Droid IncredibleSo today is Aug. 18, 2010. You know, the day the HTC Droid Incredible on Verizon is rumored to get its long-awaited Android 2.2 update.

Not to rain on everybody's parade, but it is worth reminding that the rumor in question started by Mashable was of the "somebody told us" variety, without any real sourcing. And we've seen rumored updates (especially for Verizon updates) fall through before. We're excited right along with you, but we're also sitting back with a fair amount of skepticism.

That said, we'll be in the forums all day today with you guys, too, in hopes that Froyo finally arrives.


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If you're waiting on Froyo for your DInc ...


Of course! Though, something about making an irreversible change to my $300 device doesn't really sit well. I'll wait for you mavericks to blaze the trail, then report back ;)

Of course! Though, something about making an irreversible change to my $300 device doesn't really sit well. I'll wait for you mavericks to blaze the trail, then report back ;)

I just called VZW and asked them about this, The tech support guy i talked to said he read it on android central but as for officially he said the only thing VZW released was 2.2 for the droid he said they have absolutly zero word on 2.2 for the Dinc

Honestly, I don't really care. The DINC is super fast with 2.1 and I'm rooted with the wifi hotspot. That's all I really care about anyway, although the new gmail app in 2.2 would be nice.

I installed the SkyRaider ROM over the weekend. The Gmail app included within it (version 2.2.1) is nothing to write home about. Yes, it's an improvement over the previous version, but not by much.

Gmail was one of the things I had hoped to see a major improvement in. Why won't Google improve one of their core apps?!?

No this would not work, and no the motorola droids have different processors (and many more differences).

I know a guy that works for VZ that I can try to ask. If its not coming I.think I may go ahead and root and try out Cyanogen. I've started using ADW and like it better than the sense home. I'm only missing my email widget really.

I have a friend with an original Droid and they haven't gotten an update for Froyo yet either and wasn't that all but confirmed as already happening? I'm not holding my breath today..... I'm happy with my Inc as it is and it just doesn't get the love that it deserves.

A public flogging for the people that *start* these rumors is in order. This will cut down on these vicious hope filled rumors.

While I do not blame Verizon on this latest go around since they obviously didn't start the rumor. It would be nice to post a public statement. Also, they could (if they were smart) put a Froyo Watch for each phone that will carry it, to show the current status it is in. ie; Early Testing, in development, sent from programers to Verizon, Test batch released to Technicians, slated for release by such and such a date (given no complications).. And So on!

It's a bit more involved with that my friend. You need the radio update (which is more difficult to revert back to stock without the forever method). The radio update is needed for the 720p recording functionality. And on top of that, there are issues with it. Such as Gmail quoted text, market fingerprint, etc.

Yeah and the whole process took about 30 minutes, an hour tops. There are patches for gmail and the market. I'm just suggesting that if someone wants FroYo with Sense, it's not rocket science.

I don't believe the DINC is getting anything. Verizon can't even push out updates to the Droid with efficiency. Consider this; those arrogant jackasses have yet to finish pushing Froyo out the Droid. And I guarantee they will find a way to foul it up when or IF they do start with the Incredible.

Why the hate? I never considered Verizon arrogant. They have no obligation to push ANY updates to our phones if they are working correctly. They could easily take the (reasonable) position that you can use the version of the OS you start with, and if you want an updated version of the OS you should buy a newer phone. They don't do that, and the updates come at a pretty quick pace when you consider the versions people were using only a year ago. When I bought my Incredible I understood that updates might take longer because they need to get integrated with Sense. I would be (happily) surprised if I got an update to Froyo by the end of September. While don't think Verizon handles everything very well (i.e.- Nexus) I think they do a good job with updates.

I'm not sure why you think Verizon is arrogant. The Jackasses comment was just gratuitious.

They aren't paying me anything. I just don't see them as arrogant. I also felt the jackasses part was just a gratuitious swipe.

