Motorola Xoom

As expected, Motorola has unveiled the Motorola Xoom, their Honeycomb toting, 10.1 inch 1280x800 sized screen beauty.  The Xoom runs atop a dual core Tegra 2 chip, uses current 3G technology -- upgradable to 4G as things progress, has an HD camera and offers full 1080p video playback.  This is the one everyone's been waiting for folks, and we're headed over for some hands-on with it.  Stay tuned.


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Introducing the Motorola Xoom


my god that thing looks good. actually its the honeycomb that im drooling over, not so much the hardware.
Motorola please dont F@ck this up making it a Verizon US only exclusivity thing. You have to make a global version and support it if you actually want to sell any of these things and if you call it Milestone I will kick something. haha

Thought I wouldn't be a fan of the larger tablet but then they have all been running phone OS's before. This looks like the shiznit

There is no doubt in my head I will be buying this. I hope there's a wifi version, though.

Also, do we know if it takes Micro SD/SD cards for expandable memory?

Press release says "SD support after software update" so it looks like it will, but not right away. Seems kinda half baked there imho.

It has wifi and it SAYS SD support will come with a software update. Whatever that means.

All I know is I want it SOO bad. I hate the iPad.

Edit: I guess you mean a wifi only version. I have not seen anything about that yet.

Well thats good to hear. Strange it'll support it only after a software update. Just do it now lol.

I really hope there's a wifi only version because I'll just tether.

Steve Jobs set the price standard at $500 with no monthly contact. That's not a bait and switch price; it is Apple's best seller. Any tablet that costs more is dead in the water. I doubt there will be a market for super high end tablets anytime soon. $500 is expensive enough compared to the power of notebooks at that price.

Nope. Want an affordable, quality, fast, 10", Android 3.0, *WI-FI ONLY* tablet. Enough of these chained-to-a-monthly-charge devices already.