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It's not often we get excited about benchmark numbers, but we'll make an exception today. Early benchmarks of the first chips based upon Qualcomm's new Snapdragon S4 ("Krait") architecture have appeared, showing dramatic improvements from earlier Snapdragon chips. The tests run by AnandTech on Qualcomm's S4 Mobile Development Platform (powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core MSM8960 chip), show single and mutli-threaded CPU performance dwarfing earlier models. This includes TI OMAP chips used in phones like the Galaxy Nexus and Droid RAZR, as well as the much-vaunted 1.2GHz Exynos chip in the Galaxy S II.

The chip produced leading web benchmark scores too, according to AnandTech's results. The site recorded its lowest (best) SunSpider Javascript score with Qualcomm's new MDP, at just 1532 in the stock Android 4.0 browser. And graphical tests on the MSM8960's Adreno 225 GPU were almost as impressive, with Qualcomm's MDP being beaten by the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S II in just a couple of GPU tests.

So the MSM8960 is shaping up to be an impressive chip indeed. We're expecting to see it in a number of mid-range and high-end devices this year, including HTC's "Ville" (rumored to ship as the HTC One S).  We'll no doubt hear more about this chip, and the devices it'll be powering, at MWC next week.

Source: AnandTech


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Initial Snapdragon S4 benchmarks show promising performance


So a next generation chip is handily beating out last generation's chips? Why is this news? Let's see how it stacks up to the exynos 5250

its almost twice as fast as a GS2.... how often do you see a next gen chip double up in imagine a quadcore variant

I had a qualcomm phone once: the HTC Evo 4G. Worst phone as far as graphics and battery life that I have ever owned. My yea-old Palm Pre at the time could handle more games than the brand new (again, at the time) HTC Evo 4G. I then ran some more tests on graphics and battery life, and EVERY SINGLE TIME, the QUalcomm chip was dead last. I compared the Hummingbird, the Snapdragon, and the OMAP chips (on the Palm devices and MOto devices).

I ran benchmarks, played games, music, and sometimes saw how much internet usage it would take before it ran down to 50% battery or so. It took me a while to run those tests, but lets just say that since then, I have never ever looked at a Qualcomm device again. Even the HP Touchpad can tell you a about battery life. Plus, if you look at battery life ratings for phones, why is it that HTC's are always near dead last in every category of battery life and gaming? The only common denominator is that they run Qualcomm chips.

(Note: This post is from a U.S. perspective)

Agreed. I'm not sure what Samsung is thinking by not busting their humps to get their own chip on the market that supports LTE. I'm sure they're are selling plenty of their reoriented phones with different chipsets (like the Skyrocket), but I don't want to be stuck with substandard anything if I'm getting a phone that will have to last me for 1.5~2+ years (contract or not, I don't want to be on ebay buying and selling phones once a year, let alone every 6 months), and paying a very high bill for it. Give me a Exynos with LTE modem, full screen phone (no physical/capacitive dedicated buttons on the front of the phone is the new reference spec... give me that), and NFC. I will write the check out on the salesman's face.

Because it's the first A15 based chip... so it will give you a heads up on what to expect from that exynos 5250 (another A15 design that will probably be released around 6 months from now).

It's a good sign that this dual core chip out-performs the quad core (A9 based) tegra 3 in almost all situations.

The CPU performance didn't surprise me as much as the fact that the GPU was as fast or faster then the tegra 3's GPU. I didn't expect that. It was a nice surprise.

The bonus with this is that the MSM8960 SOC includes an integrated LTE radio built on 28nm process technology so it should actually make 4G efficient enough for whole day use. I hope.

i know im banking on the next gen exynos (heres hoping for the 5250 on the gs3). i hate how these chip makers boast when theres hardly any competition right now with the exception of the tegra 3 other than that go ahead and boast ur performance tests. this thing will get smoked once samsung releases theirs. also TI hasnt even realeased there OMAP 5 and u cant forget about intels chip

Very promising, especially in light of the rumors that the ASUS TF700 tablet will be have on a Krait-based chip instead of Tegra3.