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How big is too big? If you're Huawei, definitely not 6.1 inches. Blurring the lines between tablet and phone, what we see here is the 6.1 inch, 1080p Huawei Ascend Mate, expected to be announced officially at CES in Las Vegas. The man showing the device off is Huawei executive, Richard Yu, the same man who took to Sina Weibo to tell us about Huawei's other Android device expected at the show, the 5 inch D2. 

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The impromptu demonstation took place in a Huawei store in Guangzhou, where he just happened to pull out the gargantuan smartphone and offer it up to the packed masses. Perhaps fitting that part of the demonstration included showing a movie on the phone, after all, it's got to be one bonus to having a huge phone. What movie though? What else, but Titanic. Fitting. Check out a short video of it after the break. 

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Huawei executive happily shows off 6.1 inch Ascend Mate ahead of CES


I think Samsung deserves more credit since so far they have the only phablet worth a damn. The S Pen sets it apart from other 5inch or more sized screen phones.

Yeah but i see nothing special about HTC's software with it. It's just a 5 inch 1080p One X to me. No storage expandability beyond 16GB also kills it for me.

exactly and HTC has said as much. the Droid DNA only competes with the Note 2 in size wise. HTC isnt concerned with the whole "phablet" craze just yet

Word, but hopefully the Note 3 will have pretty much all screen so the form factor wont be overbearing.

PS. the Texans sucks!!

Honestly Huawei has been a total ZERO when related to android and just overall as a manufacturer. The hallmark of android is choice which in the long run offers legitimate opportunity for people to make their choice as far as devices. Samsung are the creators in the space everyone is racing to catch up to the leader who created this category of device. Samsung has better software and features that are part of the current Galaxy Note 2. No device on the market is better today. Bottom line here Hauwei doesn't want a spec war with Samsung cause they will lose period. The Galaxy Note 3 will have a 6.3 inch flexible/bendable 1080p screen, 2ghz Exynos 5440 cortex A-15 dual quadcore processor that's 8cores, with a Mali T604 Gpu, 16 megapixel camera, 3.0 front facing camera, 4200mAh battery, 128gb of storage, android 5.0 Key lime pie.There is NO WAY Hauwei can compete with this device you can bank on that. I roll with the creator of this category i own the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and will purchase the Note 3 on day one. Hauwei, Lg, Sony, Htc are all unproven rookies Samsung has nothing to worry about at all.

Huawei knows a thing or two about the cell phone industry...they are there with Motorola and Ericson when it comes to the backbone gear...cellular basestations on towers and building gear. As far as HTC goes....hello Evo its time quite possibly one of the best handsets ever. Then Apple sued them and they haven't really recovered. As quickly as they rose, they fell. While I wouldn't expect a comeback, I think they are more than just rookies at this point.

As Huawei have shown with the D1 Quad, they may have some specs that are on or just under par, but will fail miserably to get it to market for long enough that it will be long obselete by the time they do.

I know I shouldn't feed the trolls, but I feel a need to, and you, Richard, sure are one. There are many devices that top the Galaxy Note 2: Nexus 4, Droid DNA, Optimus G… and Samsung didn't create the phablet category. Remember the 5-inch Dell Streak in 2010? So when you say you are "roll[ing] with the creator of this category" you really are a traitor to the category creator. And one more thing… you say the Note 3 will have Android 5.0 on release day. So will the Nexus 4. And two years later, the Nexus 4 will have Android 7.0 while the Note 2 will still have 5.1. Will it still be the "best phone" then?

I like samsung phones, but not put them on such a pedestal, it almost sounds like your a samsung fanboy , (similar to apple fanboys)
I've owned a lot of Samsung phones, Captivate, Focus, Galaxy Nexus, and I still use a AT&T SGS 2 for work, but other manufacturers make excellent devices, my current personal phone is a LG Nexus 4 and it blows all of the other devices I've owned out of the water, and the build quality is top notch.

HTC has been around for some time, they are hardly rookies. Their One X+ device is amazing, samsung simply has better marketing. Sony has generally been very good about updates and Hauwei, while not popular in the states has had a ton of success in other markets, they build basestations which is something most OEM's can't say.

In general with android, your better off if you don't prejudge every phone by who makes it. You could miss some very good phones, I took a chance with LG (who I previously wasn't thrilled with) and I'm very happy I did.

As much as I do like many of the Samsung phones, I'll never swear allegiance to them, the last thing we need is for Samsung to crush all of the opposition, if they do we'll be no better off than an iPhone user, with apple calling all of the shots. Or in our case Samsung.

Wow, after seeing this, I'm positively sure that 2013 will be the year of 6 inch phones: this, possibly the Galaxy note 3, and maybe even the "X phone."

I know some people (people that hate bigger-screened phones) will cringe at the size of phones this big; however, I think it's great that we get to choose to use a device this big versus having a smartphone and a 7 inch tablet. It's a niche market, but a market nonetheless, IMHO.

