HTC today published financial details for the second quarter of 2014, showing signs of stabilization for the struggling smartphone maker in the months following the launch of its latest flagship phone. With unaudited quarterly revenue of NT$65.06 billion ($2.173 billion) and a net profit before tax of NT$2.76 billion ($92.3 million), HTC just barely met its Q2 prediction of between NT$65-70 billion. The figure is down on the NT$70.67 billion HTC brought in during the same period last year, but up from the NT$1.8 billion ($60 million) loss it made in the first quarter. The company also revealed monthly revenue figures for June of NT$21.917, up slightly from the previous month's NT$21.065 billion, but down 0.72 percent year-on-year.

So while HTC isn't making big bucks, it's also not losing money. Q2 saw broad availability of the flagship HTC One M8 in important markets like the U.S., as well as the arrival of key mid-range products like the Desire 816 and HTC One Mini 2 in Europe and Asia.

Other details in the quarterly report included operating profit of NT$2.43 billion and net profit after tax at NT$2.26 billion, or NT$2.74 per share.

Source: HTC Investors, HTC


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HTC returns to profit in second quarter


Same here. I used to have a BlackBerry 9900 and switched to the M7 (my first real smartphone). I was completely blown away! I'm now using the M8 and carry it with me on a level that borderline OCD. the bathroom, while I'm in church, you name it.

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Great news!

Keep making great devices and keep them updated as well as the One series and they'll get out of this financial situation, making big bucks.

Dat touch latency. Otherwise, not really. If I hadn't financially prepared for the M8 and sold my M7 to go towards the purchase, I would have definitely been fine with the M7.

From my Moto X+1 running Android 5.0 in the world's worst dummy case

I only like switched to an M8 from an M7 due to drastic life circumstances otherwise I'd still be M7ing it up. I must say, there's not much difference. It feels smoother in the hands. I wish the power button was on the left side like the M7, but I'm just being picky.

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As long as your not making a loss, you will always be in business. I wonder what was HTC profits when they were no1 in Android.

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$92 million profit for a company like HTC size is not healthy at all. You can say they are not losing money but definitely not a healthy company.

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I'm not sure if you're joking or not, but I will pretend that you are. Their balance sheet is the main indicator regarding the "Health" of a company the size of HTC. Speaking of which, HTC is a very small company compared to other OEMs. They aren't even in the top 500 (Apple, Samsung, Sony, and LG are) so I don't know what your "size" reference is about.

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Who says balance sheet is the health indicator? Its the profit that makes the difference betweet healthy and not so healthy company. And believe me HTC is pretty big enough.

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What!?!?!?! Wow. So let me get this straight. The balance sheet isn't an indicator of a company's financial health. In what alternate dimension is that a true statement?

HTC is big enough eh? I gave an example as to why they aren't, but you said they are without giving any basis. Then you have the gall to say "believe me". Ha! Why should anyone believe a person that is delusional enough to believe that earnings is an overall indicator of a company's financial health... Mind blown.

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And this is why none of us will now listen to a word that jayjay234 has to say. He has no idea how big a company HTC is. Nor does he know if $92 million is good profit for them. And then he makes a dumb comment about their balance sheet which clearly shows he knows nothing about accounting. And to top it off, he uses phrases like, "And believe me, HTC is pretty big enough." I have two problems with that. He wants me to blindly "believe him" for no reason at all. And "pretty big enough" makes him sound like a 2nd grader learning to write.

Of course now he might go do his research to actually try to back up what he said. Too little! Too late!

+1 he usually just negative about anything HTC or LG and pro Samsung so any chance he gets he throws in his .2 cents sad thing is his comments aren't even worth that.

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So I guess by your logic Amazon isn't a healthy company either. Go check out what their profit is and the size of that company and get back to me.

I stand corrected, I guess SD cards did revive them. Once they move to a higher MP camera, ditch the soda can aluminum, and add a removable battery, then they will reach #1.


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I actually think it will help more than hurt. First, the metal has to cost more. Next, they can make money on replacement backs. Finally the metal cheapens the product over time. When it is new and shiny, it is great when it is dropped and scratched, not so much.

Or make the m9 in a premium metal version and a regular m9 with polycarbonate for a bit cheaper and that way the consumers have a choice.

