Best Buy sales ad with HTC Thunderbolt

All signs point to a Feb 14 release date for the HTC Thunderbolt, and according to next week's Best Buy advertisement, you will soon be able to pre-order the first LTE phone on Verizon at your local Best Buy.  The ad mentions the pre-order with a $50 deposit, and has all the right buzz around LTE speeds, but offers no concrete release date or any hidden specs or features.

Verizon has already hinted that we will see the Thunderbolt sooner than expected, and this is more proof that the Thunderbolt will soon be on the shelves and ready for sale.  If you're still on the fence about snagging the T-Bolt, hit the forums and see what others are saying to help your decision.  Thanks taesungx1!


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HTC Thunderbolt in Best Buy circular, pre-orders coming soon


Not only that, but it seems to be bad business to be forced to buy a product from another source other than Verizon itself.

I know this is all undocumented, but if it is being considered or planned, the more folks that comment here on their unhappiness about having to deal with BB or having to wait for Verizon itself to get
around to selling their own devices, it may make a difference.

According to the rep I just spoke to one the phone with Verizon, they have no word yet on when existing Verizonwireless customers can order/pre-order the TB. I mentioned the above ad from Bestbuy and she stated that as of right now, BB is the only approved 3rd-party vendor to offer it on pre-order. So apparently, you WILL have to go through BB if you want to get your lil digits on a TB 1st. Everyone else (including VW customers) will have to wait longer to get one. Personally, I think that bites. Why do future VW i-phone users get to have dibs on pre-orders for their phone and TB seekers get chop liver. Shame on you VW for giving preferred treatment to i-morons.

I cannot believe it, we are in the second month of 2011 and nothing from HTC, every device they have announced is just another variant of the Desire line...
Desire Z = Evo Shift 4g
Desire HD = Thunderbolt
Desire HD = Inspire

Really, they all have the same chipset and the same EVERYTHING, it is getting to the point where these tings are literally black slabs, it doesn't matter anymore, want a Windows 7 EVO? HD7, Want an Evo on AT&T? How about one on Verizon?

How is the Desire HD = ThunderBolt????? Completely different bodies, ThunderBolt has next gen processor, FFC, better body to allow for Extended battery and its not on AT&T. Its not the same unless it is the exact same product, which it isn't.

I think it'll be open for pre-order on feb 14, & on sale feb 24 like some are reporting. But, if be happier with the earliest date possible

Bring it on! Just sold my Evo and joined Verizon. Have a Droid Incredible, waiting to exchange it for the ThunderBolt. Lte is being tested here in Little Rock, around the Verizon Campus. Launching within a few months.Lovin the Dinc though!

Next year? I can not imagine waiting that long. But, the Incredible is a very nice phone. So, it won't be so bad. HTC & Android for life!

I have a evo and want this phone was thinking about doing what u just did how long does verizon give you to exchange @tim6253

Seriously Verizon,we need to know the specifics for the Bolt's LTE plans. iPhone buyers know all about their data plans and we deserve the same treatment.

4G will still be 29.99 untill it gets to be as big as 3G then it should go to about 40 per month

This has nicer specs and have you used wimax? UGH! Its supposed to be a 4G phone not a scanning phone :p And in some areas, Verizon may be more reliable for some people for voice+3G. And others just like getting updated versions of their device no matter who has it.

Nicer specs? You mean the internal 8mb of memory and 32mb SD Card. Yes. Those are nicer. The rest is basic EVO. Not enough for me to dump my carry and my EVO to go to Verizon and hang out with all the new iPhone crowd. If it had dual core, maybe, but it doesn't. And yea, I'm using WiMax right now in Atlanta and getting a strong signal with GREAT speed. Maybe Verizon is faster. Maybe not. I'm happy with my EVO.

I'm happy with my EVO too most defiantly, what I'm not happy about is I purchased a 4G phone looking to get 4G and I really don't. Not necessarily the speed is an issue but losing the signal is. And if you are INSIDE and getting a great signal you must be very close to a tower. Had I known Sprint 4G sucks this bad I probably would have never bought the EVO (because that was the whole reason I bought it, sheer excitement of the first 4G phone) and stayed with my pre. Not that i'm not happy now I got it because it made me like android :)

Please do not buy from Best Buy. They are a horrible store. I had a few bad customer service incidents and will never shop there again. Wait to buy from official Verizon store.

Oh please, save your grumbling for BestBuys FB page!

Granted, the BB mobile people aren't experts in Verizon sales, but BestBuy does have perks like reward points, different insurance, etc. Plus, you can still bring your phone directly to Verizon for support. BB mobile also follows Verizons rules, so I dont see why you feel the need to spam us with your grievances.

That's a huge debate all over the Internet. I see your point that Verizon doesn't want to release two popular phones at the same time, but really... iPhone and Android really appeal to different groups. I'd say that 75% of initial iPhone sales are going to be users who've been waiting for the iPhone on Verizon. The other 25% will be walk-ins who dont know anything about android or iphone and will get an iphone only because it's been marketed to death.

The TB will grab alot of peoples attention because it has a large screen and because of its HTC branding. HTC has a good marketing name already.

I doubt a same day/week release would effect sales... but a same release date may overwhelm sales and support employees!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd because it has "More Gs" than the iPhone. Although most lay people think that the iPhone 4 is a 4G phone. sheesh.

I have a roomate who swore his i-phone 4 was 4G. I had to break it to them not once, but a few times and had to show/teach them on what the specs were and finally, the look of shear disappointment swelled over their face. For all their fancy shmanciness of apple users, they sure are not the smartest people.

If Best Buy gets the Thunderbolt on February 14th, then when will Verizon get it? Maybe I don't understand how phones are released but I thought Verizon customers would get to order it online first? Would someone please clear this up for me? I would really like the Thunderbolt before I leave for Mexico on the 21st of February.

This would be such a good birthday gift to myself, DOB 2-13!

I can conform that the Best Buy will be getting the Thunderbolt exclusively on February 14th and will begin taking pre-orders this Sunday

Well it was true I pre-ordered the phone on 2/6/1.I was told will be geting it on 2/14/11. WE will see.