Lego docking station for the HTC Droid incredible

WOW!  I've seen Lego docks and various phone accessories before, but Android Central Forums member triciaaz's takes the cake for sure.  It's clearly a step above and beyond your run-of-the-mill docking station, and triciaaz's HTC Droid Incredible has it's own place to call home.  Just promise to be careful watering those flowers triciaaz ;)  There's another pic of a view from the side after the break to help all you would-be Lego architects construct your own version.  My hat's off to ya triciaaz! [Android Central Forums]

Side view of the ultimate Lego dock


Reader comments

An Incredible (Droid Incredible that is!) Lego dock


Super cool! Now an animation that uses legos and the incredible would be priceless! Perhaps lego villagers that worship the incredible?!

I really wish someone would start making from docks for the incredible. Its like the entire accessory industry was never told there was a phone called the incredible.

I think its more of where the port is located. The pre had the same problem, You could make something that held it, but the user would still have to manually plug it in. Its easier, when the port is on the bottom, to have the user plug in from a stationary port/support structure. I know I love my seidio dock for my Hero because of it.

Okay...we've seen Lego docks, and I made a Lego dock. How about someone use Lincoln Logs or an Erector Set?

That is great! Wonder if my son could make something like that for me. We'll have to tear apart the lego beach house LOL!