Ingress now available to the public

Ingress is finally available to the public. Since its release it has required invites from friends; that restriction has now been lifted. It is good timing as Niantic recently announced a worldwide tour for devoted Ingress fans and players. 

If you have been waiting patiently for an invite or just haven't checked it out yet, now is your chance. You will have to choose whether to join the Resistance or the Enlightened. Once you choose, get ready for an amazingly intense, fun and time consuming experience. Ingress has been quite the hit and removing the invite restriction will surely draw many more players in. Click the link if you want to check out Ingress.

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betsuni says:

Also invest in extra batteries or back up chargers. =P Seriously though, this game is fun to play. Especially if you have others to play with you and enjoy getting out and about.

C Sweatt says:

What he said! Awesomely simple and great fun but keep that charger handy, it eats my Note II battery up

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youngjediboy says:

I WANT to play this again but I'm waiting for the new Nexus...

BoB16731 says:

what this game and you getting a new nexus have anything to do with each other :P

youngjediboy says:

My SGSII's GPS has been really spotty in the past months. It still works ok for the most part with Maps and Navi but for Ingress it was really off and made it impossible to play. Had been waiting to upgrade for the past month and have been holding off on the new Nexus. Reading all the rumors and posts on this and other sites isn't helping. :)

Jlav78 says:

It's official now

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newboyx says:

What does one have to do with the other?

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NoNexus says:

Because the Nexus 5 has to get worked into everything

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you



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return_0 says:

Because you can't bother to read his explanation and reasoning.

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acrewdog says:

The game is fun.... If you live in a big city.

Metallinatus says:

Embrace yourselves, the players flood is coming....

ken512 says:

Deleted in less than 5 min

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Shunyata00 says:

Maybe my "10 invites" popup will finally stop when I open the app.

newboyx says:

Nope, they are going to remain.

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j_grouchy says:

I really wanted to enjoy this game. I tried it, but couldn't actually DO anything. It seemed like all the power players had jacked everything up to a level where casual players like me couldn't even get a minimal amount of enjoyment out of it.

tlaswell says:

This game is more of a social game. Not social as in I have a bunch of friends on Facebook that I swap scores with. I'm talking about Social as in I'm going down to the grill to have a sandwich with some friends then we are going out to turn the town green/blue. You would think a bunch of people standing around looking at their phones aren't interacting but they are. I can't even say that making friends is the best part for any one person because there other aspects like excercise, learning of local history and new places to see and explore.

Yes, starting out new can be tough in the current environment. If are dedicated and join up with the right people you can be a higher level player in no time.

I'm not suprised they have dropped the Invite system since invites are so plentiful recently if you know the right place to ask.

Agreed, met 6 people in my home town would never have spoken to otherwise and going to a regional cross faction meet in a fortnight. It's geek exercise and socialism in an app. Heck I walk to the supermarket now via the long route to hack 3 extra portals 1 hour round trip!

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j_grouchy says:

I decided to try geocaching instead. Similar principle involving GPS and obtaining goals, but with more tangible results.

davidnc says:

Yeah it was a tough go til about level 3.When I wasnt powerful enough to destroy a portal I would just start picking off resonators.I wasnt in a highly traveled area at that time. So I was slowly making the portal weaker since it could never be fully charged up.Then would destroy it .
I been a level 8 for sometime now not having to go that route anymore.

winpeguy says:

Just made L6. And yes it gets easier. Got about 75,000 AP in about 2 hours once. Lately I have just been building inventory. 200k more to get to L7, and I don't want to think about the climb to L8.

Really fun game, even if it is challenging. My advice to new players would be to look for other people to play with, especially level 7's and 8's since AP is not super valuable to them. I never would have been able to level up if I didn't interact with other players in my area, even if it was just as simple as messaging them asking them to leave portals grey after they destroyed them so I could get enough AP to level up.

dorelse says:

I finally quit to a level 3? I think...a friend was supposed to be helping me, but he's so addicted that whenever he'd destroy a L7/8 portal so I could stand it up, he'd do it all by himself, basically shutting me out of the game.

Very difficult game to advance in for a casual player...

SeigaGen says:

This game is meant to be a very large grind, and it can be unless you use the friend power leveling technique.

I'm curious to see what they will do to the game now that it is more open. Especially with weapons and defenses that you acquire.

For instance, if you own the new Droid Line (not the Moto X), they get a very unique weapon from hacking called the "Ultra Strike" (named after, you guessed it, the Droid Ultra) which can do massive damage on a resonator.

Would be cool if the new Nexus users have a weapon that does something else.

What I really also love about this game is that it is very organic. The videos you watch reflect the situation around the world, and some of which have a story line attached to it. Then there is discovery of passcodes that you have find through various methods like viewing page sources and reading encrypted videos, using software to decrypt, etc.

This Google funded project has been one of the most exciting games ever on the mobile platform.

Wollombi says:

Anybody here ever read The Daemon by Daniel Suarez? Yeah, this reminds me of that story a lot.

romiust says:

I just started. Really don't understand it. Are their any guides?

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