Silver model only for now, $99.99 with 'bring your number' discount

If you're looking to secure yourself an HTC One on Sprint, you can now do just that over on the carrier's website. A Sprint HTC One will usually set you back $199.99 up-front on a two-year plan, but new lines can get it for $99.99 with a $100 'bring your number' discount. An up-front price of $549.99 is listed, though it's not possible to pre-order at this price.

Currently Sprint is only offering the silver model for sale -- the black one is said to be coming soon. (We've seen similar delays of the black model in Europe, where wide availability isn't expected until mid-April.)

Order today and Sprint says it'll endeavor to deliver you shiny new handset by the Apr. 19 launch date.

Rival AT&T opened its pre-orders yesterday, and will also begin shipping Apr. 19.

Source: Sprint

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HTC One now available to pre-order on Sprint


Retail $450 if you have a trade in for HTC's if you have a trade in for HTC's $100 rebate.

Subsidized when switching carrier (or phone number?) , FREE if you have a trade in for HTC's $100 rebate.

So I was wondering how are you guys getting it for 550? I checked htc website to try and do the trade in and get it at 450 but it says the phone retails for sprint at 650?

Ordered right after 1 a.m. ET. already got an email saying there's a processing delay.
Kind of expected that. I think Sprint will come through. Although I wish they kicked in a gift like ATT and Radio Shack.

You are either ignorant or blind. Perhaps both? Seems to be a common affliction among those using the most antiquated OS in the mobile world.

It must be an iPhone knock off, it's square with round edges and it has some metal on it and it makes calls and it has glass and it has radios in it, you're right, those damn thieves.

No, this is in no way, an Iphone knockoff, however, it is definitely a Blackberry Z10 knockoff.... and no, I'm not trolling, I'm Android all the way

These "new customer only" deals irritate the heck out of me, espeically since they dropped their loyalty program, and are yet another reason I'll probably just end up dropping Sprint when my contract is up and go month-to-month on the next Nexus. Considering their data coverage and speed sucks to begin with, I can't think of a reason to commit to another two year contract with them.

Data speed in Baltimore = avg 1.5 mbps on 3G, avg 13-14 mbps on 4G. Not sure what sucks about that. And not sure what loyalty program you are referring to, but I bought my Evo 4G LTE June 2012, and I have an upgrade starting 4/1/13, which is technically less than a year, so sprint seems to be loyal to me.

He's talking about the Premier program that allowed many of us to get upgrades more frequently...I'd love to know how you're getting an upgrade 10 mos. on the same line, b/c I'd love that.

As it stands its 20 mos. for me, and 24 mos. for the rest of the lines in our family plan.

Its nice for you because you are one of only a few that has network vision while the rest of us suckers are waiting and waiting and waiting. Actually I dropped sprint like a bad habit for T-Mobile but my wife still has Sprint.

Sprint 3G coverage is almost as good as Verizon.
Sprint voice coverage is identical to Verizon.
Sprint 3G and voice coverage is better than T-Mobile.
4G LTE speed is just as fast as any other carrier's, so it depends on your location.

Stop generalizing.

I can see Sprint's 3G and Voice coverage being almost as good as Verizon's, but i cannot, however see Sprint's 4G LTE or even 3G data speeds anywhere close to Verizon.

I've been a long time Sprint customer since 2002 and still am, but my data speeds are atrocious in my area. I even have 4G here, and the speeds will average between 2.5mbs to 7mbs. 3G is just awful, no questions about it. Now I could assume that its my location, but from the places I've traveled too, Sprints data has always been slow.

Reports from tech sites such as AC, Engadget, etc. can't all be wrong when they say Sprint data i HORRIBLE. Even JD Power lists Sprint has the slowest data speeds by far of the 4 major carriers.

Just calling it as I see it being a Sprint Customer...for how much longer I don't know.

It is a bit early to tell, but Sprint's LTE just hit this area, and my speed test popped 30.6 megabits a few days ago. Up until recently, this area had horrible 3G speeds for years. Yet I always get great 3G speeds in the city where I grew up, 100 miles away. Great reception in both areas and everywhere between.

Location, location, location.

Interestingly enough, Sprint is allowing me to upgrade to the new HTC One for 199, even though I just bought the Evo 4G LTE, last July. Not sure if it's cause I've been with them for more than 10 years, but perhaps, you should look into it.

It is probably just a mistake on their site. You better call them. I am pretty sure all remaining Premiere upgrades are now exhausted. I have been with them much longer than 10 years and bought the Evo LTE in May, there is no upgrade option until 20 months from May 2012.

Exactly. It really isn't an EVO (no special features, plus lacking a stand, SD card, extra battery, special buttons, etc).

But call it the "Evo One" and move on.

I pre-ordered 4 Sprint HTC One phones at Best Buy yesterday. Best Buy gave me a $50 gift card for each phone to use on the purchase. Combined with the $100 per phone HTC trade-in offer, the phones are costing me only $49.99 each. A hard deal to beat!

It'd be nice to see the option to order on, but...

"We're sorry - We are enhancing this section of our site and it is temporarily unavailable. We'll have the site back to you as soon as possible.

You can also visit a Sprint store to pay your bill, activate a phone or get personalized help."

Major FAIL. At least in the Mid-Atlantic area. Who doesn't have their servers prepped for a new product launch? Uh...Sprint...apparently.

My upgrade isn't up until June 1, so I'll definitely be paying attention to the user reports from the first couple of months to see if it's going to be my next phone.

Sprint can suck a big fat one!!! I'm doing calls for this crappy company and all I get is people complaining about service. I've never heard so many freaking people complain about service from a Wireless Carrier.

On a personal level, I refuse to step into the trap of mobile phone contracts. However, on a professional level I think the $100 'bring your number' discount is an interesting bit of marketing to lure subscribers from other carriers.