last time The USA got their way the Egyptian people got a dictator. No fucks given by the US if he oppressed his people or not as long as he was pro US. Same shit in Saudi Arabia. Bunch of dictator cocksuckers but no fucks given cuz they're pro US.
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I'm just imagining the ISIS marketing people seeing the first news reports about ISIS militants and just thinking "Oh, shiiiiiit."

My mom just asked me today if I've ever heard of ISIS. I said yeah. She asked me if I knew what it stood for. I was like no? When she told me Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, I was like dafuq you talking about?

ISIS learned all their dirty tricks from corporations anyway, might as well name themselves after one, especially Blackwater, I mean Xe now because of all the Iraqi civilians they killed. We have civilian contractors go in and train these terror groups now to start revolutions and overthrow states so it technically won';t lead back to the US, supposedly.

But technically ISIS was started By The Saudi's and Qatar and then it got away from them and they lost control of the group.

wonder if they'll have more deals when the rebrand is complete. I LOVE Isis. More discounts and deals than Google Wallet.

lol. I was thinking ODIN.

I'm waiting for next season to see if Mallory changes the name. The only thing she hates more than losing money is damage to her reputation.

How about they offer $2 per tap transaction instead of just $1? I got $25 for signing up for the Amex, and another $15 for adding money to the card.

You know, much as I despise ISIS for the Google Wallet cockblock perpetrated by its member carriers, I'm too poor to pass up free money. Congrats, you've made me actually sign up for the thing. :D

Ha! I have been thinking about this coincidence ever since I heard about ISI... Uh, I mean, that terrorist group. I was like: "Really? A terrorist group named themselves after a wireless payment system? Maybe the media shortened it that way, who knows.
I've also thought about ISIS Mobile before the terrorist group at first, and the other way around, when reading ISIS articles. Not until you read further, do you realize who the media is talking about.
I wonder, does ISIS use ISIS in real life? Is ISIS providing ISIS utility as-IS? See, two meanings to both questions, just depends on how you look at it lol.
IS ISIS CHANGING ISIS BECAUSE ISIS IS REFERRED TO AS ISIS? LOL. Anyways, good move ISIS... The mobile phone NFC supporter, that doesnt belong to a terrorist group.

I believe ISIS (terrorist group) is the acronym for the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria". So yes, it was shortened to very unfortunately the same as the Isis mobile wallet organization.

Another excellent example of "not letting the terrorists win" lol

I wonder what Mallory Archer is going to have to say about this?

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only because google does a work around. ISIS payments actually are tied to a credit card, so points you can pay certain transactions are acceptable, unlike google wallets virtual card. There are also more deals with ISIS, like $1 back on every purchase and free jamba juice.

Now you're just left using the stylus port on your Note 3. A couple condoms and you were able to achieve a snug fit.

Awe....still getting more than you ever had, but I only triple wrap with your sister. 6 magnums usually make sure I am protected properly

On the contrary I use it and wallet. Nice Google create a workaround so that I can use both.

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Next up, International Secret Intelligence Service renames itself as well....

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Considering the way the carriers acted towards Wallet so they could promote their own application, ISIS still seems like a fitting name.

+1...I refuse to use it because of the years they removed my choice to use Google Wallet! Thank goodness for Nexus devices and the kit cat work around!

Actually ISIS issued a caliphate over the wider region and changed its name simply to the "Islamic State" last week.

Once again, ISIS the mobile payment service is late to the party....

They need to just shut down and sell to Google. I use Google wallet more than Isis.

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Considering how Islamic extremists feel about polytheist religions, I'm surprised the group shares its name with the Egyptian goddess of marriage, love, and health. By the goddess, she is pissed!

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Try picking a name that has nothing to with middle eastern gods. Scratch that, pick a name that has nothing to do with gods. Pagan or otherwise.

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Via HTC One

The only time I ever used ISIS was to get free drinks at Jamba Juice. Give me more free stuff ISIS, Google Wallet too, I won't just use your service when there's no extra incentive for me.

Wondered if this might happen. Tbh, I did wonder if there was a secret connection. I watch too much 24.

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Verizon is overreacting. Nobody in the U. S. is going to care. The expense of rebranding is a complete waste of time.

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They are changing this because of so many many comments on social media. They need a name that tells people this is a mobile wallet, so people don't say, "what's isis"?

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Like Google Wallet...

Never understood how there wasn't some sort of anti-competition suit etc. brought against the carriers (by the governments if not Google) for blocking GW for years while they "rushed" to finish their attempt. I won't use it even for free Jamba drinks.