The HTC One (M8) earned 13,719 votes in our poll while the Samsung Galaxy S5 only garnered 5,859 votes

We ran a poll last week pitting the Samsung Galaxy S5 against the HTC One (M8) in a purchasing scenario, and the results are pretty definitive. Out of nearly 20,000 votes, 70% picked the HTC One (M8), while the remaining 5,858 votes went to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Debate in the comments was heated. There were plenty of commenters who were interested in neither, preferring the next LG device or the Sony Z2. Fans of the HTC One (M8) said they were digging the construction and lack of bloatware, while the camera was a deal-breaker for Samsung Galaxy S5 fans, who also liked having a removable battery.

Though this poll is hardly perfect forecast for how the HTC One (M8) will actually sell, especially since there's still a lot of interest surrounding the announcement of the device announcement of the phone — not to mention you can actually get one now, and we still have a week to wait for the Galaxy S5 — it's interesting to see where are our readers are headed. It's a close call between these two devices for sure, and doesn't take into account available alternatives.

Thanks to everyone who voted! Let us know what you think of the results below, or feel free to make the argument for your favorite device between the two.


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HTC One (M8) preferred over Samsung Galaxy S5 by Android Central readers


In real life, its quite the opposite. HTC needs to get their marketing right?

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That's one thing that has always baffled me. The 'old' One had great reviews, if you asked around a lot of people would tell you it was THE phone to get, it won 'best of the year' awards... but when it came to sales, it was obviously NOT a hit. Let's see how it is with the new 'One'. As far as the name goes, however, I think they need to start coming up with something else. You can only have so many 'Ones' before people start getting confused.

HTC past quality and care have impeded sales of future devices. Like a good pub, takes weeks to ruin a reputation and years to build it back up. Plus the old marketing budget argument.

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This is spot on! HTC has made some crappy phones (Thunderbolt?)....and when upgrading on a 2-year cycle (well, at least most used to), people get are very careful not to make the same mistake twice.

I couldn't agree more. HTC phones sound great when they are announced but owning one may leave a feeling of regret six months down the line. I bought the Sensation after a year of anticipation; it ended up having a problem with syncing that drained an extended battery in about five hours. I bought the One X thinking that things would be better; the Wi-fi often fails to reconnect after the phone has been asleep. I bought the Google Play Edition One M7 thinking that Sense was the major problem; I returned that phone because other things bothered me about it.

I would think I would have learned by now after not having one good HTC phone in the past. The One M8 looks good, but I'm trying to resist buying it because of all the bad experiences in the past.

There's nothing baffling. The real issue that HTC is having is the exposure. Samsung spends half a billion dollars on marketing, HTC doesn't have the marketing dollars to even compete.

The educated consumers know better, the masses only know what their friends and family tell them. If they haven't owned an HTC One, they don't have the experience to recommend it to others.

Lol. I'm not even sure what argument was. It reminded me of the "no I'm not, yes I am" arguments.

Nothing personal, but you can't prefer something over something else if you don't know anything about it.

You can't choose an HTC One M7 (M8) over a Galaxy S4 (S5) if you aren't part of the group that does their homework. It's the same reason so many people have been invested in their iPhones, they're comfortable with what they have, and they're afraid change could be a bad thing. They think, if it's not broken, don't fix it.

Go ask people in the streets (without being creepy of course) if they know the smartphone brand HTC. Come back and tell us how many actually knew the brand.

Oh they'll know about it, then they'll go on and tell u about how their Thunderbolt or EVO 3D always died in 2 hours and they will never get another HTC again and how they are happy with their Galaxy SX or iPhone. I loved HTC but you can't argue these points. They are walking on an uphill road.

I'm not arguing, just commenting from what I've witnessed with non-smartphone-geek people.
I must live in another universe... which is kinda cool in fact :p

Not to mention Verizon didn't even carry the HTC One until the phone was just passing it's prime. Having all major carriers sell the phone at release time will help the m8 for sure.

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Eff that HTC needs to help HTC they don't pay me!... I'm picking a phone cause I like it... Now I love my M7 but I personally feel like the GS5 "may" be a better buy for what Ur getting.. I'm not gonna buy a phone just to help a company... Chow or however u spell his name has plenty of money .... Let's hope the M9 has the camera we all want

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I've used them both. The Galaxy S5 is definitely the better phone and the reviews will bear that out.

I 100% agree... Doesn't 100% solidify me buying the S5.. That's at about 90% cause I really love sense... But yes I agree
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Haha. Yeah I was a little bummed about the rear camera, but honestly I have my DSLR for real photography. What did get me a bit too excited though was the front facing, wide angle, 5mp camera.

