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Even though they're still priced at a cool $1500 plus tax, it seems there's a whole lot of people who really want to get hold of Google Glass. The 'If I had Glass' competition offered 8,000 eager early adopters a chance to get in on the ground floor, and now those lucky thousands have been chosen. 

The Explorer Program is only for individuals, so companies such as JetBlue that came up with pretty awesome looking suggestions will have to wait it out for now. But, in the coming days the lucky individuals that have been chosen to hand over their money for Glass will be notified of their success. Google says that the response has been 'enthusiastic.' 

So, if you entered, and you win, be sure to let us know. We just hope that LeVar Burton was one of them. 

Source: +ProjectGlass

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M3wThr33 says:

I feel like they're obligated to give me one. (My last name is Glass)

voiceonly says:

Me too, my last name is Google

wpavlik2 says:

"So, if you entered, and you win, be sure to let us know. We just hope that LeVar Burton was one of them."

THIS ^ Would WIN the Internet for at least a year!

ameadows252 says:

I can't believe I never thought about how awesome that'd be.

You can see his right nipple through his shirt.

LeVar Burton should be a shoe in.

slywalk says:

If I become one of those people that won im screwed..really shouldnt be spending 1500$ on this....but i really want to.

xaml says:

"The lucky individuals who have been chosen to hand over their money."

That's pathetic, sorry.

Gearu says:

8000x1500= 12 million. Not bad Google.

a2Squard says:

I got selected :^)

marty331 says:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! I got my email notification about an hour ago!

Spyder465 says:

I am one of the lucky ones! Maybe you guys can help me out with mine...

HuskyHuskie says:

I was chosen as a Glass Explorer, unfortunately I don't have the funds to get to New York or to spend $1,500 on Google Glass.

If anyone wants to contribute on my indiegogo campaign I'd appreciate it -

rlhammon says:

^-- Winner here.