HTC Raider

Unleashing their first LTE smartphone today is Bell. Which device? The HTC Raider or as it is known in the US -- the HTC Holiday / HTC Vivid. Bell customers can pick up the 4.5-inch qHD super LCD device running Android 2.3.4 with an 8MP camera, 1080P video recording and a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor for only $150 on a three-year contract, $550 on a two-year or $575 on a one-year. Not fond of contracts at all? then Bell wants $600 from you for the device which is in stores now. Before you get too excited though, make sure to check Bells LTE coverage.

Source: Bell; Thanks, Hansonator!


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HTC Raider now available from Bell


Wow, they're as bad as AT&T's LTE coverage. How in the world are these companies getting away with marketing LTE phone when they have so few LTE areas? I mean with Canada it's a little different because they really only have about 7-10 major cities, but how is AT&T able to do it?

Funny thing is, it would almost be easier for them to cover the rural areas first in Canada and move out but.. they don't. Rogers, Bell, Telus -- all have messed up roll-out plans in my opinion. According to their plans, I'll have LTE in 2016 lol!

I saw that too I am wondering if that is a mistake. I hope no one is dumb enough to pick it up a two or one year contract.

I don't think it's a mistake. I've been noticing lately that the Canadian telecoms are heavily discouraging 1 and 2 year contracts by doing exactly what you describe.

A Thanks for posting this. When I saw the article about the LG phone I was curious as to why this was ignored/missed.

As per the coverage, that area covers probably 4-5 million+ people, the most densely packed part of Canada so it makes sense to start there. It's where they started their 42Mbit HSPA+ roll out as well. If that is any indication then I suspect I'll have LTE coverage no later than Q1 next year. Bell and Telus share a network so they'll likely roll out much faster than Rogers.

Remember one thing. Canada is larger than the US area wise but significantly smaller population wise. Verizon has more mobile customers than the population of Canada to put it in a little perspective.

One and two year contracts up here are a joke but at least on a three year term you get an upgrade after 2-2 1/2 yrs. Pain in the ass but at least we don't have to pay extra for tethering (yet).