It sounds stupid, but I never get to be in photos with my wife or friends, but with the front facing 5mp camera, the wide angle on the camera allows me to take pictures that include myself and everyone with me, without it looking like I'm taking the picture. I really wish everyone would start using wide angle lenses on the front, so that we never have to see another "selfie" again with arms extended as far as possible to get as much of us in the frame.

Such a simple thing, but somehow for me that is what make my current favorite phone, the m7, (tied with the Moto X) just a bit better in the ways I wanted it to be. My only meh, was the rear camera, but I was ok with it then (on the m7) and I'll be alright with it now. I don't print my photos or crop any cellphone camera photos anyway.

There's still no cell camera even close to any of my DSLRs, so I have no need to try and have it be.

The purchase of the HTC one is all about the aesthetics of the phone and the smoothness of sense! If you want a camera where you will be blowing up pics and constantly comparing them to other phones to ensure you have the best camera phone then the SGS5 is for you! I love the pics on my ONE and am looking forward to getting the newer version! The unlimited bashing that the ONE is taking in the forums is awesome actually! Old school rules state "if they hating on you, then you must be doing something right! "

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At that point, you should get the Sony Xperia Z2, better camera, better water resistance, cleaner UI. The Galaxy does have the better screen according to Display Mate though, the best they've ever seen or something like that. Oh, and the Z2 has a gig more RAM at 3gb.

Sony z2 will have just as bad a camera as the z and z1, which are both awful. The z2 would have the best screen though as ggalaxy phones have awful screens

To your last sentence: it's a phone, bro. It's not that serious, lol.

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"The educated consumers know better", You must be kidding. How (besides mere looks) is the M8 better than the Galaxy S5?
The truly educated masses know the opposite of what you state to be the truth
The Samsung Galaxy S5 has
1) Better battery that is also removable after a few months or a year or so when your battery begins to deteriorate, you can very easily swap it out on the S5, not so with the M8
2) The faster version of the Snapdragon 801 processor
3) Much better camera (HTCs 4 Ultra pixel camera can't hold a candle even to the camera on the S4). Also the S5 has the fastest camera that focuses in 0.3 secs
4) S5 is water resistant

I think the HTC One is also a great phone, but it's certainly not as good as the S5.

There are some people who actually think the S5 is more beautiful (l don't share that particular sentiment)

If it were about specs I would agreed with you Maggnus, but fact is that TouchWiz has never been good. It's and up prior to the S5 (haven't used it yet) every move they make in the right direction (usability) is also a step in the wrong direction (bloated, unused features). Even Samsung by default has over 50% of their own "features" turned off. Sense, while I hated early Sense, 5.0 and beyond has proven to be very fast, and full of useful features.

That's why most tech writers have given it the nod, not on specs, but on premium build and better UI.

The Galaxy S4 GPe was leagues ahead of the TW version.

"... TouchWiz has never been good..."

That's your opinion and millions of people would love to disagree with you.

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Lol yea. I personally neither like or dislike touchwiz (its okay) so I just got nova prime. Done.

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I used the SGSIII and currently use the Note 3 and I can tell you that TouchWiz is excellent! It's not the most beautiful but I feel it's the most functional.
Most of the hate towards TouchWiz is misguided, and simply comes from people who have no clue what they're talking about

I agree. I upgraded from a Galaxy S3 to a HTC One M7 and couldn't stand Sense compared to TouchWiz. Lot's of useful features were missing, and the camera in daylight was better on the S3. After 5 months I sold it and got a Nexus 5, and was disappointed with the call quality. 3 Month later I have ordered a Galaxy S5 which I pick up in a couple of days. Let's hope I'm happy with the S5 as these phones are costing me a fortune :-)

What features do you miss from the S3 that weren't available elsewhere? I'd love to get your opinion. Thanks!

According to HTC, the M7 was the best-selling phone they ever made. This is, of course not the same as selling as many as Sammy did of the S4, and also was not enough to translate into "carrying" HTC financially, but it was far from a flop.

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Unless they do something with their services and open some goddamn fuckin' service centers worldwide, Htc will suffer with low sales....

When you really run shit, you don't have to talk about it....

IRL yea the s5 wins but the readers of this site are more educated and see right thru the gimmicks and flashy commercials.

True, but people are allowed to prefer one over the other without being labeled.

Lately, if someone prefers a Samsung device, they're automatically labeled as a sheep. But, if they prefer an HTC device, they're labeled as techie and in-the-know. Lol, the logic of some people.

