Choose your Moto X color, now in a paper advertisement

Motorola is taking its increasingly-clever advertising into the print world. A new magazine ad for the Moto X will run in the January edition of Wired that goes a step above other plain-old printed paper advertisements. 150,000 issues distributed across New York and Chicago will contain a completely interactive Moto Maker experience, with touch points that change the color of a Moto X displayed prominently on the page.

The ad is made possible by paper-thin electronic elements that make up a battery, LEDs and even a keyboard-like membrane for the color selector. We've seen interactive ads in limited runs of magazines before, but this one just fits the Moto Maker idea so well. You can check out a video demo of the ad above.


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This interactive Moto X magazine ad is pretty ingenious


Is there no end to Google's and Motorola's awesomeness?

(I know, I sound like a fanboy, right?)

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Four words my friend

Schoolgirl, crush, football qb

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

I'm Still waiting for the day Google and Motorola really team up and make an EPIC Nexus device! A Moto X Tab would be OK too though :D

~Merry Christmas!

I'm so happy to have a Motorola phone again after my experience with the Galaxy Nexus. Perfect timing for Motorola to start becoming better and better.

I agree,was with a Gnex previously. It was and still is a great phone. That said I was just so tired of gawd awful battery life and radios that couldn't get a signal even next to the tower.

With what Motorola is doing now I have all I could ask for. The darn thing is speedy as all get out. Nevermind that the battery goes for nearly a day before needing a charge. Along with the radios that I can get signal with where I never did with my Gnex.

Motorola is firing on all cylinders. Just keep doing it right. We need someone to challenge Samsung.

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I agree! Have a Gnex now. After placing my moto x order this past Monday.

I've dropped my gnex and cracked it's screen (no case on) and just recently dropped it in the snow (lost it's 2100 mAh battery); causing water damage to the phone so I need speaker on to even talk on it.

Let's just say my gnex is good as gone! So excited for my Moto X!!!

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My first smartphone was the OG Droid on VZW, then the GNex, purchased on launch day, and now keeping my unlimited data alive with the Cyber Wednesday Moto X. And boy do I freaking love this phone! I was serioously considering defecting to T-Mobile with the Nexus 5 but so glad I went this route for now. I Have the LTE Nexus 7 and T-Mobile's LTE doesn't quite have the footprint of Verizon's in my market. So I'll stick with the devil I know. I really hope that Moto and Google have a lot of success with this phone because I would love to see them keep going in this direction. Anyway, love the Wired ad. Very much in line with the style of innovation that makes this device so wonderful.

I want one! (the magazine...though a Moto X would be cool too!) Sadly, I'm in Canada and don't want to buy anything from Rogers.

This is the type of lame gimmick everyone here would be mocking if it was an iPhone 5C ad. You know what else will let you see the different Moto X colors? Any device with a browser. Whoopedy do!

Edit: And why is there still a print version of Wired? Isn't that somewhat ironic?

I wouldn't be mocking it.

And guess what? Lots of the people who will see the ad are people who otherwise wouldn't see the different colors for the Moto X because they wouldn't know or take the time to visit the website. The ad helps bring part of the Moto X experience to them in order to create better awareness and build mindshare.

This is where you are oh so wrong! We don't mock Apple's ads. Everyone knows Apple is genius at marketing. What we mock are their phones and the people who use them. I wish Moto had half of Apple's marketing genius, but it looks like they're getting there.

Not lame at all. I would find it just as innovative and impressive if Apple did it. But in this case I am happy they didn't. :)

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Motorola has gone from a relative nobody to one of, if not, the biggest player in mobile technology. Long may it continue!

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Now this is how you spend 500M

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

I was SO WRONG about Moto Maker. I thought customization was a gimmick that wouldn't catch on, but damn it's cool.

I fully admit it is cool, it isn't something I would do. My phone is a mullet. Business in the front, party in the back (on the inside) lol

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

While Samsung is adding it's laser beams and a peanut butter and jelly dispensers to their phones, Motorola is making awesome phones, updating said awesome phones quickly, and now making awesome ads for said quickly updated, awesome phones.

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Dr. Evil says:

"It's got frickin laser beams... on its head."

While it is great that Motorola is updating, let's not act like it is anything big.

Besides, Samsung can add laser beams and PB & J, they already have the basics down, you know like making a great phone with a camera that works...

Yes samsung has a formula that works. But Motorola is really finding their ground now and it is good enough to hype about. They need positive feedback to know what they are doing right and negative feedback to know what they're doing wrong. And this is my positive feedback:)

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Oh fair enough. They deserve the kudos. I have always been a fan of the X and the G (not the DROID line because of the exclusive).

I am not knocking ya, well the Samsung dig could have been left at home, I agree with most of it

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

Yeah that could have stayed to myself. But at least we have a logical conversation instead of complete and utter chaos over something silly. Lol do you own a galaxy?

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lol -- I am slowly learning that it isn't work the fighting anymore. Back a few years ago it really was, when hardware and how things ran really a moving target. Now, this year, no one really made a stinker so there is nothing to complain about.

Yeah I have a Note 3. If my phone needs were the same this year as 2 years ago (when I had an SGS3) I would have gotten and X or G2. Most likely and X because I haven't had a motorola in years, but the G2 has the better camera.

Don't worry about posting the hate, just remember to take the push back! I did it all the time with the Gnex and the Nexus

Have fun!

