Sources claim HTC's Edward Wang is taking over the reins as company CFO from Chailin Chang, who announced a move over to global sales late last year once a replacement was found. Wang has previous experience with banks and holding companies, and has been with HTC since 2006.

There's already been two senior departures within HTC recently, a new marketing guy, and with this additional shuffle, the tumult will take some time to die down.

HTC's financials are currently in rough shape, so Wang's work is clearly cut out. With any luck, a fresh set of eyes will help propel the HTC One (M8) and other upcoming devices to commercial success, but Samsung remains in a well-entrenched leadership position. What do you guys think HTC could do at a leadership level to get back on their feet?

Source: Bloomberg


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HTC reportedly appointing Edward Wang as new CFO


Use their "commercial money" to produce quality commercials and not just pay movie stars to blah blah blah blah. Just for starters....

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Do not stop there. The CEO needs to be replaced IMO. Need a fresh set of eyes in the entire C suite.

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I seem to recall that but he must have either forgotten or set the bar low...HTC fans and shareholders deserve better.

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Last year before the M7 came out he said if HTC didn't start to become more profitable after the M7 release he would step down as CEO Voluntarily, and never did due to pride, ego, and being a control freak.

He would of rather run the company into the ground than release his position. Shareholders should of forced him out, but they probably would have had to pay him millions if they fired him. Amazing how Executives get paid off if they get fired, and bonus', even when the company suffers.

What HTC should do is start watching Samsung commercials. Samsung's latest commercial for the S5 is quite possibly the best commercial I've ever seen for any product. HTC needs to copy that.

Nah Heineken beer closet is the best commercial of all time :) A close second would be Chanel No. 5 (OK, maybe not)

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HTC already makes a superior smartphone to the Galaxy s5, they just need to better relay the message to the public.

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They did a great job this year and last year! Hopefully they'll continue as a company ☺

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