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I've looked into both devices, watched the videos, read the comments, played with previous versions of both, and I look forward to testing the new versions. We'll see for sure when I spend my money in a few months when my upgrade eligibility comes around again but as it stands now my preference between the two is the Samsung. Granted, part of that influence is that I've been perfectly happy with my Galaxy S3 for the last couple years. Naysayers are welcome to label me as a sheep :P

Ur not a sheep man... I've had plenty of both HTC and Samsung.. they make good phones ... People on these forums go against the grain cause in phone geek world that's being cool.... I admit I'd like to cop a M8 because I too hate having the popular phone (that's the phone geek in me) but coming from the M7 it makes no sense to me ... So this go around Samsung wins for me ... Last time HTC did... It is what it... HTC could have killed this argument hands down IMO ... But their short cut on the camera cost em my money... I can fix touchwiz but not the camera

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Unfortuntely this is true, and the issue is that Samsung labeled their own users this way when they called Apple users sheep, and then followed in all their footsteps. Most people don't bother learning anything about what they're buying, they just purchase what their friends and family recommend, blindly.

I think it also has to do with the fact that Samsung said the iPhone was the phone for your parents, and that's why it was no longer cool. Then your parents decided to buy Samsung phones, because it's got a bigger screen and they can read better. It's understandable, but not true for everyone.

I don't find anything gimmicky about better battery life, a better display, a better camera, and water/dust resistance.

Believe or not HTC isn't really trying to beat Samsung at all. "HTC’s marketing boss Erin McGee thinks the company’s marketing strategy of pointing to reviews and consumer comments to help spread the word will be impactful.Reviews and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive thus far, after all, and McGee says HTC is “ready to capitalize on that in the market.” The beauty for HTC and for our customers is we’re not trying to be Toyota or GM and build these things for super mass production, Mackenzie told me. Instead, HTC wants to be more like Porsche or Audi, building high-quality products for discerning consumers.Our objective is not to sell the most phones, but to build the best phones and build a strong, loyal base,” Mackenzie (President of HTC) said.

We ran a poll last week - when the HTC One (M8) was all there was to talk about in the Android community - asking phone junkies which they'd want more: the one that's currently available for everyone to buy (some carriers even offering a BOGO deal), or the one that's still a mystery of when it'll be available.

I wonder what the outcome will be. LOL!

I don't think it was THAT one-sided...for all their bickering, AC readers know their phones pretty well, and although not yet available the SGS5 was already introduced, and was well-covered technically. Be interesting to see the same poll in two weeks...

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Win!!! But unfortunately the people who don't read tech sites are just going to buy the S5 because of Samsung being a well known name and probably carrier reps pushing more Samsung.

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...or, maybe there are too many hipsters around tech sites these days? I'm pretty tech savvy, and I would get the Samsung. The only thing the HTC has in its favour is the bling-bling factor. Everything else the Samsung beats it on. Maybe, just maybe, "normal people" just has more common sense than the typical gadget blog reader... :)

The word you are looking for is "just HAVE" not "just has". I hope normal people have more grammatical sense than that, otherwise I'm going to be doing the Grammar Nazi thing for a long time

So you'll grammar Nazi poor Hans on "have" vs "has" but not the incorrect sentence structure, misuse of commas, or incorrect use of quotation marks for emphasis. More than that you include grammar mistakes in your own corrective post. Maybe you shouldn't be a grammar Nazi. No one likes grammar Nazis and you're not very good at it anyways.

So long as the post is legible enough to be understood then the simple/stupid mistakes should be forgiven and ignored. We all make them. These are comments after all, not the original published content (which should be edited and correct grammatically).

What you said. The HTC One is more about the 'bling' factor than anything else. I haven't touched an S5 yet, so can't make any judgments on it. But based on my Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, it doesn't get much smoother than that tablet, so I don't expect there'll be any lag this time around.

Grab few htc sensation,thunderbolt,one-x,etc etc customers and ask them about their device durability and longevity....
Go outside US into Asian markets and ask them how good htc's after market sale is...
Clearly buddy, just a company's name isn't the factor.

When you really run shit, you don't have to talk about it....

To be fair, you didn't give the option of NONE :P I'm not impressed with neither, and will wait to see 'what's next' :)

Exactly. If LG wants to grow then it must stop copying Samsung....

When you really run shit, you don't have to talk about it....

ugh oh.. here comes the "but the HTC camera sucks" argument/comments. lol.