I'm really undecided here, my smartphone has to be easily pocketable, but my tablet does not. I need free hands to carry stuff around, and would hate to always have to carry my smartphone in my hands just because it's too big to fit in my pockets. So far the Nexus 4, and GS3 form factor has been right up my alley. Large enough display, but still easily pocketable.

I agree, wholeheartedly. I like the S3's form factor, and I'm seriously considering the Note 2. I think the challenge with the Note 3 will be making it pocketable. Will Samsung even try to accomodate the screen size by cutting bezel? Will it have a wide-screen ratio similar to the Note 1? Or will it maintain a similar ratio to the Note 2 and just be really long? Can't wait until next year =)

The Nexus 7 fits in my pocket and I wear normal sized jeans. It's not comfortable to dance with in the pocket but does not feel awkward otherwise. I think with the right design, a 6" phone could work.

+9000 So, as long as we don't all try to dance in skinny jeans, then this phone and the rumored Note 3 should fit fine in the pocket lmao

Agreed and that's why I haven't jumped on the Note sized bandwagon. I remember i made my decision in two moments, first I saw a rather large man in an AT&T sponsored show talking on a Note 2 and he looked absurd like he was talking into a tablet. Then I went into a cell phone store and compared the size to my gsm galaxy nexus at the time. it looked huge compared to my nexus and then I had a friend take a picture of me pretending to talk on the Note 2 and as expected it looked like I was talking into a tablet.

I don't wear skinny jeans or anything of that sort, mostly normal jeans and I tried putting the note 2 in my pocket, did it go in? yes but I'd never want to walk around with something that unweildy in my pocket, i tend to walk around with my phone in my pocket for extended periods, especially when I'm out with friends and don't want to be the rude ass most people are these days playing on their phone the entire time. It's not a phone you can walk around with in your pocket for any period of time comfortably.

Personally I like 5 inch or smaller phones and 10 inch tablets, for day to day I use my nexus 4 and I'd probably be willing to go up to 5 inches like the Droid DNA which is a very nice phone. If I need more screen real estate I'll pop open my 10 inch tablet, it's much better than even your 6.3 inch phablet, I'm not a fan of the 7 inch tablet form factor either, it's too small for a tablet in my book.

I'm not saying they shouldn't sell it, I'm all for as many options as possible and if some people like it, who am I to judge, this is just my personal opinion, and it's heavily influenced by the fact that I still talk a considerable amount of time on my phone, which for many, judged on the popularity of the $30 T-mobile plan with only 100 mins a lot of people aren't doing anymore.

I wouldn't mind having a 6" screen on the Note 3 if they could somehow manage to keep the current size using edge to edge with on screen buttons. The current Note 2 is just about the size of the Nexus 7 screen. I'd rather have one device vs two with no need to tether.

Definitely agree with the others here. I think a 6 inch phablet with little to no bezel is the magic point between phone and tablet. I'd ditch my nexus 7 for that for sure. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see a nexus like this in the next round of devices. $399 price point for 16GB anyone? Might make for the perfect phone.

I'd abandon ship if the nexus got that big. I think a phone like the nexus (where there is only one) should be a normal size. No more then 4.8 inches (4.5 would be great but we won't be seeing them downgrade from 4.7). People forget that big phones are still a niche. A big one, but still a niche (no pun intended). 10 Million Notes sold isn't all that impressive compared to the s2 and s3 sales.

That 10 Million happens to be more than all the Windows Phones currently combined. I'm sure that figure has increased by several Million since last reported and I will be adding to that number on Xmas day.

When you take the on screen buttons into account, the Nexus 4/Galaxy Nexus screens are about 4.5"

You won't see a Nexus that big. The Note series (or any phones bigger than 5 inches) of phones is a niche product. However, next year, you will see flagships with 5 inch screens. Don't be surprised if you see a Nexus with a 4.8 or 5 inch screen. And if you abandon ship, good luck to you: People will still buy bigger phones whether you approve of them or not =P

Word up..I will never go back to those punny little screen phones. I love my Galaxy Note 2 the only place is up so bring on 6.3 i will purchase on day very easily. Anything less than 5.5 inches is useless in my book. Bring on October/November 2013.

+9000 I will agree with you: once you go to a bigger-screened phone, it's hard to go back down in size. When I first got my S3, my battery died and I had to use my friend's iPhone 4s to make a call. Wow, talk about underwhelming: iOS wasn't the culprit, the screen killed my eyes in a matter of seconds. I've been shopping around for a good deal on a Note 2: I'm sure I won't be able to go to anything smaller afterwards; and I'm glad that it's working out for you.

It's always hard to go down in size, I still use my 4.3 inch galaxy S2 for work and while I still like the phone itself and it's still speedy on jellybean the screen feels very small.

When I suggested a nexus that size, I wasn't suggesting the flagship. IMHO, keep the flagship where it is and add a phablet option. I think there is enough demand to expand the nexus line to 4 devices.

