Huawei is set to launch its next attempt at a high-end smartphone next week in Paris, France, and has uploaded this teaser video to get things rolling. May 7 will see the Ascend P7 – given away in Huawei's own URL for the teaser page – announced to the gathered press, and the video above gives us a little glimpse at the device in different settings around the world.

Better still, we'll be live in Paris on May 7 for the event to bring you everything you need to know. So stay tuned!

Source: Huawei

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Dizfunctions says:

For some reason it reminds me of the Sony Xperia Z2.

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Eddie Allen says:

Lol I have a huawei acend p1

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NoNexus says:

Who gets to head to paris

Posted via Android Central App

Alex and I will be going. Since we're closest :)

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