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the camera does suck and Samsung is plastic with touchwiz..wamp wamp ...
Here is my personal issues.. I own a M7, I love it!!! I have been trying to convince myself to buy an M8 however I can't see using my money to tell HTC I'm ok with the phone when I'm not.. I feel it's a great phone but the camera is a huge let down for me. Such is touchwiz on the s5 but hey nova launcher can be set up such to clone sense... And HTC made it bigger than they had to... Call it bezel or whatever.. I loved the M7 for it pushing the limits of 1 hand usage after owning a note 2 I don't want a huge phone..
I may still get the m8 with all of that said....I do love the overall user experience... But Samsung seems to offering more ... Idk every day I change my reasoning for buy one or the other....
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It seems to me like if you own a M7 then the M8 isn't meant for you. The same goes for Samsung S4 owners. Sure some will iterate their device versions annually but most of us are on a two year or greater lifecycle. If you have an HTC (or whatever) from 2012 or earlier then these may be the devices for you. If you're happy with the M7 keep using it. Wait for the M9 or something else that suits your fancy. Unless you really want something now - then by all means go get it.

I have verizon edge .. at $300 paid off I plan to keep trading my phone in once half the balance is paid... If I don't then I should have paid $200 for a 2yr trading up in my eyes is a must.. That's why I went edge..
HTC just let me down because I really was looking forward to the M7 with expandable memory and a better camera ... The size increase can be overlooked... But not the camera..So looks as if I'll be jumping from HTC's flagship to Samsungs .. back to the M9 when that drops ...I'll run nova on the S5 and call it a day ... In the meantime I'll avoid holding an M8
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I own the M7 and I'm very, very tempted, for the first time ever, to buy the M8 off- contract. About the only thing I miss about my DNA is the 5" screen and the menu button; so those, plus the SD card, plus the headphone jack on the bottom, plus the sexier build, plus the bigger battery and longer battery life, plus the better processor (more important for improved battery life than speed, my M7 has zero lag), plus a better camera (still not the best, but reportedly better), plus Motion Launch gestures, ALL combine to make me really, really want to get this phone. If I can get a decent price out of my 6-month old M7, I'll likely pull the trigger on the M8.

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It's cool u found value in the jump from M7 to M8 ... For me personally, I just haven't outside of "just to have an M8"
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Good point on the Edge plan - I'd forgotten about that. It seems most US carriers are offering something similar. Lease programs for phones...

How about waiting until I can actually get my hands on both to compare? Everything else is just based on what we read here, which using this article as an example, is a little biased.

Call Ur local best buy and ask does the Samsung booth have a S5 on display...

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Not really. That's only based off w/o actually till the poll. Either way Samsung Wii sell more, because the gs5 is a better phone.

I take function over beauty.

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I just got done with a hands on of both phones and I completely agree with you. The M8 is basically a skinned version of stock Android. The average user wants more. The camera and the screen are both visibly better on the S5. Not only is the white point better but the screen is brighter as well. The screen on the M8 is too small for as large as the phone is and I found myself having to constantly tap the screen to get the buttons to reappear within certain apps, on some apps like chrome they never went away. Samsung has also added a nice hovering multitasking feature which is extremely useful. The GS5 is the best Galaxy S phone by a wide margin and as son as the phone is released and the in depth reviews start coming in people will see that. By the way I found the S4 to be one of the worst phones of the year last year. That software was a mess. That is no longer an issue with the S5.

Agreed with pretty much everything... Now I am interested in trying to change the screen settings on the GS5 .. because a report AC posted said it has the most accurate colors ever! That's in the cinema mode which I didn't try when I tested the S5
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How can you compare two phones when one isn't even out yet and consumers don't even have their hands on it?

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I don't think this is actually all that shocking because of one huge difference between the two devices: HTC is using on-screen buttons instead of something like Samsung's atrociously stupid home button setup. Yes, HTC's two-button setup on last year's version was bad, but that was last year. It's gone. Hopefully forever.

+1 I actually much prefer physical buttons or at least capacitive ones (like the menu and back buttons on Sammy's phones) that are OUTSIDE of the screen. To me having on-screen buttons is just a waste of screen real estate.

The capacitive buttons (and physical home) is one of the things that influenced my decision for the Galaxy S3 when I retired my HTC Incredible. I like them.

Which brings me to my only knock on the M8.... When they got rid of the two buttons, they should have given us that real estate for screen space instead of leaving that damned logo bar sitting there. Still, I'm gonna get it, because despite it all, I love the build quality of HTC phones, and if the M8 is anything like the M7, Samsung can forget getting my money. Aside from the obviously great features, that damn build quality always sells it for me. Doesn't hurt that they added a slot for my homeless 64GB microSD card, either...

That space is for the speakers. Also using on screen buttons doesn't make the HTC bad nor does having the physical buttons make Samsung bad or good. It's preference all preference. Maybe to you one is good and bad but in an overall judgement neither is good or bad.

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What a worthless poll !! How can anyone know which phone we might chose until the full review is out on AC for BOTH phones?? After a week long gush-fest for the M8 and no in depth review available yet for the GS5, it seems like there could be no fair way to see what both phones offer and form a rational opinion.

