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You may be familiar with the HTC Touch HD, it's that massively beautiful device that is spurning North America for reasons we simply don't understand. Even our friends over at WMExperts are in awe of this beautiful device and we can't blame them: 480 x 800 VGA edge-to-edge screen.

So it's not just another day at the office when we come across a video of the HTC Touch HD running Android. If any device can make EVERYONE pay attention to Android, it's definitely got to be the Touch HD. In the video, the HTC Touch HD demoes the Android Market and though it's ridiculously blurry and horribly lit, this might be the most exciting video I've seen in 2009.

[via modmyGphone]

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[...] blurry and horribly lit, this might be the most exciting video I’ve seen in 2009.” via androidcentral.com Share and [...]

Ralphb says:

good stuff, giving us a taste of what the G2 "might be"

[...] [AndroidCentral via ModMyGPhone] [...]

Ulrich says:

The Touch HD is great and definitly the best Android hardware available. However, the system looks extremely slow and the resolution seems to be downscaled. I am looking forward to more updates for the Touch HD.

[...] [AndroidCentral via ModMyGPhone] [...]

Just the form factor I wanted. Can't wait to buy it.

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