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It must be that internet access is slow, because Iran just got around to banning WhatsApp because parent company co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish. Kind of. After, you know, Facebook bought WhatsApp over two months ago. The ban comes courtesy of Abdolsamad Khorramabadi, Secretary of the Iranian Committee for Determining Criminal Web Content, which has the power to block access to sites and services deemed offensive in content, ownership, or… well, whatever, really.

Khorramabadi described Zuckerberg as "an American Zionist", which is apparently reason enough to extend Iran's blocking of Facebook to WhatsApp as well. Strangely, the committee has not yet got around to blocking Facebook-owned Instagram, despite it being a part of Zuckerberg's alleged Zionist enterprise for much longer than WhatsApp.

Nevermind that even though Zuckerberg was raised Jewish, he has since dropped religion and become an atheist. Though that too could probably be deemed offensive in the eyes of the committee; let alone his Jewish heritage, which too would probably be enough.

The committee's actions aren't without objection, even from within the Iranian government. Both the Iranian Communications Minister and President Hassan Rouhani have objected to the ban, though neither apparently has the authority to overrule the Iranian Committee for Determining Criminal Web Content.

Just goes to show, the internet might be under assault at home, but it could always be much worse.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


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Iran censors WhatsApp because Mark Zuckerberg is a 'Zionist'


But Iranian president Hassan Rouhani still has a facebook page....

Claiming the ban is because of "zionist" Zuckerberg is just an excuse for censorship, pure & simple. They haven't censored FB because FB is somewhat useful to the regime. But they can't monitor the data sent between WhatsApp users, so they ban it using a lame excuse.

I tell you this Possible in IRAN, our governors and Politicians says every Jewish people not live in Iran or any one maybe Christian or whatever religion they have, who Support Israel or Israelian company are Zionist and they are bad men!! and we people know this is not true, but with this excuse they can ban any brand or service or website...

Late to the party, but you missed the extreme sarcasm above. Hopefully one day the nice people of Iran can dictate the extremists and not the other way around. Make that a wish for the entire world.

Oh, I know. I don't think my sarcasm translated very well. Iran has lots and lots of problems, but this kind of oppression can't continue forever.

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Of course that was sarcasm! Religion has always been an excuse for that and many many other stupid things.

This is politics , straight politics.
Look up what Brazilian government is working on to stay away from the Eye of the big brother.
The other thing is that every govt wants the full access to social networks and messaging. UK let it slip once (London riots few yrs ago) but they made sure it won't happen again. That lesson and Arab Spring is of biggest importance for all governments. Don't forget, in the end the most democratic government - system, still relies on brutal force to protect it's structures if necessary.
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The SAD part is that we still live in a world with so much prejudice. They must have not watch the NBA for the last couple of weeks.

Just like President Maduro and his Government blocking Whatsapp and Zello for almost 2 months of protests here in Venezuela to prevent the opposition is communicated because TV and radio does not transmit anything. The world can not end up in the hands of such people, we must do something, we need help.

Google translate... sorry... ;)

Guys, I am living in IRAN, the Article is true and we (people) are ashamed of our Government acts.
they can censor and Filter in my country, Facebook is banned, twitter is banned and many other useful services are banned in Iran, but we Iranians have another big problem too, and this is the Big Companies restrict our access to their services, for example I can't create a simple Yahoo mail because I live in Iran, Yahoo banned us
or We can't have access to main application stores : Google play , appstore , iTunes, windowsstore, because google and apple and microsoft do not give us access to their services
at the end I apologize For bad English or typos... our voice Goes nowhere, Please be our voice for freedom

I hope the freedom goes for you and your country, my brother. Despite MarkZuckerberg is a zionist or anything, this is not the era of such restriction and awkward rules. People of Iran (and also North Korea, I pity for them) , I hope a true revolution come for you guys, so there wont be any dictatorism in this modern era.

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True revolution? Are you stupid ? Or simply retarded? A Revolution did happen and they kicked Eurotrash like you from power and took back their country.

There is no "true revolution" because it Always gets hijacked in the process or (especially in the last 60yrs) is even orchestrated by special interest groups.

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It would make more sense to say ur banning it because Zuck is a douche.. but whatever. It's a shame ppl have to go thru this because of stupid government.

I just want to point out that equating Judaism with Zionism is wrong. Equating Iran's anti-zionist policies to anti-Jewish is also wrong. Many Jews live in Iran and have equal rights and are protected. Also, Rouhani just donated millions to the Jewish hospital in Iran. I disagree with banning whatsapp. I disagree with any anti-Jewish sentiment as much as I despise anti-Muslim rhetoric. Let's get our facts straight first though.
Now let's move on and leave politics out of Android news.

My issue is specifically with this line:Though that too could probably be deemed offensive in the eyes of the committee; let alone his Jewish heritage, which too would probably be enough.

I see your point but sometimes it's good to have conversations about things like this.

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You are right, conversations like this are good. Also, I am impressed that nobody has taken a nasty tone towards anyone else in the comments section. Thanks for the respectful reply!

Maybe we can start a trend! ;)

As much as I enjoy it, I'm not going to hold my breath. I do enjoy seeing sincere discussion and not name calling and such.