Surprising results. The camera on the HTC One (m7 or 8) is just not that great in real life. In theory, it should be, but in practice, not so much, or so I am told. If you'd like to zoom and crop a photo, guess what? No pixels are there to do that, sorry.

The poll was rigged. In the real world it would not be this way. This would be the same as saying people prefer hot dogs over a steak.

"It's a close call between these two devices for sure..."

In terms of sales, it won't be a close call at all. The S5 will smack the M8 like a red headed stepchild.

.....But but it's the votes at the cash register and online transactions that count y0!!! The consumers speak louder than the tech community y0...big thyme

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I can understand this result. I just moved from a Galaxy S3 to the HTC One M8 and I'm very impressed. This feels like a solid phone. And the look of it is stunning. I don't regret leaving Samsung. I can actually see the screen when I'm out in bright sunlight! I'm not looking back. The Sense 6 interface is relatively clean and uncluttered compared to my S3 and I can get more than day of battery life out of it with normal usage...and that's without JuiceDefender. Bravo, HTC!

Coming from an S3 I don't blame u ... But as an M7 owner I feel about how u felt when the S4 came out.. if I'm going to upgrade I need to feel like I'm getting fixed what had issues with on the current model..
I too said I'm not going back to Samsung and I'll be damn if HTC didn't do exactly what was needed to make me consider it ... Keep the same B.S camera and make the phone too big... Haven't had it in day to day use but ..Kinda scared to buy it and just settle when I know exactly what I'd like to see fixed

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Disclaimer: I purchased an M8; never considered the Samsung Galaxy S5. That having been said, how is this even remotely credible when the M8 is out and available and nobody has an S5 in their hands? I just don't see how this makes any point whatsoever. Ask the question in 30 days when both are on the street. At that point, it won't matter because the sales figures will tell the story (and whether one product is "better" than another is only sometimes related to the relative quality of the products.)

No surprise, the Internet has always prefered HTC phones. Mass market different story.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

the only poll that matters is the one where buyers vote with their checkbooks...

clicking two buttons on a lame AndroidCentral online poll is meaningless.

Both the One M8 and S5 suck... One M8 has a sucky camera when I tested it. The S5 is only a small upgrade from the S4 and looke quite ugly.

In that case an unmentionable Apple device (outside this poll) will be laughing at everyone this year. More people will buy it..again. sales #s be damned

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Yep, especially considering that both HTC and Samsung were both conservative with their refreshes, while Apple is supposedly testing the waters with new screen sizes. I see the iPhone having a field day this year.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "Blessed" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Asus ROG"

The iPhone is gonna probably kick some ass this year... I've never owned one if I was gonna try one it would be this year ... Where HTC left out a good camera and Samsung didn't provide a premium body phone... iPhone getting up to 4.7 accompanied by their build quality and camera is gonna be huge ... Hate em or love em ..outside of being able to deal with iOS ... They can't miss by going 4.7 ... And who know what else they add...where Android closed the gap on software.. Apple is probably about to open it back up on hardware.. being the first phone in a while that has everything covered.. build , screen size and clarity, camera, and speed... Can u get over iOS is the tough pill to swallow
But leave Android..... Um plastic ain't so bad!
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I would disagree on GS5. Except in design terms, it brings much more change compared to GS4
- screen is much better (brighter, more efficient, color accuracy...)
- camera is sharper, faster and more accurate
- waterproofing
- fingerprint scanner
- heart rate sensor

Again besides sticking with the same looks (though it is a bit flatter) no other company can do more upgrades in a year.
I am no Samsung fan and won't buy any soon (had too many problems w them) but the facts are the facts. You can't expect them to reinvent the phone every year.

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S5 insides? The biggest difference between the two is the camera, in that case. The S5 processor is clocked a little higher, but that will barely compensate for Samsung's bloaty Touchwiz. So, you basically want an M8 with a better camera. So does everyone who has one. But I'd still take my M8 over the S5 any day. The camera is more than good enough, if you don't zoom or crop.

Why should we not be able to zoom and crop in 2014 ... That's my issue ..HTC should have fixed the damn thing.. I gave them a pass on my m7 (nice try) but again?????? Eff no!!!

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I don't completely disagree. I will be the first to say that I'd rather have a higher megapixel camera. But for most of the shots I take, it looks fine. And most of the time, I share them to other mobile devices anyway. I'm not making excuses. HTC really should have put a better camera in it, but it's not horrible. And the rest of the phone is top-notch, in my opinion. The only other thing I could complain about is the power button on the top, but with the gestures, I never use it anyway.

As much as I like a good camera on my phone, I'd still take this over the S5 any day.

TouchWiz isn't as bad as you make it out to be. I try CM11 on my S III, and end up missing the 4.3 on my GS3. it isn't slow like 4.1.