You are so wrong! They have more than one obligation to push out updates for our phones, we paid a lots of money to those heads mercantilism , Froyo will enhance our phones capabilities greatly so if you don't want it you are not a smart-phone enthusiastic and more your are unrealistic , it s a tradition in the smart phone world get updates asap to the new OS, we don't need to buy a new phone in order to get the last OS update when you have a hardware device that support it.

I never said I didn't want it. I do want it. I just didn't have any expectation of getting it today. Someone (without any apparant real knowledge) decided to put forth a rumour that the phone would be updated today. Then everyone looks for it, it doesn't come, and people get upset at Verizon for not complying with the fabricated date. The original message to which I replied referred to Verizon as "arrogant jackasses". I guess I just don't see them that way. I switched to Verizon from AT&T about 5 years ago and love the service (far less dropped calls). I switched to a BB curve two months ago to the Incredible and also love the Android operating system (I know, thats Google not Verizon). I complain when it's justified (i.e.- the way the Nexus was handled) but don't think Verizon deserved the hit in this situation and certainly never found them to be arrogant. I also felt that calling them jackasses added nothing to the originaly posters comments.

As far as it being a tradition to upgrade operating systems, that goes to what I was saying. They aren't obligated to do the updates (I never saw major updates on my curve). That's exhibit A of why they are NOT arrogant. We don't have to buy a new phone. We will get the update. Most people who have the phone probably have never heard of Froyo. We follow it on websites like this and hear about it for six months before it's released so the tendency is to ask why it's taking so long when it hasn't even been out for that long.

Truth be told, I'm just as impatient as the next guy. I just dont think Verizon is a bunch of arrogant jackasses. Of course, I also think the moderators of this site are great at what they do, so what do I know? ;-)

.........and some aren't working correctly. Read the forums and you will notice that call clarity and quality are an issue. VZW and HTC have said that the issue is supposed be alleviated by the update.

So yeah, VZW has an obligation to push the update for this problem as well as the functionality gained by froyo.

I agree with some of what you are saying. They certainly have an obligation to fix any issues with call quality. Upgrading functionality of phones that do function well isn't an obligation. Just an incentive for us to stay with Verizon. Keep your customers happy.

Again, I'm not saying the phones shouldn't be upgraded. I want my phone to be upgraded as soon as possible to Froyo, Gingerbread, and any future update. It was the "arrogant jackasses" comment I disagreed with.

Well, I can tell you all right now, that if you are running a Task Killer app on your Incredible, they will not work once upgraded to Froyo. My Evo got really nasty with battery draining after the update and it took me a few days to realize that ATK was killing my battery. Make sure you uninstall.

Hey I used Unrevoked3 and clockwork mod rom manager both of those together are real simple. I even screwed up and got stuck on the boot animation loop went back to stock within in 30 minutes with no prior experience.The radio update was tricky but just rename it "update" and it will take no problem the battery life is two times better. Just remember try not to over think it and it will work.

Had the D inc for 3 weeks & then took it back in favor of the Evo & sprint. Have not looked back since. I was worried that since verizon was doing so little to promote the inc & had almost no accessories when it was released, I couldn't rely on them to release updates in a timely matter. But sprint was pushing the EVO like crazy & sure enough they put out 2.2 in no time. Verizon is pushing the droid 2 & X though interestingly enough but they just never liked the incredible

Yeah I would like to have 2.2 but haven't had any problems with my Incredible and I think it is just that, Incredible. Works much faster than my X and I haven't even had one hiccup with my Inc. I love my X but can't say it has worked without a hiccup or two. I have had to pull the battery on it a few times but all in all it works great also. The Inc on the other hand is already fast and has never locked. Both considered the Inc comes out ahead in performance and I am using stock with Laucher Pro Plus on my X and stock Sense on the Inc. Not in hurry for 2.2 cause I want them to get it right. All you VZW bashers out there remember you don't have to do business with them although they do seem to get all the goodies. As for me I have been a loyal customer for years and have been treated well and am going to stay.

