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Donate over the average to get 10 DRM-free Android games in total

The fantastic donation-based game purchasing program Humble Bundle is expanding the offerings for Humble Bundle 6 to include 3 more games at no additional cost. If you haven't purchased a Humble Bundle before, the model is as follows -- donate any amount to unlock some of the games, and donate over the average to unlock all of the games available. For this sixth iteration of Humble Bundle there are 5 games available at any donation -- Pulse, Stealth Bastard Deluxe, Organ Trail: Director's Cut, Fractal and Aquaria -- and now a whole 5 more for donating over the average -- Broken Sword: Directors Cut, Frozen Synapse, McPixel, Waking mars and NighSky HD.

The current average donation is just $4.69 to unlock all 10 games, which is a ridiculous deal. All games are DRM-free and come with Steam access codes to play on the desktop (when available) along with access to the game soundtracks for free as well. Best of all your donations go to charity as well as the developers, which makes spending a few dollars on some great games a no-brainer.

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Reader comments

Humble Bundle 6 adds 3 more games to the list


To be fair, this isn't their best bundle of games....nothing really special this time. I paid ~$3 because Oregon Trail is the only one I'd play. If the mood strikes, I'll have the extra few in case.

FWIW, Waking Mars is a decent little game.

It feels hoaky at first, but the story is actually pretty neat once you get into it.