Posted on my Galaxy S III, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (2013) or Gateway ID49C

I have owned: Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S IV, Note, Note 2, Note 3, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014, Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4.

Touchwiz is every bit as bad as I make it out to be and it's progressively getting worse and more bloated. The 10.1 2014 runs like crap. Note 3 ran the smoothest, but it has power button lag. Sometimes it takes a full couple seconds for the device to turn on or off after you press the button. They need to reinvent Touchwiz and streamline it like HTC did with Sense, dump S Voice. Stop cramming in features that slow it down and concentrate on performance. I like Multi-window, but I also like a device that runs smoothly.

So, please don't tell me it's not that bad. I know better than most how horrible it can be.

I had a gs3 and note 2 ... I prefer TW over stock for the functions ... But the shit is ugly! ... Once u own a M7(I do) or now an M8 and then look at TW is's uuugly as hell!!!!..
Than God for Nova launcher! I'll keepTW functions and put some makeup on that ugly B*!ch with Nova
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Eeeeeexactly!!!!! well minus touchwiz

M8 outside with S5 features...water resistant, 16mp camera, fingerprint scanner.. eff the HR crap ... All running sense 6 ... Now that's a phone!!!
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The M8 actually looks to be pretty water resistant (there are some YouTube videos). I wouldn't do it on purpose, but it's good for peace of mind.

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Not surprising. Throw metal on it and all the tech geeks panties get wet. But sadly that is only a small minority, and the s5 will blow the m8 out of the water in terms of sales.

I bought the m8 and its the best phone out! M8 has things I'll actually use unlike Galaxy s5 with a blood pressure reader which isn't that accurate and works only half the time.

Just curious how you know the heart rate scanner "works only half the time" when the phone is not available for purchase yet?

I'm not 100% positive, but I do believe this poll was made to create all kinds of hate and discontent between fanboys in the comments. Phil (or should we be calling you Edward now?), Jerry, Alex, et al. - you are some instigating sonsabitches but I just make some popcorn and hit refresh constantly so I can see people lose their shit about these phones. Thanks for the entertainment.

Yep, I hate this bickering about loyalty to a brand I don't get it, I have used all oem's and don't plan on sticking with just one each has their advantages but you won't know what your missing unless you give a different one a chance. If I was to pick a phone right now it would be the Sony Z2 cause it has a premium look like the m8 but with a good camera and water resistant like the s5 and a bigger battery then both.

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HTC fans are known to be all over polls and votes. No surprised here. Which one is going to sell more? That's what matters.

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Okay - I'm not picking on you specifically because others have had similar comments but I have to ask: Why does it matter?

Did I miss the part where the M8 is waterproof or do people not care about that? I like that Samsung is adding this to a mainstream phone and they will be rewarded by my purchase. I have wanted a water proof phone for quite some time so this is a huge deal to me.

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Ready for a cool story, bro?

Last year, I tried the nexus 5 as well as the moto x. What I learned was that the vanilla android (And anything close to it) experience compared to bland, inconvenient, steep learning curve and most ppl (techies n nerds n ppl who use phones for 2.5 months) use a custom launcher anyway.
Here's what we, as the ac community, need to drill into our minds:
Everything that you hate about loved by millions. The colors. The app drawer. The "gimmicks"(tons of added features that I'd rather have and not need than need and not have). The entire damn interface of touchwiz is better and easier to use for the everyday person.
That being said, the m8 does NOTHING to battle the s5.
When exhibit A walks into a store, they're going to hear that the S5 can:
get wet/dust resistant
Use multiple/bigger batteries
16 mp cam
Some crazy wifi/mobile network fusion thing for speed
Fitness stuff galore,
Works with the "watch" (because that's all they know it as)
And the list goes on.

I SO wanted the m8 this year. Was sooo ready to get it. pissed at sammy for releasing an "s4s" But I go to play with the m8 and just like with the m7...I got bored within minutes. Not switching camps to feel cold metal in the morning.
in my opinion, and from the sales figures, The a better device. And heaven forbid AC ever admit it.

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Cool story, bro!

(lol, I had to.)

But, yeah, I agree. To be completely honest, I think this is the year for me to try out alternative platforms (i.e. Windows Phone), because of the current stagnation in the Android space.

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If HTC does a Windows Phone....a GOOD Windows Phone, I'd be very tempted to give it a try.

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The 8x was an awesome BTW. Still have one to play around with. It doesn't get much more fluid than that

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I currently have the HTC one m7 and it is a great phone but the new htc one and galaxy s5 is not worth upgrading to I'm gonna wait for the LG G3 and the galaxy s5 prime

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Who really cares? At the end of the day all that matters is that you bought the phone that was right for you. I think both phones have potential , but the s5 was what I felt would work for me. I could care less what the masses or tech sites think is the better phone.