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This is good news. The HTC One M7 and M8 are brilliant. It would be a shame for one of the most innovative Android manufacturers to continue losing ground. However, their numerous missteps over the years is probably what caused a significant downfall-- I am looking at you, Blunderbolt.


I have always been a fan of HTC and while I am not a big fan of some of their decisions, it appears that they are getting there.

Any profit is good after losing money the last few quarters. This will keep competition going and each OEM pushing the others.

Next up Moto

We are in agreement on the fact that some of their decisions can make your blood boil. In my opinion, I think Samsung's dominance has influenced them to dig deep and bring out highly competitive products.

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Get rid of that camera and the M8 would be about as perfect as you can get. I havent been with the E8 yet but I look forward to seeing it in the coming months.

Does every freaking thread about the M8 have to have someone denounce the camera. We get it already that you don't like the camera, but there are a bunch of us who are quite happy with it and this 2nd quarter progress report proves that! And, there is no way any company will ever make a perfect phone... If HTC boosts the camera MP, then it will be something else... These phones M7 and M8 are the best you can get, considering all aesthetics of a mobile phone!
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On the flip side, if the rear camera is the main complaint (over all other aspects of the M8) then it appears to me that the M8 is one solid device that is about 99% perfect in my opinion.

If anything, people's displeasure for the camera means that HTC has something to improve on, which hopefully gets the approval of potential customers and reviewers.

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It is the one thing that stops it from being great, so yeah it does

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Definitely good news, need to have these guys push Samsung. It'll make everyone better. Sammy blowing out to the huge lead they have has pushed these other companies. And Google themselves. Great for us.

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So revenue are still declining? It's good for them that they finally returned to profitability but declining revenues are still not a good thing.

If the cost of operating their business can decrease at the same rate (or faster) than their revenue, then I think it can reduce some of the profit loss until they can reverse the revenue trends in the long run.

Hopefully they can pull it off.
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That may be true, but with a profit they can start developing new products (watch, tablet) that can help them in the long run with revenue.

Everyone knows HTC already has a watch, tablet, and other new products in development.

Oh yeah show me a concrete link. CONCRETE

Oh you wont. You are all hot air

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It isn't about the website dumbo, it is about the announcement. Neither one of your claims have been announced so neither are confirmed.

Come back when you know what your talking about. Oh wait, that means you wont be back.

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My M7 has been a great phone. Only thing is that I don't think htc made much money on it between a launch day return for bad pixels and an exchange because of a bad camera unit. Making three phones for each one sold is just awful for profit.
The other thing is that this phone is awesome and getting lots of updates. I'm eligible for an upgrade in December and we are supposed to get "L" around then. While my next phone will be an htc unless something crazy happens, I'm not rushing out to get the next big thing while I'm happy.
I hope this report means that the M8 is not having so many quality problems. Anyone that uses these phones will like them. HTC is doing a great job.

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Read about this sometimes ago on Bloomberg.
I don't think this is a great news. HTC is in the further decline. They made even less money than the same period last year (via the M7).
They are hoping to turn the trend and go into increase in profit with the M8, but that doesn't really happen..

Their device is great, but market vise HTC is doing worse and worse and the trend is getting worse as well. This will only sank down their stock price further :\

Cool, still don't like their phones at the moment but that can change as long as they stay in the game. Viva la Evo!

Great news. A return to profit means their management and product line are finally heading in the right direction. I owned (and really liked) the Droid Incredible and incredible 2 but started to feel that they were falling behind the curve. Hopefully, we're seeing the beginning a good trend.

Good news. I dont expect HTC to be that profitable because its devices are expensive to make high quality devices that sell for the same or less than cheaper plastic (samsung) or out of date technologically (iPhone) devices.

They need to release the E8 soon worldwide. That's a really good handset for the price. Good job Htc

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My m7 is great and I am happy for HTC. Maybe they are on the rebound in a very competitive market.

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It's good to see HTC doing well. They don't advertise much and I think that's a good thing. Hopefully that business model contributes to their success. Keep making quality products htc and I'll keep buying!

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Excellent! Hopefully HTC continues to make a profit, because I'm not sure I'd be as happy with another OEM's flagship.

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