As more and more big names get into the wearables space, it seems that no one wants to be left behind. We just recently heard more rumors of Microsoft getting into the smartwatch game joining the likes of Motorola, LG and Samsung. Now it looks like HTC may be developing their own smartwatch as well, dubbed One Wear.

According to rumors, HTC's One Wear is a round device similar to the Moto 360 and will be offered in polycarbonate and metal varieties. Unfortunately not much else is known at this point about any other specs. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one though.

Would you want a smartwatch from HTC? Let us know in the comments!

Source: TKTechNews; Via: CNET


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HTC rumored to be working on One Wear smartwatch


Great, I'm glad you were able to try out their watch and make an educated decision on it failing.

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You know nothing about that watch, and also know nothing about speaking intelligently. Very unwise to make a comment like that.

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I was wondering when they were gonna announce that.. I wish they made tablets to i love htc

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Well, considering HTC was mentioned as one of the Android Wear launch partners when Android Wear was revealed, I'm not sure we should be particularly surprised that they're making what Google already said they were.

I'm pretty excited to see how HTC has solved whatever issues they had with wearable tech and what the HTC design team does with the watch. I think the watches now are pretty average looking, so I'm hoping for a more sleek and premium design. I guess we'll see, but color me interested already!

You are using the word bulky wrong. You might want to Google the definition of that world next time.

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Now I'm interested in smart watches. My last three phones have been HTC, with the One M8 being the latest. I'll be keeping an optimistic eye on this.

.....sooo just how smart are you??? Just kidding ;-)

I do agree with your comment though. When HTC first announced their plans for this, I thought that it wouldn't be a good decision to invest R&D dollars into a product that probably wouldn't sell in a high enough volume to recoup costs. I'm not sure if this segment would be lucrative enough for anyone besides Apple (taking sales and returns into account).

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I agree that at first they may not make money on it at first, but you never know. They might catch lightning in a bottle and make a huge hit. I do not think that HTC can just give up on any market space at this point. I think they need to get back into tablets as well. They should be beating down Google's door to do a Nexus tablet...

HTC make the best looking equipment which is all we really need for a wearable like this android wear will do the rest, only concerning thing for me is if HTC can keep the design as thin as possible.

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HTC does software and hardware better than most Imo but the moto 360 had my heart from day one!
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I'm a big fan of HTC and currently on my 3rd HTC smartphone (M7). As soon as I saw the Moto360, it was the first time that a smartwatch actually made sense AND retained the sense of a stylish timepiece that doesn't necessarily scream "nerd alert" from my wrist. I plan on buying one on launch day but I am very interested in any HTC smartwatch that may launch later in the year. I can't imagine that they'll be launching before Q4 (if that), otherwise they've been able to keep a big secret from @evleaks and others for like the first time ever.

I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for it. I love my M8, and would love to possibly see a way to connect it to Blinkfeed?

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Rumoured? Didn't HTC say they were a few months ago say they were working on a smartwatch to be released this year? And they were announced as partners of Android Wear. So why is this rumours? I think we can put to bed that they are working on a smartwatch. And that said smartwatch will be beautifully designed with great build quality.

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I have always admired HTC built devices. IMO they are way better in design and build quality.
My very first device was a HTC WIldfire and for its time, it was the king in the budget phone category.

However since then I moved onto the Nexus line purely for the software customization and was hoping that HTC made a Nexus device too and not just a GPE device.

If HTC is considering making a round metal body Android Wear watch then it just became a worthy competitor to the Moto 360 in my list. Although I am curious to see the design that Fossil will use for their watch too

I just got the HTC M8 and really like it (a former Samsung user here). As with everything, price and function will be determining factors, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing the watch and hoping it is an affordable companion to the M8.

HTC, do the right thing. It's gotta be priced under $150.00 for the masses to buy it, and for you to be successful with it. Under $100.00 would be best. I'm pretty sure you can still be profitable with it at this price point. Love my HTC One M7!

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I would definitely love to see HTC come out with a smart watch I have the HTC one m8 and I love it and I would love it even more if I had to a watch to wear with it .