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There's no better way to get a handful of awesome Android applications for one low price than the Humble Bundle, and it's back in its fifth iteration with up to six titles. The gist is that you pay whatever you want and get these four apps:

  • Beat Hazard Ultra, a musically powered arcade shooter
  • Dynamite Jack, a 2-D stealth action game
  • Solar 2
  • NightSky HD, a physics puzzler

And if you opt to pay more than the average price (which as of this writing is a little more than $5 -- that'll change as time goes on), you also get Super Hexagon and Dungeon Defenders.

Plus, you can choose for some of your purchase to go to the Electronic Fronteir Foundation and the Child's Play Charity, which helps bring technology and games to children in hospitals. (Humble Bundle says it's donated more than $10 million to date.)

So peep the video above, and hit the link below for Humble Bundle 5.

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Reader comments

Humble Bundle 5 brings six games in one awesome deal


Not likely. For one, the Play Store takes 30% of each purchase made. They're not going to want to basically give HB use of their servers for free. And no one involved with HB is going to want to give a chunk of their (already "humble") sales to Google. For two, not all of the games in these bundles are even available in the Play Store. And for three, the HB4A app is a perfectly fine distribution method.

You can also log into your HB account in a browser and access direct APK downloads. They have the latest releases dates for the APKs there for reference.