iGrill devices now work with Android

iDevices, the company behind the iGrill line of products, has released their iDevices Connected app for Android. The app allows Android users to manage the iGrill2, iGrill mini, Kitchen Thermometer, and Kitchen Termometer mini right from their phone or tablet. The app requires Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or later, as well as a device with Bluetooth Smart, also known as Bluetooth Low Energy.

iDevices Connected allows you to manage multiple products simultaneously. The dashboard provides an overview of your devices. You can view and add new grill presets, add custom alerts and timers, and more. You can view iGrill Globe, and see what other iDevices users are up to, and share your grilling on social media. iDevices Connected will also provide you with exclusive recipes in the app.

You can download iDevices Connected from the Google Play Store for free right now.


Reader comments

iGrill devices now work with Android


I'd like something like this for tracking 12-20 hour brisket cooks...but it seems the actual hardware is hit or miss in quality and accuracy which would negate any convenience over a dedicated remote handheld unit.

Take a look at the heatermeter. It is based off a raspberry pi and will not only act as an Internet enabled thermometer, but it will also control the smoker temp. I built one for less than $100 and it makes brisket smoking awesome!

Finally. Now I don't have to carry my iPad mini around when I grill.

For the record, the iGrill I have works great.

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