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Recruiting your friends and family just got easier, as Ingress has sent out new invites to level 2 and higher players

If you're an Ingress player, and have been wanting to spread a little love and get some of your friends and family involved, there's a good chance you just got a couple invites to hand out. The official Ingress profile on Google+ has announced that players level two and higher will receive invite codes they can pass out to folks in need. 

With rumors of "dark matter" portals and a new Red faction to compete with the Enlightened and the Resistance being talked about, it looks like the summer is going to be quite a fun time for Ingress players. Be sure to help out your friends who need an invite with the codes you got today. If you're looking for an invite, or have a few to spread around, be sure to hit the Ingress forums!

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Ingress invites passed out to players level 2 and higher


I was all excited to play when I got my invite. I went through the tutorial, and then realized quickly that there are no nodes anywhere around here. Rural towns aren't good for things like this.

In my city we wasted about 2 month to send portal photos and wait for approve but now we have enough portals to have fun in Ingress.

Submit them, it is very easy, they show up in a couple weeks tops. Currently, some take even less.

Just be sure to get the location right on the inset map.

I have ingress and I'm up to level 4 and have a few portals near me. My biggest problem with the game is I take a portal and create a link then a single user can come and knock it out within minutes so I go and reclaim it.

My question is what is the endgame? Me reclaiming the same portals over and over again to level up isn't that fun.

Hey team, I would love an invite if anyone had an extra to spare. I'm in southern California and would love to help your cause. You send me an invite and you choose what side I fight for. I can be emailed at amurvine *at* Hotmail *dot* com.

Jerry, have you been playing on the HTC One? I have heard some comments about issues with placement of on screen buttons in Ingress for the One (maybe other 1080p devices also?). Have you had any issues?