Good news coming out of SXSW today for all those eagerly awaiting Instagram's arrival on Android. The application has been shown off at the event, and so say the developers that "in some ways it's better than our iPhone app." 

Instagram's Kevin Systrom took to the stage clutching a Galaxy Nexus running a prototype of the app which is currently being tested in private beta. But what about a release date? Systrom had something -- albeit not much -- to say on that subject. The team "hope to have it out to people really soon." 

Really soon isn't really much to go on, but it is really coming. By the sound of it it'll be worth the wait too. Systrom also added that the app works great on larger screens, is really fast and offers sharing to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Definitely no watered down version then. 

All that remains is to actually the see app running on an actual device. But after today, the wait appears to be nearing its end. 

Source: The Verge

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briankurtz79 says:

What is instagram?

Pl4ub says:

App for crappy cameraphones. No need for this on One X or Nokia 808.

bozzykid says:

The social network of Instagram is pretty large. It has nothing to do with taking pictures but with the way it shares them on it's own social network and others. The fact that it includes fun little filters is just the icing on the top.

dannychaos says:

+1 sir.

No self-respecting Android owner should install this Apple shill-ware on their device. Abomination.

ulmerj79 says:

Little photo is great if you want tons of filter options.

baykes says:

i might install just to follow a few iphone user friends, but im still rockin wit Lightbox for my own pictures

mclifford82 says:

Great news. I've been using StreamZoo but the community just isn't as well developed as Instagram.

Gotta love all the Apple haters around here that won't use it just because it was a popular iPhone app. Grow up.

Or, it could be that the developers said for a long time that they didn't care about Android, fragmentation, wah-wah-wah, and blocked access to their API so better apps (ever try Lightbox?) can't share to Instagram using standard Android methods.

Now that 5 of every 10 smartphones in the world run Android, they care. A lot. 

baykes says:

i could care less whether it came out on ios first or not,
im not using it because for all intents and purposes (aside from accessing the instagram network), lightbox is a better app.

gallis109 says:

I agree bro that's mad childish i have android but i love Instagram it's about time we got it is funny because i know when we get temple run all these apple hates is going to get it

xeroslash says:

I never knew Instagram had a social network behind it. I always thought it was just a photo filter camera app. You learn something knew everyday.

severinj says:

If you think instagrams only purpose is filter effects you obviously have no idea what it's for

Can't wait to have it on android

SynysterCarm says:

You know, in a way I'm kinda pissed that instagram is FINALLY coming to Android. I mean, it took Android phone activations to reach 850,000 a day for these IOS developers to take their noses out of their Starbucks cups and realise that apps like these belong here too. Honestly, I'm not impressed that Android keeps getting the cold shoulder when it comes to crap like this.

psiclne says:

Better late than never....BB users wont even get get 90% of the iOS/Android apps.

gallis109 says:

I agree @synyster

Why are folks bitchin about this coming to Android? Get a life. The big push is thr socal aspect... not just filters. Some folks make Android users seem so dumb and childish.

SynysterCarm says:

I'm not complaining about this app coming to Android, I'm complaining about how long its taken for developers like these to finally realize that IOS isn't the only place to sell apps. Android users aren't dumb (obviously), just annoyed.

ampbell88 says:

i have instagram but for some reason i just dont like it. i find myself using Streamzoo everyday tho. Streamzoo is much better in my opinion

Achillesheel says:

I really need to see hella pictures of what people are eating for lunch. I'm gonna pass on this.

Yeah , plus in the fine print they own all the rights to you r photos and can use them however they see fit , without even telling u ...screw that

Youre using a google product and youre worried aboit rights to your information? ... some folks are a bit too ridiculous. Think. Then speak.

cirrob says:

Isn't this what Facebook, flicker, Twitter, mms, etc and oh, I dunno, any other freakin camera app is.for? Why do I need yet another and camera application with filters?

EvilMonkey says:

I'm not familiar with Instagram. Can someone explain how it differs from Lightbox or Android's already great sharing features from the gallery?

From their site, it says you can "apply filters and send to Facebook, Twitter or Flikr" Wow....three things? I have more options that in the default Android Gallery. Surely I'm missing something.

FWIW, I do have an iPad2 and always hated that thing's gallery, since sharing of photos is limited to "email" and "Tweet" while my Android gallery can share with pretty much any app that supports photos (I currently have about 20 options for sharing photos that pop up).

Maybe a rundown of why it's so great or popular? The description on their site leaves a lot to be desired.

VagrantRadio says:

If you read the article it says "Systrom pulled out a Galaxy Nexus running a prototype of the app, and flashed it at the crowd" which is not exactly showing it off which your title leads you to believe.

This thing has been coming out "really soon" for a while now, it's nothing special except some filters and social aspects for your pictures that you already have. If you want trendy filters, download the Flickr android app.

Why does no one bring up Pixlr-O-Matic? It's been out for awhile now and it has a ton of filters.

chinomon says:

woot woot, One more thing for Iphone Hipsters to hate on Android. =)

Tribalism.... It's so inane...