The Incipio Den is a cozy, quilted nylon sleeve built for 7-inch tablets, including the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Nexus 7. The soft inner lining and thick padding will make you wish you could stay as warm and dry in the winter as your tablet. The zipper lines two sides of the sleeve and is thickly stitched, ensuring security and ease of access.

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White, black and dark grey options are available, which might not be enough variety for those that are looking for color. The two zipper tabs are bright for visibility, and chunky enough that you could easily handle them while wearing gloves, though. The soft inner-lining feels downright luxurious. You could seriously just rub this thing against your face for a solid twenty minutes, smiling contentedly.  There’s enough padding on the two large faces to protect against everyday impacts, though I'm not sure that it's an adequate replacement for a proper case. It's possible to get a slim skin onto a Nexus 7 and still have it fit into the Incipio Den, though it's a tight squeeze.

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The bottom line

I’m not quite sure that my tablet needs to stay as toasty as this sleeve would enable, and in warmer climes, it may actually promote overheating. For the few tablet owners that are worried that their devices might literally freeze, the Incipio Den is a solid option. Folks that are in cold areas and prone to wearing poofy jackets in the winter months may appreciate a sleeve that follows the seasonal fashions. Personally, if I was going to spend money on a case for my tablet that was suited for the winter, I would look for something with a bit of dedicated splash-proofing. The only other niggle I have is that the sleeve doesn’t cover three sides. Even a zipper on a single side would be alright, it just feels a little off-balance having two zippable edges.

If you're interested in keeping your Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire toasty in the coming winter, the Incipio Den Nylon sleeve is available in the ShopAndroid store for $29.99 (currently $3.00 off). 

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