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The popular cross platform instant messaging app IM+ from Shape Services has received a nice update today bringing some welcomed new features. I'm a big fan of the app, having used it on iOS, BlackBerry and Android over the last couple of years. With a host of integrated services, such as Skype, Gtalk and Facebook just to name a few, SMS may well be a thing of the past. IM+ also includes Beep, a free mobile to mobile in-app messenger. If you want to manage all your instant messaging clients in once place then IM+ gets my vote.

If you haven't tried IM+ before now may be a good time to do so.

New to version 6.3 are the following features:

  • Significantly improved battery life.
  • Message Queue: Outgoing messages are queued is network not available and will be sent upon reconnection.
  • New IM services: mig33, SINA Wiebo, Mamba.Ru and Fetion.
  • Option to set master password: App can not be launched without password being entered.
  • Contact list can now be grouped by accounts
  • Preview to links for images and video in chat window.
  • Option to expand/collapse chat groups in charts tab.
  • Option to import accounts and settings from IM+ to IM+ Pro.
  • Option to disable system notifications for AOL and AIM IM service.

Download: IM+

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Loony2nz#AC says:

I'm trying to get all my friends and family on WhatsApp, but they're still stuck on SMS. Geeze I hate rudimentary :)

icebike says:

I've used both of these in the past.

IM+ is running neck and neck with IMO, but IMO doesn't close your connection to their push server unlike IM+. IMO is also free, and half the size of IM+.

I've never liked giving IM+ all of my login/passwords so that it can watch for messages and push them to me.

Both support all the major players.

IMO ----Support
Facebook Messenger,
Google Talk,
Windows Live Messenger (MSN),
Yahoo Messenger,

IM+ -----Support
MSN/Live Messenger,
Google Talk,
SINA Weibo,
Yandex IM,
Mail.Ru Agent.

We will probably ALL need one or the other of these multi-protocol clients as more people decide to stop paying for Text Messages, and/or start using more international chat partners.

There are simply too many protocols. Many of the above are simply re-packaged XMPP.

TLS2000 says:

I can't support IM+ since their app on the PlayBook was and is still crap.

kcrandall758 says:

....and now 6.3.1 is avail