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CES is right around the corner, and one of the devices Huawei will be showing off will be the Ascend D2, which was announced a few weeks ago. A batch of pictures have bubbled up giving us a closer look at the otherwise camera-shy D2. We all remember its predecessor, the dickwad D Quad, and it's battery-boosted bro, the D Quad XL, but the D2 stands to be a significant step up from both of them. The source of the latest batch of pictures of the device confirms it will have an HD-grade (1080p?) 5-inch display, a quad-core 1.5 GHz processor, 13 megapixel camera, run Android 4.1, and have a big honkin' 3,000 mAh battery. 

It's great to see Huawei continuing to push the higher-end market and get those devices into Europe and the U.S. - after all, competition is good, especially on price point. We may also see a new 6.1-inch tablet from Huawei at CES, which will be interesting to try out, to say the least.

Any of y'all happy Huawei device owners? Those that aren't, would you consider switching away from one of the bigger manufacturers if you could save a buck on your next device? 

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Huawei Ascend D2 makes a brief pre-CES appearance


I'm not sure, but Motorola, Samsung, HTC and a handful of other companies have managed to figure it out. That's why I'm not paid the big bucks, I guess :(

they all look alike... minus a couple of motos like the flip out and that one shapped like a square. Beyond that they all look like physical copies of each other

The One X, SGS3, and Razr HD all look different from each other and all look different from the iPhone. This clearly copied the iPhone 5 design.

I noticed the resemblance too, but really is any device with straight edges and single-radius corners an iPhone? Or is it the metal trim (that is now black in the iphone 5)? If they were trying to make an iPhone clone, would they have included a bigger screen and bigger battery? If Apple doesn't want competitors to outsell them with similar looking devices, maybe they should respond to the competition and produce something with a larger screen?

Doesn't look anything like that other phone IMO. I like the way it looks, all muscle. I would buy a killer specked out phone like that in a heart beat as long as they didn't starve the phone in the storage dept. That is why IMO the SGS3 with 32gb of int storage along with the sd card slot is still the best phone on the market. It has it all. The Note 2 is also a killer phone but the model I want with 64gb of int storage with the sd card is only available in Korea. I'm hoping that model of the Note 2 hits the US market very soon. I have noticed there are many people also looking for that model besides me. Come on Samsung, send us the good stuff.

And in today's news the tech giant Apple is at it again! They are sueing Huawei because there new phone looks to much like an iPhone and their bored..


I'm really starting to lose hope for some of these minor manufactures. It's like they're not even trying. Look how poorly the browser icon is designed.

Now that's a really big NBC iPhone! Apple finally did somet.... What? That's not an iPhone? Really? Nah, that's the new iPhone 12.

Huawei is a shit company and makes shit phones! What do you expect? Now they copy iPhones!! Great!! Hope apple sues them to hell!