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Reader comments

Huawei Ascend D Quad Gallery


Brand name/image doesn't jive with me. Reminds me of the cheapest of feature phones, can't get past that stigma. (Used to have this problem with HTC as well)

Remember Huawei has an excellent record on Android version updates. Beat the Nexus S to ICS. Good for them. I see them becoming a major player in the Android world.

I have to agree with you. I think Huawei has come along way. The phone looks solid. Some of their other stuff was junk. Ha HTC had a rough time and look what they did.... Lol okay not the best example..but you get my point..

PS. Soft keys are kinda lame... Just saying.

I'm glad most OEMs aren't using on screen keys (or soft keys, or whatever you like to call them lol) I loved my hardware buttons on the Desire, and I have grown to love my capacitive hardware buttons on my Desire S. Didn't enjoy the software buttons on the Galaxy Nexus when I played around with it, just didn't fell right in my opinion. But they may work of other people, and well Android is all about choice and you get it, I expect more OEMs will used soft-keys but I hope hardware keys stay around too so my niche is catered for :)

So I'm with @root_me and also with @Stik

I like the visual keys for multipule reasons like the way they can acually adapt based on screen orientation so they are always on my right where they should be. Plus they can disappear when you're not using them so there is more screen depending on the applications programing and if it's ice cream sandwich optimized. Now as far as app crashing my experience with my htc evo is that when app crashes truly crashes the home button doesn't work anyway so your pretty much sittin there either waiting for phone to reset or pulling the battery. And since got my nexus a week ago ive never had my phone freeze yet. To each his own I guess... :-)

On screen keys actually drive me mad on the Nexus. I still prefer the old ways. I think you'd be a fool to judge a book by its cover though. Unless we get our hands on one and the hardware is nasty theres no reason to put it down because of its "brand" 

This looks like a killer device, i hope it is, because i might buy one ;-)

Is it just me or does this look somewhat like a Samsung Galaxy SII LTE even right down to the chin on the back side and camera?