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Accessory company Incipio has announced a series of cases for the newly released LG G3 smartphone, ranging from lightweight designs to models designed to take a lot of use and abuse.

The cases include the NGP ULTRA, shown above, which has a "flexible and impact resistant" design. The company said, "The NGP ULTRA also features a stretch and tear-resistant soft shell technology and provides excellent shock absorption and a smooth matt finish for a comfortable hold on the LG G3."

Other Incipio cases for the LG G3 include the slim "feather" model, while the Highland version adds three card slots for people who want to keep their cash, credit cards and ID alongside their smartphone. The DualPro and DualPro SHINE case models both have an inner shock absorbing core combined with a harder outer case. Finally, the Octane model for the LG G3 has a "co-molded protective impact absorbing case" and a hive pattern for shock absorption.

All of these cases are now available online at the Incipio website and will be sold at other retailers in the coming weeks, including ShopAndroid.com which already has a selection of Inicipio and other LG G3 cases available. What do you think of these cases for the LG G3?

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Incipio announces series of cases for LG G3 for all types of situations


I bought this for under $4: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/SGP-TPU-Phone-case-Bumper-for-LG-G3-Free-...

I haven't received delivery yet (it's coming from China) and it seems to have the extra hole for the TV antenna on the Asian models but it's hard to argue the price. Plus I hope someone comes out with a Palm Touchstone insert for wireless charging (like they have for my old GS3, and the GS4/5 after it). I won't want a thick case when using that. Only a bumper will suffice.

+1 I used the touchstone for charging my GS3 as well. I just moved to the G3 and I hope that someone comes out with a G3 insert. the touchstone is the best inductive charging system ever! if you come across one drop me line. I'll do the same for you! (mmaxswell at comcast dot net)

Just bought a fintie tuatara case off of Amazon for a penny... Again, like you, haven't received it yet, but if I don't like it, I'm only out a penny

>Hole on the back looks like a dick.
Coffee spray time ...
think I'll stick with my Spigen G3 case - which doesn't have the genitalia motif on the back.
Thanks for the LOL moment bud!