Ok I understand wanting to get news out there to bring in the hits to the ole site. However, posting a rumor from some jagoff with as much credibility as your average hobo with a "repent now the end is nigh" sign seems rather pathetic. Come on, I understand the internet has totally shit on anything that might be mistaken for journalistic credibility but really, we are posting sourceless rumors as front page news now? Really?

And before you give me "Well they said it was just a sourceless rumor from god knows where", just save it. That just makes it all the more pathetic that they are shamelessly admitting to going to unnamed sources for their "front page news".

1st Samsung shorts them on screens for 2 months, and now Verizon is passing on the inc for a Froyo release. I have a Evo, but this is bull$**t how the HTC Droid Inc is getting treated. As having the Evo, the brother of the Droid inc, I can understand why a lot of people are pissed about ether the shortages or the Froyo update. I hope someone does something for you inc fans out there.

Ask Amyshubby she ought to know since she has so much love for Verizon. We ought to prostrate before their logo because they are so graciously bestowing 2.2 on us lowly, ungrateful bill-paying underlings.

So uncalled for.

I think someone being upset that they haven't gotten an update for their Droid is understandable.

I think anyone getting upset at Verizon because the non-reliable source who we pretty much knew manufactured a ficticious upgrade date of today was wrong.

As I said before, I have nver had any problems with Verizon. I like the service. I think it's better then the competition. Doesn't mean I am promoting the company. I just don't hate them. Apparently I'm either in the minority or maybe it's just fun to dump on big corporations. I don't know. I don't equate saying they are not Jackasses to "having so much love for them".

Wow, I'm surprised (insert sarcasm) :) Unless a "rumor" is backed up by any actual company communications or announcements, it should be considered hulabaloo anyway. And as far as comments about how AC had to make a "cover your a&& post" and taking shots at the writers about journalistic integrity, now hear this: It's a websites responsibility to give up to the minute information, otherwise their amount of visitors dries up. The folks at AC give us tons of useful, effective data on a daily basis and don't have time to dig through every single detail of some reports that they get. It's kind of like CNN: you know you are getting some news right now, but the details are kinda hazy until later. IF AC waited for confirmations on absolutely everything that came to them they would update like once a week and viewership would suck.

So, relax and enjoy your phone. Besides, is anything on Froyo THAT liberating that you have to flame a website for?

I totally agree.

I don't think anyone blames AC. (My guess is) the originaly website made up the date to get attention but once it's out there they had to report it. They did it the correct way. They didn't say the update is coming today. They pretty much said a different website without any confirmed source is putting out today's date.

Based on the AC coverage, I never expected it today.

my bro got his Froyo update to day on his Droid, I wouldn't expect Dinc update really very soon. He reports phone crashing when recording vids and some other random process crashing, and he can now rotate the screen in all directions.

I find it very interesting how that Mashable's site has nothing today about the Froyo update for the Incredible. I guess their sources aren't that great after all. But then it is just 1:00 pm EST. Still a lot of day left. I am in law enforcement and a fellow officer and myself decided to start a rumor (nothing bad or earth shattering) in the department a few years ago just to see how long it would take to get back to us. In less than 24 years I heard it and it was much larger than we told it. I no longer believe anything until it is verified as a fact.

Maybe he's just saying that to all the people who ask him just to be rid of them.

Heck, that's what I'd do if I were a Verizon rep.

the website cited claims that thats a false rumor. no one has received the 2.2 update cept for those who are root and with the leak. They enjoy froyo while the rest of us are at the mercy of big red. unrEVOked is looking good right about now.
(see link from following poster, i replied to the wrong person...)

Sadly this source has already been flagged as a false rumor. Especially since @VZWSupport on Twitter has already stated the update is NOT rolling out today.

Keep waiting fellow DInc owners.

They've updated to say that there's no update being rolled out for the Incredible today! We can all move along now because this rumor has officially been put to rest.

Amazing that people actually generate rumors like these. Yeah, they get their 5 minutes of fame. But when the rumors don't pan out (and if they're fabricated, they KNOW they won't pan out), then they look like total 'tards.