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Huawei today announced that the Honour, its 4-inch, Gingerbread-powered smartphone, is now available in the UK through independent retailers. Don't let the British spelling fool you-- the Honour is the same device we reviewed back in January, complete with 1.4 Ghz  Snapdragon processor, and 8 MP camera. Huawei says that the Honour will bring honorable (sorry, couldn't resist) battery life to the UK, though we had less-than-stellar results during our time with the device. Regardless, we thought the Honour was a respectable device, and with a £250 unlocked pricetag, it just got a bit more attractive. You can grab your Honour today at Expansys, Clove Technology and, with more retailers "coming soon."


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Bullit says:

Its too late to be making Gingerbread phones.

butters619 says:

Looks like an iPhone with Gingerbread buttons.

Cola-X says:

I'm going to pass and I'm sure many will too.

Cola-X says:

I'm going to pass and I'm sure many will too.

Xopher says:

Looks like a Samsung Fascinate/Mesmerize, all the way down to button placement.

Cruiserdude says:

Wow, a brand new phone with the cutting-edge Gingerbread OS? And in 2012? Well cancel my SGS3 preorder and sign me up!!