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iFixit has not only managed to get their hands on the LG G Watch but the gadget fixing team has performed its now famous tear down procedure on the Android Wear smartwatch and found that it is pretty easy to repair.

The team found that the watch's case was pretty easy to open, thanks to some T5 screws that keep it in place. Those screws also made it simple to disassemble with the right screwdrivers. The battery inside was also quick to be removed via a spudger tool, as was the motherboard that includes the smartwatch's Qualcomm "System on a chip" set up.

The final repairability score from the iFixit team was 9 out of 10 for the LG G Watch, with the only real issue involving the display, which needed some heat and a delicate touch to remove it from the case, due to its adhesive. Otherwise, this smartwatch looks like it will be easy to fix if something goes wrong.

What do you think of the LG G Watch now that it has been proven to be simple to tear down and repair?

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iFixit tears down the LG G Watch and finds it easy to repair


I tell you what. The difference in the build quality of the LG and Samsung is night and day. The Samsung looks like a colorform plastic mess compared to the nice machined innards of the LG

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Ha. That's what I was thinking. If LG would have spent as much time making the outside as nice as they made the inside, it would be a much better competitor in this Android Wear race.

Samsung's exterior quality might come into question soon, the charging points, holders or whatever they are called are not working out so well

There is nothing wrong with the quality of the outside at all. Its basically metal and glass. The design might not the terribly exciting, but the quality is fine.

The LG does look really nicely designed inside. I just wish it was a little more exciting to look at on the outside.

Check out step 9:

Step 9
A small rubber gasket runs around the perimeter of the LG G, earning it the advertised IP67 rating.
This means the device is both dust tight, and can withstand immersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.
Don't take it SCUBA diving, but feel free to leave it on while you wash the dishes, or maybe even take a shower—if you're feeling daring.

Lol I didn't read the ifixit for the Gwatch, only for the Gear. Guess I should have! Thanks for the insight!

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