Uh... I guess holocaust denial doesn't count?
Rouhani made a donation and has been using that as the single talking point every time he is accused of being anti-semitic. Worth every cent. How about we find some of Rahimi's vile anti-semitic speeches translated from Farsi to English. Let me know- I'll send you some links.
How about now let's move on and leave politics out- you don't get to fire a shot and then call off the match.

I didn't fire a shot, I simply said that being anti-Zionist is not the same as anti-Jewish. I didn't defend anyone or attack anyone.

I don't know really the difference between what is considered "zionist" and what is considered "Jewish", but it shows that there's still people in the world who are living proof of reverse evolution. I don't know if it means anything, but it seems like the only people who use the term zionist are antisemitic. That's at least from my perspective.

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Well, maybe you should start from there then, if you don't know what Zionism means do a little research, hey what if Iran government don't want foreigners to spy on their citizens? Freedom? NSA anyone? I respect the right of every country government to decide for themselves, stop believing what the Jewish controlled media tell you.

Yeah. The Iranian government doesn't want foreign companies spying on their people. After all, that's their job.

Stop referring to it as "the Jewish controlled media". The assumption of racism, based on race, is racist. There are plenty of things wrong with the American media without constantly trying to make it a race/religion issue.

Well, the common definition for anti-Semitic is prejudice against Jews. However, Jews are not the only Semites. I, as an Arab from Lebanon, would be considered a Semite. Also, there are a lot of Jews that are not Zionists.
It's interesting stuff to learn, that's for sure.

actually- the LITERAL definition is for semites, the COMMON definition is anti Jewish., and you are fully aware that anti-semitic is the meaning used- parsing the words accomplishes nothing.
Now shall we review everything else Iran should be boycotting?
Good luck with that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbIQto3KPUM

My point was that using the word zionist doesn't make you anti-semitic and being anti-zionist doesn't mean you have anything against judaism. In this worlds economy, the only way to truly boycott anything is to completely isolate your country to an impractical level (N. Korea). Boycotting Israel (which I did not even mention) can happen without boycotting everything in that video. BDS movement... right?

Anyway, sorry if I offended anyone. I was letting sentinelred know that perhaps he could benifit from a better understanding of the terminology used in these arguments... we were engaged in a respectful discussion.

apology accepted although wasn't necessary-
I will leave you with a quote from MLK:
as quoted by Seymour Martin Lipset in Encounter magazine, December 1969, p. 24
One of the young men present happened to make some remark against the Zionists. Dr. King snapped at him and said, "Don't talk like that! When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You're talking anti-Semitism!"
I apologize for being sensitive, but case in point- I don't believe Zuckerberg identifies as a zionist or pro-Israel at all- (please correct me if I'm wrong, but he is not outspoken on the matter), yet he is still called a zionist by Iran- on what basis other than being born a Jew?..
not directed at you mkashen, thanks for your response, and apology, though.

I know it's off the topic but your moustache looks like the one Hitler had,lol

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A Jew follows the Jewish faith. A Zionist believes in the establishment and defence of a Jewish nation (ie Israel).

So a person can be Zionist but not Jewish or Jewish but not Zionist or both or neither.

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Man, it sucks if you're Iranian and backed oculus rift...

I suppose with a name like Zuckerberg he's obviously of Jewish descent, but it never occurred to me it's literally the least interesting thing about the guy.

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Because most of use don't really care what someone's decent, aside from perhaps idle curiosity or a discussion of features. At best, Iran's government is labeling themselves as racist. (not that we didn't already know that)

As far as I know, by following Iran's news, Whatsapp service is not banned "yet", but they banned an Iranian web site with the same name yesterday. The site used to give information to visitors regarding the Whatsapp app on the cell phones, or as they call it in Iran "mobiles". The government has already said they want to do selective filtering the app service, like blocking the parts they consider dangerous but not the whole app service. Well, again, god knows what happens next, they may ban the whole thing all in once, as that's the solution to many problems in Iran: shut it and don't be worried any more.

Agree with the idea of religion or not, many people throughout the world are religious and want nothing more than to live their lives in peace. You can't logically condemn *all* religions or *all* religious people because of the actions of a few.

All this is part of Jihad. Jewish or Zionist is matter of its priorities. It could be anything else. As long as you are not Muslim - you are enemy.. Unfortunately, "progressive" governments don't understand that and open their doors to these destructive principles.
Better not to have a discussion about this here, lets deal with Android News.
But the fact of the censure is sad...

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Bigotry is a human disease not one relegated to a specific sets of people, races or nationalities.

You are right! Dirkadirka muhammad jihad, harka sherpasherpa habbak allah!

I'd figure an Israeli brother like you, Boris, would be more sensitive to such nasty lie spreading.

in Iran the main idea of censoring things is that they are not so used to technology ! and they cant stand new things which become epidemics , as before this we saw that they did the same to WeChat and Viber had been filtered in Iran for one day and they even said that was for us to see that they can do things like this whenever they want and even if we're able to use anything it's because they have allowed ! on the other hand , as an Iranian I can also say that's not important to us because we are able to use anything we want even if they think that we cant :D