HTC One in black

Silver HTC One now £375, black model £389

Update: Since we published this article the price for the silver model has been reduced even further to £375.

Despite the deluge of great new phones we've experienced in recent months, the HTC One is still one of the best out there, and picking one up off-contract in the UK just got a bit cheaper. Amazon UK has the 32GB silver HTC One for £375 inc. VAT, while the black model is just a little more, at £389. Either price is a considerable saving on the £440-450 you'd usually pay for an unlocked European HTC One with LTE support.

Check out our review (and two-month redux) for more on the HTC One, or hit the link below to pick one up for yourself.

Buy: HTC One on Amazon UK

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sublimaze says:

Mmmmmm...HTC One in black. Now that's sexy.

sorbe88 says:

Wow, with a 16GB Nexus 5 at $350, likely about £320, that One's pretty cheap

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seanjenkins1 says:

Conversion comes to £220. I know it doesn't quite work like that but I think around £280 would be fairer. It's getting toward apple standards where they just change the dollar sign to a pound sign

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Feroze says:

Jlav78 says:

The best phone you can buy now at a mid range price. My nexus 4 is great and the only version of the HTC one or any other phone is Google play edition

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573W1E says:

Hmm, £375 from the seller "BEST GADGETS", can't see it saying it is "fulfilled by Amazon" or such.

Cheapest actually "from Amazon" is £393 for the Silver model (and £489 for the Black one!). Just a bit of buyer beware.

Would this work on any American carrier. T-Mobile? ATT?

batman458 says:

Also, 16GB galaxy S4 is down to £369 from £630, that's 41% off

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robsawalker says:

Well it's £409 now....

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