I'd say the nexus can go up to 5 and still be considered a normal phone, but people will disagree on terms like this, if they decide to start making multiple nexus's and they want to release a 6.1 inch phablet, go for it. But the mainstream nexus should stay under 5 inches.
I'm very happy with the nexus 4's screen size.

I think this size is still usable for a phone. Although I would be just fine using a phone this big, I still think 4.7"-5" is the sweet spot for phones. A 6" phone could, as others have mentioned, take the 7" tablet out of the equation, but, sitting here with my Nexus 7, I'll stick with the 4.7" Nexus 4.

I actually heard a report that the Note 3 may be a 6.3 inch tablet rather than a phone. I wonder if something of that nature would cannibalize 7-inch tablet sales?

this looks more like a tablet then pablet... note 2 is a limit of hugess phones.. bigger than that will mean in-convince to carry it in ur hands whole time.

My xoom has been sitting since I got note2. 5.5 is perfect games look great this 6.1 and note3 6.3 is pushing it. Let people get used to 5+ inch phones first then try bigger not all at once

I think the Note 2 is a perfect size but i'm not so sure about anything bigger. My Nexus 7 is great but too big to be used as a phone, seriously go ahead and hold it up to your face lol.

I love my Note 2 and I wouldn't mind even bigger options. I don't believe there is a "too big" or "too small". People's preferred handset size is a highly individual thing.

+9000 I couldn't agree more. I love it when proponents of smaller phone sizes criticize bigger phones, as if we should all prefer the same things. Ever since the Note series debuted, people acted with disdain as if every-single-phone would follow suit. Simply. Rediculous.

I'm glad you're not in-charge of the mobile market: we would all probably still be using flip phones. Why be against choice?

EDIT: Sorry if that came off as angry. I just get tired of seeing people against choice.

This would be a device for people who choose to go down this path. I personally cannot see mainstream phones going beyond 5" screens with more and more designs moving towards edge to edge screens enabling the overall sizes of phones to remain within reasonable sensible dimensions

I have a galaxy note and love it, but 6.1 inches? like. wtf. this is just pushing it >_< sorry huawei but you'll never be big :/ ...

There is no such thing as "too big" just like there is no such thing as "too small"

People who say a particular phone is "too this" or "too that", have been conditioned to believe that phones should be one size fits all. These are probably the same people that had a hard time adjusting when land line phones stopped being huge black rocks with a rotary dial. Or who, like my wife, think it's a sin 2012 not to have a land line at all.

I don't have a problem with the size of this phone, because for those willing to buy it the size is just right. I personally would not buy it, but not because of the size, but rather due to the absence of the value added by Touchwiz and s-pen.

I owned the original Note. I now own the Note 2 & Note tablet 10.1. The value I receive from the s-pen is too great to give up for any other smartphone or tablet regardless of any other factor.

I actually do think there is a such thing as "too big" or "too small" *cue images of people holding up 80" TVs and 1" watches to their ears*

If said person or persons are willing to buy such a device, and are not limited by what others may or may not think, then the device is not too big or too small for them.

Again, I would not buy it, but to impose my preference onto another is wrong.

You hit the nail on the head plain and simple. Software and features alone multi Window, Spen, Snote, as well as all the related camera and sharing features makes the Galaxy Note 2 the BEST SMARTPHONE EVER MADE. It stands to reason that the Galaxy Note 3 will not only have all of the features of the Galaxy Note 2 but then so much extra that it would be next to impossible not to purchase. I will always keep my Note 2 but as sure as today as Christmas Eve on day one the Galaxy Note 3 will be mines.

I have a HTC One X and am already finding it too small.

The N7 which is 7" fits in my pocket, I can see a 6.3" fitting nicely.

I had the same reaction last year when i brought out my SGN, tech geek is the same in any language....

Seriously that looks ridiculous to me but I'm sure it will sell but not like hotcakes since it's Huawei.

I like the theory of a super large phone, but I'm not too keen on the logistics of transporting it. I'm still one of those guys who likes his phone to easily slip into and out of his jeans pocket and doesn't mind a shoulder bag for something bigger.

Unfortunately this size device seems like it would not fit the jeans easily and at the same time would get lost in a shoulder bag. I do, after all, only carry the shoulder bag for the device...I don't carry it as a general murse.

It would, however, make GPS navigation really awesome in the car.

Just put a cell radio in the Nexus 7 and be done with it. Make all you stupi-size phone(?) fans happy. I guess those people don't, ya' know, TALK on their PHONES.

As long as they don't forget about all the white collar professionals that TALK to clients, vendors, and business partners and wear dress slacks to work. And as long as they keep making 4.3" phones (ala HOS and RAZR M) than fine. Put radios in the GNote 10.1 and just end it.



Ugh, phablet. Corny term!

But as a multi-function device such as the note 2, with little bezel, I could and would like to see it.

I guess, I just don't understand the appeal besides watching movies if they don't have the functionality or something anywhere near to what Samsung (not likely) has, or at least LG?

If not, then these devices are in another category.

Something for everyone. I cannot see myself going back to ourdealing with a small phone/device again.