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Here's a little tip you may not have known about -- while working inside Google's applications in Ice Cream Sandwich, you can long press any icon and its name will appear.  This can be handy for figuring out what all those fancy new icons mean, and is a heck of a lot better than Jerry's method of "just press it and see what happens".  For now, this seems limited to Google's apps, but it certainly seems like something that can be done for any application.  Let's see more of this sort of thing, Google! When things are easy to learn, we all love them just a little more.

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Ice Cream Sandwich Google Apps tip: long press any icon for its name


There are plenty of great ICS ROMs out there. I'm using one on my Evo4G:D but I an waiting for the official NS4G so devs can incorporate the 4G into the ROMs.

Where's the tip to make the new Gmail not suck? Swiping for every new email is dumb. I don't see a problem with buttons.

This is another nice feature that Android has appropriated from the now forgotten Windows Mobile. I often try this on various devices and it is nice to see it here.

I discovered this because of my pre-ICS Android training of "press & hold on stuff because it usually does more than you think."