Huawei fields another ridiculously thin Android phon​e

We're live from London, where Chinese manufacturer Huawei is showing off its latest Android smartphone, the Ascend P6. An insanely svelte little handset, the P6 measures in at just 6.18mm thick, making it the thinnest Android phone we're aware of. (In fact, Huawei claims that the P6 is the world's thinnest smartphone.)

It's also a good-looking piece of kit, with an iPhone-like metal trim around its top and sides, and a featureless back panel save for the Huawei logo and rear-facing camera. It comes in white, black and pink color options -- the white and pink versions have a soft touch pack panel, while the black has a more granular texture. The main camera is an 8-megapixel unit, and In today's presentation Huawei was keen to talk up its wide range of software capabilities designed to boost dynamic range and improve color vibrancy. But it's actually the front-facer that's most unique here, as it packs a 5-megapixel sensor, far beyond what's offered by most competitors.

On the front there's a 4.7-inch 720p display -- no longer cutting edge, but equally nothing to sniff at. Once again, Huawei's sporting on-screen buttons as part of its Emotion UI, which brings a unique, highly themable user interface to the P6. As with previous Huawei handsets, there's a central focus on the big "Me" widget containing weather details and other pertinent info. There are plenty of customization options too -- the manufacturer boasts 100 custom skins out of the box, and more than 1000 more online, including seasonal variants. The software experience is speedy, with no sign of lag whatsoever, on account one-two-punch of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and Huawei's custom-built 1.5GHz quad-core CPU.

One thing you won't be enjoying on the P6 is 4G LTE connectiity -- the current model is HSPA+-only, though Huawei boss Richard Yu did mention that an LTE-capable version would be launching around October or November.

Check out our hands-on video and gallery after the break.

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Huawei Ascend P6 hands-on


i do! it gets it out of the way while playing games or viewing in landscape. i listen to music while playing games on public trans and having the jack on the top or bottom, its always in the way. But bad for pockets

I'd rather have to slightly change the orientation of my hands than be completely shafted out of ever being able to put it in my pocket.

Im impressed they got a 2000 Mah battery in there. its a nice looking phone for sure, but not sure how i feel about their "emotion UI"

The whole "Made in China" just screams top quality. There is no where else in the world I would rather depend on then top quality Chinese products. Okay so all joking aside I'll never own this piece of $π!™. Just sayin.

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Huawei is finally in sight of the top android OEMs. Though they should probably dump the inhouse proc.
I dare say this, they could actually make a nexus based on that design. Though am rooting for a Sny or a hTC nexus.

Not a bad looking little phone. Won't be ditching my HTC One but for those wanting that miui feel out of the box, can't go wrong really

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"The white and pink versions have a soft touch pack panel, while the white has a more granular texture." - what? :O

Is it super cheap? Why would anyone buy this device over its competition? Personally, when I buy Chinese goods it's to get decent quality (sometimes) at dirt cheap prices because they've ripped it off, don't pay for licenses (and are protected in China), annnnd again it's super cheap.

Is, say, the iphone super cheap?
That also comes from the same China as the Huawei after all.

They are perfectly capable of producing and designing top notch stuff nowadays.

They just made a fantastic looking phone with great specs!

I've been wondering when the hell manufacturers would fix front-facing cams. HTC fixed speakers, and now Huawei fixed the front-facing camera; time for both to be combined into one phone!

Alex you do great hands on videos, but you need to work on the bouncing the phone in your hand. I'm not trying to be mean our hateful, just an observation. The constant shaking off the phone is very annoying.

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Wonder if this fone has the "feature" that the Ascent Y300 does. With both WiFi and 3G data turned on, when you exit from a WiFi zone there is no handover to 3G unless you manually do it. It drives my Mother-in-law nuts..

Ascend P6 with LTE-capable version would be launching around October or November.
I will be waiting for this smartphone for my holiday present to myself! I don't think Apple iPhone 6 will not be release till mid 2014! And this is just a copy of the it 12 months earlier. Who going to sue whom on this? Wow!

Yes, finally the Waite is over, Yesterday it was a big day for all huawei fans and Emotion UI team. There were live updates everywhere about the new Ascend P6.
Ascend P6 - Bundled with lots of hopes and moreover the tag of Worlds Slimmest Phone makes it more competitive.

For more live updates, photos about Ascend P6 follow facebook link:

Thank You

like the desgin ! to bad only 8 gig inside and not 16 gig, yes u can add a sd card but still 16 is better, the lack of lte is something i dont like either, my next phone should have lte cause my telco already has working lte where i live, hope there will be a lte version soon with a internal storage upgrade, then i would def look to buy this phone.