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Not surprised at the poll. It's just a representation of the HTC love and Samsung hate that is so prevalent around here.

You are forgetting something -
In order to hate you have to be in love first. Probably you can see 50% of Sammy's ex lovers in the poll :)

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They need to get over it, lol.

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Android Central can keep cheerleading for HTC all it wants, however, that in itself doesn't come close to making the M8 superior on any level. It's what the consumer likes in a particular phone that makes said phone superior for that individual only and no one else. Haven said that, the M8 is a nice looking phone but HTC has burned me one too many times and will never get another penny from me and this point alone is IMO, the real reason the general public has avoided HTC products....because of the garbage that HTC sold and refused to properly support in past years.

And there you have it, say what you want but Samsung is less desired because of their overwhelming UI additions and touchwiz. Just way too much

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I'll be getting my M8 developer edition tomorrow. As a current owner of a GS4 GPE the GS5 was not impressive enough for me to get.

Run that survey again after the S5 is it a few days. Bet the numbers will be very different.

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People voted here not to determine which phone brings more than it's predecessor nor which one is "better", but what they dig more. For some is the looks and feel and for some user experience (prob had last year w both).
HTC took it by the landslide and it's no surprise at all.
In reality, Samsung does more and has more money to brag about it on TV ads, so can't expect HTC hurting them in sales as much as Apple will - if it brings all new 6 gen with 5 in screen.

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I've been a owner of Samsung devices all the way back to the Droid Charge and after spending a week with my new All New HTC One I may have a hard time going back to a Galaxy S device if Samsung doesn't do some new inventive things, and fast.

Let me start out by saying that I will agree the camera on the M8 doesn't compare to the one on my Galaxy S4, but then again, I never buy phones just because of the quality of the photos it takes. HTC touting the Duo Camera Ultrapixel capability isn't bad even today's overindulgent "Let Me Take A Selfie" society but it isn't great. The camera takes very good photos and its UFocus feature is cool. The camera it wasn't a deal-breaker for me but if you care incessantly about photo megapixels then the M8 is not for you.

As for build quality and user experience, I think the M8 has Samsung beat in both of these areas. The M8 is one high quality device when it comes to build materials, even rivaling that of the iPhone. It's a solid phone. Granted, I loved my S4 and thought aside from its plastic (polycarbonate) housing it was the best phone by Samsung ever. After watching the press event for the S5 I was really disappointed because I thought it was a chance for Samsung to do some revolutionary with the next device that would create a stir in the industry. Instead, they gave us pretty much of what we saw last year, except this time it comes with a fingerprint reader and a heart rate monitor. Yay!

Getting back to the comparisons, the M8 has an awesome 1080p display and Sense 6 gives the device a solid user experience to go along with the solid feeling of the phone. The Sense UI doesn't appear to get in the way of the Android experience the same way I feel TouchWiz does on Galaxy devices. From the looks of things, the new TouchWiz appears to be less cumbersome to navigate through but only time will tell.

I really hope the M8 gets the praise it deserves. Judging from the survey here on AC I think it's a sign of how we all feel.

I have a Macbook Air and I love the premium feeling of it. A laptop made of aluminum is really awesome.
I don't feel the same about the HTC phones. I don't like the cold feel on my hands.

I wanted the HTC one M8.......until they decided to put a crappy camera in it. Camera is a huge deal breaker for me. So.....looks like the Samsung S5 will be the better option. The waterproof and dustproof board is a great feature also.

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Maybe the Samsung SM-G906S is the phone that will peak your interest.

Snapdragon 805 CPU clocked at 2.5GHz with an Adreno 420 GPU, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, 5.2-inch display and a 15.8-megapixel rear camera.

Oh,let's not forget the QHD (2560×1440) screen

I owned the M8 for a total of 5 days, returned it and immediately pre-ordered the S5 after playing with it in a local AT&T store. The M7 and M8 are extremely overrated phones in my opinion that are mostly hyped up by the media and fashionistas. Put the M7 or M8 in a polycarbonate shell and you would have a pedestrian phone that nobody would care about.

Let's not lie, they are popular mostly for their design and materials used. There is no way you can tell me that people would prefer a phone running Sense with a plastic body and that completely mediocre 4 "ultrapixel" camera. No way.

What made me return the M8 was a few things, but at the bottom of it all was my incredible boredom with Sense. It is insanely cold feeling and boring. Almost too professional, I don't need that in a phone. If I did, I would get a Blackberry. It is too feature lean and flat. Very boring.

