Huawei Ascend P6

Carphone Warehouse cuts SIM-free price by £80

With the arrival of phones like the Moto G and Nexus 5, pricing in the mid to high-end Android smartphone space has become more competitive than ever. Now we're starting to see other handsets creep down in price to meet this new challenge. UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has dropped the price of one such contender, the Huawei Ascend P6, to £199.95 off-contract, down £80 from its previous price.

Though it lacks LTE connectivity the Ascend P6 is a solid mid-range Android phone with a good-looking screen and decent build quality, including an aluminum-framed design. But we're less enamored by Huawei's software design and performance. Here's what our own Andrew Martonik had to say about the P6 in his review —

In terms of physical design and manufacturing prowess, Huawei has a winner on its hands with the Ascend P6. It has managed to take a well-made and good-looking body that is impossibly thin, fill it with some high-end components and cap it off with a really great screen. 

But none of that matters when you turn on the device and the software stutters and skips through even general app usage, and crumbles when you try to play games or record 1080p video. If the software performance was better we may even be able to look past the interface customizations that Huawei has included on the Ascend P6.

Still want to take the plunge? You'll find more details at the source link.

Source: Carphone Warehouse; via: Eurodroid


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Huawei Ascend P6 down to £199 in the UK


A great deal however no one wants a phone that stutters through even the most easiest of tasks-How about £80 and that may attract the novice smartphone user lol

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I own a huawei ascend mate and it is another example of good hardware held back by bad software. It lags doing the simplest things. They need to get their act together, dump that Emotion UI rubbish and push updates for more of their devices. I will NOT be buying another Huawei phone and I would not advise you to get one also.

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i got the huawei y300 as a cheap stop gap for someone.

Completely different phone once I unlocked, rooted and dumped everything not needed.

Still not great, but very serviceable for the £54 I paid for it.

These companies need to know that it is their additional apps that make the difference, not the redesign of android.

for their faults both LG and Samsung bring new / different apps that enhance or change how you use android.

huawei bring nothing as i can see.

they and other smaller companies should follow motorola. Stock is easy to enhance and maintain. Lets your software developers focus on what matters to the customer.

Which is not a completely new UI.

Totally unjustified judgement on the UI. The buggy UI was on the earliest firmwares and plenty of firmwares have been released and leaked that made it lightning fast. Use B122 leaked firmware for example. Head to xda forums and ask the users urself. Add to that, by end of January there is new UI coming, Emotion UI 2.0, which has much greater improvement in features and performance. This coming with Android 4.4. What more can you ask for ?

I'm not sure it is.

It's my opinion, after playing around with a Y300 (so admittedly not a P6).

But it just felt convoluted and a mismatch of ideas from both android and iOS which didn't coherently stick together.

I guess I think that enhancements / changes made by a manufacturer shouldn't be at the detriment of a device. If what they've done makes it slower or with more bugs compared to stock then it shouldn't be on there.

It's good to hear new firmwares are in testing and could vastly improve the device. But doesn't this show the device in 'bought from shop state' (how most people will use it) is broken if its 'much improved'.

I can't fault the Y300 as a device. As a backup / cheap device (before the arrival of a moto g anyways) it's fabulous. But not the OS for me sadly.