Huawei at IFA: fingerprints, calculators, and cats

Huawei's teasing us with whatever they're planning for IFA 2014, and it's quite the tease. There are a few things we can infer: whatever they're planning to announce will feature a fingerprint reader with some sort of security (a vault with a fingerprint on it) and some sort of automotive integration (that is a transmission shifter, though apparently Huawei doesn't believe in reverse, park, or neutral).

Also, what appears to be a smartphone with a very narrow bezel (though not quite Sharp-narrow) and a calculator app (math, it does math!) and… cats. We're not sure what to make of that last one.

We'll be at IFA 2014 in two weeks time to tell you exactly what's up with the feline integration that Huawei is implying. In the mean time, what's your take?


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Huawei's IFA teaser features fingerprint security, automotive integration, math, and… cats


Those cats seem pretty flexible. Flexible or curved screen incoming. Just my two cents.

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maybe 83% of the front surface is screen? There have been those comparison charts floating around of what % of a devices front face is screen

83/100% screen to edge?

Cats probably cat6?

The gearbox is about the speed of their New processor that's also in the honor 6?

And yea the fingerprint/safe is kinda obv.

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Fingerprint scanner.
83/100 = 0.83, how thin the device is going to be (may be).
Number of cores?
Six cats: CAT.6 LTE
7: new number in the device's name.

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Yea it kinda looks like the honor 6.

Their new processor is actually kinda good!

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It means that on their new device with fingerprint scanner, you can watch cat videos while driving

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