While I will admit that Samsung went overboard recently with features and bloat, they seemed to have heard the criticism of the S4 and simplified things a bit. The S5 looks a bit cleaner and finally runs cleaner! The S4 was a lagfest, but I couldn't get the S5 to choke in my testing.

And at the end of the day I would rather have too many features like Touchwiz than not enough in Sense. Any day of the week, thank you very much. Good luck HTC, all you have is your scratch and ding prone soft aluminum to try and save you.

The M8 has two speakers, a rounded back and an aluminum chassis that will most likely get covered by a case just so it doesn't rock side to side every time you set it down. Without actually using either device I'd go with the S5.

They are both excellent phones and it's just personal preference, but I have one question why have a camera capable of 4K when the devices screen doesn't even have the ability to play back your videos in 4K . So you just recorded an awesome 4K video then you go to watch it and you can't see it in 4k unless you get another device that has 4k playback. So the camera doesn't make a difference to me . I have the HTC ONE M8 and it's extremely smooth and the build quality is excellent and the front facing boom sound speakers are awesome, I just would like to see some of the features that the galaxy s5 has. I have the galaxy s4 also and it has been a great phone but I'm just really tired of the cheap plastic and in my opinion the features are not worth the price . The people that are on the fence about these 2 phones first you can't go wrong with either but ask your self the same question I did do you want to pay $199 for a cheap plastic wrapped feature packed device with only 16gb of internal memory or do you want a premium metal device with some great features and comes with 32gb of internal memory. The thing that won me was the build quality (tired of plastic phones) and the extra amount of internal memory and as for the HTC ONE camera it's great best one I have used and that's coming from a person that has had a lot of phones ( LG G2,IPhone 5S,Samsung Galaxy S4 my most recent ones).

Yes indeed! Makes all the sense in the world, NOT! How can ANYONE vote on something they've note even seen, let alone tried/used and come up with a "winner" What a bunch of losers!

Let's get the facts straight :
Galaxy S5 destroys HTC M8.
Wireless charging, removable battery, better display, USB 3.0 (faster charging), better grip (HTC is slippery), better camera, water and dust proof, download booster (not for AT&T), smaller bezels, 4K, 4K and 4K.
HTC's market share speaks for itself.

I picked up the S5 on Monday and I absolutely love it. I spent about an hour comparing the two (M8 and S5) and the only thing that made me want the M8 was the fact that it was metal, but then I thought like 90% of people use a phone case on their phone so they don't break and get damaged and then its back to plastic again. The S5 is amazing. I love the camera, its charges super fast and last a long time, the display is beautiful in any setting. 4K is awesome. Honestly the fingerprint scanner works for my a good 75% 80% of the time.

Tomorrow, I am trading my girlfriend my Galaxy S5 for her One M8. Why? Samsung hates devs and HTC does not. This G S5 is great. But with ATT, the bootloader is locked down tighter than a nun's ******. I highly doubt anyone who has a quantum computer and or 1000 GPU's is gonna break the 2048 RSA on the signing keys. I came back to android from being an iPhone user since the 3GS. Before that I had the "honor" of owning the world's first Android phone, the G1. Now you know why I went Apple, those first Android phones were pathetic compared to the iPhone. However, today the opposite is true. Don't get me wrong, the Galaxy is an awesome phone.Some of the features although seemingly gimmicky, are actually useful. I do have to point out that most of these features are just software but, not all. The reason I chose it over the M8 originally was that Sammy is more popular and my only worry coming from iPhone was fragmentation. My decision was still an uneducated one as I did not know that ATT has increasingly been behaving like Verizon . Now iPhone came with 3 apps I wanted to delete but couldn't. This GS5 comes with over a dozen and not to mention, ATT just added more in an update. If Samsung would allow me the option of voiding my warranty and provide a much safer Avenue of unlocking my bootloader to achieve root, I would stay Sammy.

Like someone posted earlier, I can check my heartbeat by feeling my wrist and doing some simple math. The iPhone's mediocre camera was good enough for on the fly. I have a real camera for the planned situations. Other than that a pedometer, .1 of an ", an awkward finger print reader and a noticeably laggy interface is not enough to justify the complete customization that can be had with the M8.
Not to mention the wasted space on garbage apps and the feeling like everything is a mess of multiple avenues, apps, and files that perform the same task. So coming from a previous iPhone fan who realized how far behind Apple is, for a tech junkie who is OCD about his files and structure, the One M8 is for me. Conclusion reached after owning this GS5 since APRIL 11th 2014 and two months of jealous rage and visits to "another" website's 18,000 dollar pledge to anyone who could root/exploit the device. I'm done with it. It will never be rooted or BL unlocked within a time frame that would merit my ownership of it. It's too bad, as I do think it has more potential that will never be fully used.