HTC IncredibleHTC Incredible

The folks at Pocketnow just got slipped a few shots of the HTC Incredible, a device long rumored to make an appearance on Verizon at some point. Android 2.1 is definitely on board, as is HTC's Sense UI. The tipster also says there's 256MB of RAM -- half that of the Droid Nexus One -- the WGVA screen is 3.5 inches to 3.7 inches in diagonal and is "very vibrant," but it's not sure if it's AMOLED, OLED or just regular ol' LED. Couple more photos and video after the break. [Pocketnow]

HTC IncredibleHTC Incredible


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HTC Incredible shows its face, wearing Verizon stripes


except for the back, the back shud be in black, that will look SICK
you guys with verizon better hope this has 720p/divx,xvid/dolby sound
like the HTC Bravo

Nice phone , Looks like a slightly bigger hero ? This is awesome though . Android is popping up all over the place on every carrier world wide , bye bye Apple and your outdated iPhone . I still have my iPhone 3gs and it seems so old compared to my Nexus One !! I am loving it !!!

Notice at the 26 second mark on the video you can see the guy that's filming the video. He has an employee name tag on and guess what his shirt says below the name tag? SPRINT! Strange that a Sprint employee got this phone and video.

The Droid has 256MB RAM and 512MB of ROM so it has the same ammount of RAM as the Droid and since we don't know how much ROM it has you can't say it has half, it has HALF of the RAM of the Nexus One but not the Droid.

"The tipster also says there's 256MB of RAM -- half that of the Droid" That's a sad mistake being this site focuses solely on Android OS and hardware, that you would make the mistake of saying that's half of the Droid when you should know it's the same. It's half that of the N1.

Meant no offense :), I'm starting to doubt it has that little ram considering the Droid Eris has 288MB my guess is it will either have 320 or more.

So does this mean that HTC has finally perfected their Sense UI for Android 2.1? Does that also mean that we can be seeing an Android 2.1 update to the HTC Droid Eris?

This is a letdown. I was hoping for the Incredible to be like the Bravo. The Incredible in my opinion looks like an uglier version of an iPhone. The back is an ugly color too. No physical keys make this phone offer nothing more to me than the Nexus One besides an optical trackball, but that is not worth trading for the RAM and looks. I am seriously disappointed after having waited months to find out that this is what Verizon will get.

Hot looking phone and love the UI. I'm wondering as the guy who ask the person who seems to own the phone where he bought it. I think what the lady answer she got it off a "guy" and was not charge. Lucky them to find some "guy" and able to buy this lol.

That looks pretty decent... The back of it looks weird, tho, especially in that loud gloss red. They need to smooth it out and get rid of all those strange contours and lines, and then it'd look a lot better. The screen and OS look nice and fast (I like how it has 2.1), and it appears to have a double flash on the back, like the HD2. At least it'll (apparently) be available in different colors; I wish the Nexus One were available in more than just that gunmetal grey (which isn't bad, but I'd like to have one in pure flat black). But then I guess that's what Colorware, skins and cases are for... PEACE

Its...ORANGE(or red, whatever. Looks more orange)?

If its 2.1 and has Sense...I hope this means my Eris is getting updated soon.

I got a pretty good tip from someone else high up in Sprint that 2.1 will be coming in March to the Hero so hopefully that's when it drops for Eris and Droid too

There is a little of spanish in the clip... from what the guy said in spanish this customer found this phone and said that it was not active and he was trying to buy a charger for it (which they were charging him $55.00 for it).

I hope Sprint gets something like this SOON, it looks like Verizon is getting all the goodies -.-

This excites me to no end! I've been waiting since I first saw the Bravo in the HTC 2010 lineup leak a couple of months ago for actual validation of this on VZW. Now I can finally start looking forward to a phone that hopefully works and get rid of my Storm1 hopefully sooner than later :D

I don't want to upset people, but I keep reading that VZW is NOT going to update the eris. A VZW store rep (underling, I know) says from what she's heard under the table, eris is not gonna be around that long. Take it with a grain, but I'd be looking to sell if I had one. There are like 15 new phones coming between now and late Sept.