Huawei Acend P2

Huawei has just unveiled its latest Android handset, the Ascend P2, at an event held in Barcelona, Spain, and we've had the chance to get our hands on the device.

Succeeding last year's Ascend P1, the P2 brings some substantial changes in both hardware and software. Internally, the P2 now packs a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, and other specs have received customary upgrades too. The phone includes a 4.7-inch, 720p LCD on its front, and a 13-megapixel BSI camera around the back.

Huawei Acend P2

The design, though similar to that of the P1, is slightly curvier, with a glossy finish on the back. The phone is 8.4mm thick -- a good deal thicker than its predecessor, but that's to to acommodate the larger camera module, as well as the hefty 2420mAh battery.

Overall, the P2 has a has a glossy, tacky feel to it, but it's also relatively lightweight for a phone packing this much screen and battery. Like many Huawei offerings, it's a decent-looking handset, if not a remarkable one.

And Huawei was also keen to plug its battery-saving software enhancements in the phone's software, which it says can deliver an up to 30 percent improvement in battery life.

Huawei Acend P2Elsewhere in software, the P2 is running Huawei's Emotion UI, which is the same slightly cartoonish experience we've seen on phones like the D2 and Ascend Mate. If you don't like the stock look and feel, however, Huawei has several skins pre-loaded, and the phone will also allow you to go into DIY mode and customize the UI's appearance.

Huawei's also baked in several management apps into the P2, including "power manager," "traffic manager," "startup manager" and "permission manager." Some of this is re-skinned stock Android stuff, but other apps, like startup manager, is new to the Emotion UI. Also of interest was Huawei's expansion into services, with the Cloud+ ecosystem. This offers cloud storage, cloud backup and cloud sync, as well as a phone finder.

Huawei's keen to expand its product range in high-end smartphones, and the P2 represents a step in this direction, bringing a quad-core device to market with some leading specs and interesting software additions. The Ascend P2 will release in Q2 in Europe and Asia, priced at €399.

Huawei Acend P2


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Huawei Ascend P2 hands-on


Great looking phone, camera button is great to see. The 4.7 inch screen is a great all around size phone, there should be more high end phones with this size screen. I noticed from the video that the phone has only 1gb of ram and only 16gb of int memory, not enough memory if there is no sd card support. That phone has a great looking design but is missing things in certain areas. Todays market is full of really great high end phones, to make a phone that will sell you need to have it all. Today's smart phone buyer is looking for the best, IMO the new HTC one and the upcoming SGS4 is the phone of choice for me so far. I am a huge Samsung fan,they are the only company that has given us everything we ask for. Killer specs, added internal storage, sd card support, removable extra large batteries and the most important is the software innovation. Samsung is just innovation strong. Every day you find something new, they are without a doubt the leaders in this field, innovation, innovation and yes more innovation. No other company can touch them. On top of all this their phones get so much developer support because Samsung doesn't lock their boot loaders down like fort knox. Thank You Samsung.

Emotion UI? More like MIUI. This looks straight out of MIUI ROM. Even down to themes using crayons/colored pencil icon design. SMH.

Fuck Huwaieioeapeaf or whatever it's called.