Not that I have any idea what they're saying. It's just that Korean commercials are just so much more fun than what we usually get in the U.S.

The LG G Pro 2 launched in Korea this week for around $900 U.S. We'll get a better look at it next week at Mobile World Congress, and it's a good bet we'll see it in the U.S. at some point.

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I could watch this LG G Pro 2 teaser all day long


I know compared to Korean commercials pur commercials are bland.

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I love it. It just made me feel good.

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Stuck? I love my G2 as is. I'm curious as to what you expect to get out of 4.4 that will be significantly better over 4.2.2? got me on that one. I was surprised to hear, that would be nice even though it's hard to imagine the G2 goes any faster than it does.

US commercials generally lack a little creativity compared to East Asian commercials.
This one is nice, but it didn't really show much about the phone besides the knock code feature.

You don't?

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Did anyone notice that these Korean women have a superpower that's allows them to hold these gigantic phones one handed while typing and taking selfie's? I want that superpower damn it.

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Your comment prompted me to watch the video again - several times and stop frame. That sweet little Korean girl has, relative to the size of the phone, a ginormous hand that barely grips the phone.

Lmao! That was the first thing I noticed! Right after watching the ad, I grabbed my Galaxy s3 (which is smaller), and tried to take a one handed photo the same way shown in the ad and it is possible but not easy at all, It took me 3 attempts to successfully snap a one handed selfie. The LG in the ad is larger then the s3 so I'm going to safely assume the ad is showing unrealistic usage of the phone. Edit: after watching again I noticed one selfie was taken one handed while laying down with the phone directly overhead! This is absolutely impossible with any smart phone...


LG has buttons in the back which you can use to activate the camera and to shoot.

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Oh great now this girl reminds me of my ex girl who was also Korean. CAN YOU NOT ANDROID CENTRAL? The feels are coming back.

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LG doing a good job, can’t wait to have G3 I'm bored of Samsung laggy touchwiz and HTC useless camera

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What size is this phone again? I feel the size of the note 2 and 3 are as big as I can go to still be able to use one handed. This phone really looks nice. I really like my brother in laws g2.

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This ad cracks me up! I can't stop laughing because I know what LG is attempting here. The only reason why some consumers won't buy large phones is due to the fact that they aren't as easy to handle and navigate as smaller phones. The entire idea of this ad is to change the belief of large handsets being difficult to handle. The way LG went about it is hilarious! Half of the shots display the phone being held in impossible one handed positions and the positions where it is possible to hold with one hand, the thumb can reach maybe 10% of the screen and no one would ever hold such a phone in the ways they show. LG actually highlights the one thing that would stop someone from buying this phone. That's why this is so hilarious! Because they tried so hard to make the phone look easy to handle, they remind everyone about the only downside of large phones... I wouldn't have been surprised if they showed one of the girls take the phone and slide it into the mini pocket of their jeans, might as well have, considering realistic usage of the phone wasn't a concern in this one.


Lmao at how Phil buried the lead with that $900 comment. No biggie, just 900 bucks for those who want it now. De nada...

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I would imagine the price it will sell for in the U.S. will be less, although still quite expensive I'm sure.

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I have a G2 but my daily driver is a GN3 - I love the G2 industrial design. No bezels and the buttons on the back are smart design decisions. I have a hard time going back to the smaller screen though, I'm hoping the G Pro 2 is a G2 with a larger screen and kit kat.

The pattern is there for security purposes. You would still have to slide your pattern after hitting the power button. Otherwise, just double tap to wake up, if you don't want a security pattern at all.

This phone looks very sexy, I love that LG is using on screen buttons, the way Google intended for Android. I wish my Motorola Droid Maxx had on screen buttons.

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Why! what is so great about this commercial? I will admit it looks good on my note 3

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The end is the best. LG G pro 2.

Let's be honest that knock knock is gimmicky.

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