No real hate here. I owned a note two (actually still have it) and I loved it. I would get a note three if I had the money and if I actually needed it. Lol But that'd be the only Sammy device I'd get. Or a note 10.1!

And what do you have against nexus?

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Nexus 4 and GNex were terrible phones that people thought walked on water. The Gnex is self explanatory, the N4 had so many things wrong, that Google should have led the way with.

LTE, Multi carrier (yeah Google has the same if not more pull with Verizon as apple), serious lack of storage, average camera (but that is really par for the course), battery not that great, the list goes on.

The N5 is much better. If the camera were better I might have sprung for it as my backup device, but if fell short. I also was not thrilled by the battery, but I had several older phones so managing battery is old hat.

Back to Samsung, as of right this second I would only buy the Note. I could have gotten an S4 but there was nothing worth burning the upgrade on. Kind of like 4.1.2 to 4.3, nothing all that great.

Now the S5 could be something nice. I want to see how they integrate the flexible screen and with the speakers. Spec wise though, I will not be a huge jump from the Note.

Next year, as my self and a few others were talking about is not going to be about specs, it is gonna be all about software, optimization of software, and battery.

My Note is so great that I am not sure that I will bother with an upgrade but it is really hard for me to hang onto a phone for 2 years.

I had to go back and look through a history of Android phones. I have gotten at least one new phone every year since 2009. Never owned a Motorola because of the locked up bootloaders on Verizon, but had one from all the other major players for at least a brief period (hated the optimus I had the most)

I'll be honest I've never been too into nexus devices since I've always seen other manufacturers giving you more in your devices. But now it seems like there's too much stuff on these new phones and they take away from a clean, simple android experience. And while I loved my note 2, I started really disliking Samsung's phones after having my HTC one and using my girlfriends S4. The s4 could never keep up with the One. There is lag everywhere, even with all the bells and whistles turned off, and her battery life couldn't last her a day. I couldn't figure out why even after a factory reset. Oh and her play store just stopped working, which was when I did the factory reset. Never had a single problem with the software on my One and now my nexus 5.

Now that being said, I know you may not have had the same experience as me and millions others have not either, but that was my experience which didn't impress me. So that's my own personal opinion, so don't chew my head off please! Lol and I can respect your views on the battery and camera of the N5. They aren't GREAT but they're good enough for me, and good enough for the price:)

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Yeah now I am starting to see what Moto was talking about with that big budget advertising, mention months back.

The masses need to be hit over the head, and beat like a dead horse, and coerced in to liking something, before they see what is right in front of their eyes.

Yes, the Moto X is a worthy iPhone contender.

Moto when your 15 mins are up, will you be ready to prove your longevity in this game?

I hope so.

lol -- Moto X is an iPhone contender?

I am not saying it is not a worthy phone, but the Android platform as a whole is a worthy/better platform than Apple.

I've always said a person is intelligent, but people are stupid.

The "masses" is what I was referring to, what is popular, is what is i was referring to.

I should have said Moto is better competing with apple on a marketing level. Now days Marketing is as or more important than the product itself, when it comes from sales. and better sales does not equal better quality or experience.

in all this is where i say Moto X is an iphone contender.

all of my grammer error is intentional, all, of you OCD'd out gram'r Po-po jus' can't help y'erselves.

Very slick. I want a copy! This will attract allot of attention. The TV commercial is fun, but this print add is hands on and interactive. I really like that. And I am old school with my magazines, they are still print. My book reading is done on my Fire HD.

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This is awesome! I had never seen a magazine ad like this before. Very cool Motorola!

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Thinking about it a bit, I have a knock on the ad sorta.

The placement. Tech people are in the know already, the need another outlet.

Time, people and cosmo covers all three segments they need to get.

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

Now this is awesome, super cool.
When I got my Droid Maxx it was about a week before Moto X came out. I love my phone but wish I could have customized this way. May buy the magazine just for the ad.... But limited to NY and Chicago area?

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Motorola Mobility came out of no where and blew everybody away with the MotoX. The excitement has been pretty steady ever since. So glad I got the MotoX and I'm excited to see what's to come!

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Nice ad. I would definitely spend a moment selecting colors if I came across it in a magazine. Motorola should consider targeting a few popular magazines, I think.

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I could kill a herd of elephants with my Nokia 5110. Your starTAC is a cheap piece of plastic...

Edit: I really did have that phone

I was thinking of replacing my T-Mobile HTC One S (you know what the "s" stands for) with a Moto-X. But if they're wasting money on this kind of ad, that means the price of the device has to be raised to cover it. They lost this possible sale.

And I hear the latest Samsung is loaded with garbage. I guess that means I'm stuck with this one.

They have budgets to spend on certain things. There's no way they are upping the price of the phone...unless you opt for the wood one.

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Motorola is coming back, for a really long time they had a bad rep, but now they are killing it.

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Google is really pushing Moto...I have a feeling this is just the beginning for Google to take back android and own it really.

Subscriber here in Connecticut got my Wired magazine in the mail today. It has the ad in it. I didn't try it yet though. There's also an ad from Canon that is interactive but not as cool.

Moto X is amazing!!! Wow I am so impressed!!! This phone is UNReal! What a beauty. I doubted it at first and there was something about it.

From holding it in my hand and just not able to put down a non working demo! You know they did something right. Moto X = pure joy. Great Christmas gift for me.

Is it just me or does this ad show some new colors? That light blue doesn't look like anything currently available.